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Banquet Cinema Pub

First Look at Banquet Cinema Pub

I was invited to a media tasting preview event at Banquet Cinema Pub in Oklahoma City on February 1, 2019. In this adventure vlog, I sat down with the owner to learn about what they have planned.

I’m planning to do more personal vlogs this year, using my channel for more casual stories, but also updates on what I’m working on.


Eat enthusiastically is the motto behind the Moore restaurant, Nosh. Offering a wide array of menu items, including daily specials like their entry mac-and-cheese, Nosh has something for everyone, including men, with their steaks and burgers.

In this Uncovering Oklahoma story, I interviewed the owner of Nosh, Kim Torres, and executive chef, Ben Gardner. This is the second video in my mini-series of date night places. Later today, I’m traveling to Oklahoma City to profile a European style café with all sorts of tasty treats.

Nosh is located at 200 SE 19th Street in Moore, Oklahoma. For more information, including menu and hours, visit

Meatball at Osteria - photo by Dennis Spielman


Osteria is an Italian restaurant from Chefs Fabio Viviani and Jonathon Stranger in the Nichols Hills Plaza. In essence, Jonathon Stranger described Osteria for me on Uncovering Oklahoma as being a simple, casual experience that’s enhanced with great service and fresh, in-house pasta.

I personally got to try the Squid Ink Garganelli, which is what Jonathon is holding in the video thumbnail. I enjoyed it. This was one of those items that I wouldn’t have ordered, but I’m glad Jonathon had me try it. Next time I visit, I plan to get that meatball. That looks really good.

This video is the first in a somewhat mini-series theme of weekly videos for date night destinations. I already filmed next week’s video earlier this week, which I plan to edit tomorrow along with an artist statement that I shot Wednesday.

Cornish Smokehouse

Cornish Smokehouse

From the backyard to a food truck and now brick-and-mortar, for Uncovering Oklahoma I visited Chris and Nicole Cornish, the owners of Cornish Smokehouse, an Oklahoma City restaurant that does more than just BBQ. They specialize in jerk cuisine and delicious wood-smoked meats worth trying. 

Cornish Smokehouse is located at 801 SW 119th Street in Oklahoma City. To learn more about their specials and hours, visit them either FacebookTwitter, and/or Instagram

This is the first interview for Uncovering Oklahoma for 2019 and it sports the new logo as well as a title card for the place. This year in April will mark my tenth anniversary producing this show.

Loaded All The Way Baked Potato
Chris and Nicole Cornish pose in front of Mz. Stuffins
The Ultimate Chopped Hot Sandwich is stacked with tender, chopped brisket and diced hot links topped with melted Swiss cheese, coleslaw drizzled with hot BBQ sauce all on a toasted bun.
Zloou’s Prank Show still

Zloou’s Prank Show

An unwilling participant becomes a guest on a demon’s prank show.

After being on hiatus for over a year, Quarter Minutes returns with a new story! My goal for 2019 is to create at least two new videos a month for the series, releasing them on the second and fourth Mondays of each month.

For those that haven’t heard of my Quarter Minutes series, I describe the show as being like Black Mirror or The Twilight Zone, but the stories are super short, lasting under a minute.

This video featured the talents of Brian Gililland, Pallas, Daniel Aaron Austin, and myself, Dennis Spielman.

Filmed on location at Factory Obscura’s Beyond in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Huge thanks to them! I’m thrilled we were able to film a fun creative video there. This particular exhibition is from Beyond, which is no longer around. See their next exhibition at

For future updates, follow Quarter Minutes on FacebookTwitterYouTube, and right here on my site. If you love what we’re doing, want to see more, and before everyone else, became a patron. I would love your support so I can make more and better videos.

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