Welcome to my short story serials. The stories here feature characters from my 16th Pheonix Universe that have multiple continuing short stories. The stories here tend to build upon the character’s life while the works in the short stories section tend to be more self-contained. Works are sorted by character or series title then chronological order.

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Happy Adventures!

Detective Psychon

Detective Psychon - art by Janine De Guzman at Design Pickle

A resident of The Five Following Planets, Detective Psychon is a human vampire with unorthodox methods for solving cases.

The Case of Statue Trail

A freelance private investigator is hired to figure out why a client’s wife was transformed into a statue.

Who Killed the Toymaker Aboard Starbringer II?

Detective Psychon isn’t a fan of working while on the way to a job, but when the ship’s captain threatens to toss him out of the airlock if he doesn’t help solve the murder, he figures he should help.

Script Thief

Detective Psychon arrives on The Glimmingdrift where he works with a client to solve who has been leaking their play scripts to the press.

Haley “The Sounds” Riot

Haley and Robin - art by Mikey Marchan

Described by her girlfriend as “a feisty human filled with the energy of a burning star who could dance until morning,” Haley “The Sounds” Riot met a stranger who gifted her with a music player that predicts the future and reveals hidden truths with song titles. Haley uses the device to solve mysteries on the Green Planet.

Body Drop

A surprise date night takes a turn when a dead body falls onto the dance floor. The couple tries to solve the mystery using a music player that allegedly predicts the future using song titles.

Testing Predictions on an Abandoned Village

After overhearing an urban legend about an abandoned village, Haley “The Sounds” Riot and Robin Bee set off to test Haley’s future predicting music player to uncover the mystery behind the community.

Missing Memories

Rumors are floating around of children having memory loss while playing on their own in the new Star Light District. After solving two mysteries, Haley “The Sounds” Riot and Robin Bee venture to the Underground Zone of Aequus to uncover the truth.

Unbound Words

The Unbound Words book is a mysterious artifact created by a group of end-timers with the power to bring life to written words.

Moral Compass

After returning home from a business trip, Chuck is greeted by a foul smell that leads him to a dead body that looks like him and killed by a compass he had written about in his book.

An Unbound Library Halloween Party

A group of librarians in possession of a book that can make characters come to life decide to have a big Halloween party and in true literary fashion, everything goes wrong.

Sally Wilkerson

TwinCities - art by Mikael Marchan and Janine De Guzman at Design Pickle - colored

Sally Wilkerson is a normal teenage girl who befriended Hades, Persephone, and their dogs in Earth’s Underworld while working at an ice cream parlor in Hell, Michigan.


One night while closing up the ice cream shop in Hell, Michigan, Sally stumbles upon a social media hashtag of people sharing photos of portals connecting to other cities with the same name. Curious, she leaves work to see if there is a portal in her town.

Proof of Hades

After her trip to the Underworld, Sally Wilkerson has a hard time convincing her friend of her experience until an opportunity presents itself to her as Hades and Persephone invite her to game night.

Dog-Sitting Cerberus

With business to attend on another planet, Hades hires Sally to dog-sit his giant three-headed dog, Cerberus. As Sally takes the dog for a walk in the Underworld, they discover a locked away secret.