Welcome to my archive of free fictional short films I’ve made or had creative involvement. Unlike my short stories and written works, not every movie takes place in my 16th Phoenix Universe.

Movies here are sorted in alphabetical order by title. Browse the short film tag for the order of the newest films. Although short, Quarter Minutes videos can be found on their own tag or website. If you love my work, join me on Patreon, and follow me on TwitterInstagram, and YouTube.

Happy Adventures!

Bleak Future

Jabee encounters a time traveler who shows him a dangerous future he must prevent.

Death of a P.I.

Death of a P.I. is a noir-inspired private investigator story told through the hidden cameras throughout Detective Loman’s office as he takes on a simple blackmail case that leads to something much deadlier.


The mock trailer for the action-spy movie with a library theme, FINAL CHECK-IN, involves a disastrous virus designed by a group of rogue catalogers to crash SIRSI and re-catalog everything—every last book, movie and learning kit—in the Library of Congress system and send the library back to the dark days of the card catalog system.

Guilt Trip

A getaway for two sisters soon comes crashing into reality, as one is forced to deal with her mistakes.

Working: A Bored at Home Video

#FilmLife, am I right?

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