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Parlor OKC Sneak Peek Tour

In this sneak peek video, general manager, Mark Burckel, gives a tour of the bar and food hall concept, Parlor OKC, coming to Automobile Alley in September. During this construction tour, Mark also talks about the restaurants coming to Parlor.

I’ve been invited to the VIP soft opening preview so watch my social media for pictures of that event. Also, stay tuned as after the Parlor opens, I plan to visit the venue again to interview the restaurant owners. 

For more information on Parlor OKC, visit their website at

Dystopia Rising Oklahoma

Do you think you got what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse? Dystopia Rising is an immersive role-playing game where from Friday to Sunday you will eat, sleep, and fight in character to survive. You will have to fend off hordes of the undead, stop raiders, and work together if you can hope to survive the wasteland.

In this Uncovering Oklahoma story, I speak with several players and staff members about the game, why you should place, and advice for first-time players. I’ve been holding out on releasing this video since back in May (which my Patreon supporters got to enjoy early) until the event announced their next dates, which are September 6-8 and October 4-6.

Lobby Cafe and Shawnee

My wife and I visited the Lobby Cafe and Bar in Oklahoma City for the Influencers Lunch hosted by Edible Excellence. Then we traveled to Shawnee to explore their downtown scene and to check out the hot air balloon festival.

My wife and I visited the Lobby Cafe and Bar in Oklahoma City for the Influencers Lunch hosted by Edible Excellence. Then we traveled to Shawnee where we spent most of our day exploring their downtown scene and then paid a visit to the hot air balloon festival. This video is a quick recap of how we spent our Saturday. I plan to follow up with more detailed stories in the future.

We had a great time at the balloon festival and I would recommend it to people. This was our first visit there, so we mainly walked around to get a feel for the event. There was a ton to see and do there, including live music, games, food trucks, wildlife expo, and more. Next year I plan to go back to do a more an in-depth story for Uncovering Oklahoma. We spent most of our time Saturday exploring Downtown Shawnee, which is why the part about the balloon festival is more of a brief mention than a review. We were also wanting to avoid getting heat exhaustion at this point as it was over 100 that day.

Overall, there are places worth visiting in Shawnee.

Acting with Kristy K. Boone

In this intimate Art & Victory fireside chat with actress Kristy K. Boone, Kirsty shares her story about her acting career along with advice for severing the vision of the project, perusing SAG status, differences between acting on stage vs film, and more. 

Art & Victory is produced by me at The Show Starts Now Studios in collaboration with the Norman Arts Council, MAINSITE, and hosted by Christian Pearson from OkSessions.

The Yard

The Yard is an outdoor beer garden in Oklahoma City’s Automobile Alley that offers a laid back patio experience with sunshine, green trees, and cold beer. General Manager, Ty Clair, shares the origin story and what guests can expect.

This is my first Uncovering Oklahoma story where I went all out with my drone to capture b-roll. My story on FRIDA Southwest had one outside shot, but The Yard story features several shots. The Yard was perfect for that kind of b-roll, which I took at an influencer lunch hosted by Edible Excellence.

Visit The Yard for yourself at 21 NW 7th Street in Oklahoma City or their website at

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