Why do I need a description here? I guess to break things up a bit even though I think the headline is self-explanatory. If not, these are written stories. They are shorter than a novel hence the name short stories.

All stories may not be reposted or published without permission.

Five best friends check into the Blue Motel on their way home. However, a thirteen-year-old boy named Mark keeps disturbing the guests on their stay as one by one the friends die.

Death visits a coffee shop.

Ego’s Street Magic Show was an on-going interactive sprite comic series that was started in the SoaH City forums. Follow SoaH City’s Mayor who puts on a street magic where anything could go wrong or awesome. Not even the creator of the series knows what’s going to happen because people keep adding to the story! People have raved such comments as, “for the win,” “I actually lol’d,” and “this topic was great, we need more of these.”

Eternal Mist has a bit of Edgar Allan Poe’s style of spookiness, fear, madness, and mystery – especially from stories like The Tell-Tale Heart and The Raven. Taking place on October 31, 1938 – during the War of the Worlds radio broadcast – a man leaves the city from the alien invasion only to encounter something else.

The perfect gift: a feast of humans for two vampire lovers with a truly happy ending.