Why do I need a description here? I guess to break things up a bit even though I think the headline is self-explanatory. If not, these are stories that don’t take long to enjoy. They are shorter than a novel hence the name short stories, however, some stories are in comic or video form.

Stories here are sorted in alphabetical order by title. For the latest tales, browse the short stories tag. Although short, videos Quarter Minutes can be found on their own tag or website.

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The Argument at Mercury Theatre

A pair of time travelers meet in the past at the infamous Mercury Theatre and end up getting in an argument about history, unaware people are listening to them.

A Question for the Writers

The writing group Janet is a part of takes a turn for the weird when two strangers interrupt with peculiar questions and challenges Janet’s curiosity to walk through a mysterious golden door.

Bleeding Fear

Five best friends check into the Blue Motel on their way home. However, a thirteen-year-old boy named Mark keeps disturbing the guests on their stay as one by one the friends die.

Bleak Future (Short Film)

Jabee encounters a time traveler who shows him a dangerous future he must prevent.

Body Drop

A surprise date night takes a turn when a dead body falls onto the dance floor. The couple tries to solve the mystery using a music player that allegedly predicts the future using song titles.

Campfire Monster Creation

During a race to get back to camp first, a pair of teens stumbled upon a paper cube that grows a monster. 

The Clock Tower’s Purpose

After the initial chaos of a clock tower falling from the sky, it faded into normalcy with only a reporter keeping tabs on it until one morning when its lights went out.

Death and Coffee

Death visits a coffee shop.

Death of a P.I. (Short Film)

Death of a P.I. is a noir-inspired private investigator story told through the hidden cameras throughout Detective Loman’s office as he takes on a simple blackmail case that leads to something much deadlier.

Ego’s Street Magic Show (Comic)

Ego’s Street Magic Show was an on-going interactive sprite comic series that was started in the SoaH City forums. Follow SoaH City’s Mayor who puts on a street magic where anything could go wrong or awesome. Not even the creator of the series knows what’s going to happen because people keep adding to the story! People have raved such comments as, “for the win,” “I actually lol’d,” and “this topic was great, we need more of these.”

Eternal Mist

Eternal Mist has a bit of Edgar Allan Poe’s style of spookiness, fear, madness, and mystery – especially from stories like The Tell-Tale Heart and The Raven. Taking place on October 31, 1938 – during the War of the Worlds radio broadcast – a man leaves the city from the alien invasion only to encounter something else.


The mock trailer for the action-spy movie with a library theme, FINAL CHECK-IN, involves a disastrous virus designed by a group of rogue catalogers to crash SIRSI and re-catalog everything—every last book, movie and learning kit—in the Library of Congress system and send the library back to the dark days of the card catalog system.

Five Minutes Ago

A jogger is out on a run, paranoid someone is following, only to discover her stalker is herself.

A Forgettable Retrieval

A day in the life story following a skilled thief on the Red Planet whose bloodline has been cursed/blessed to be easily forgotten. 

The Gifting Dog

Olivia’s dog always seems to bring her exactly what she needs for the moment. Tonight, her dog brought a sword, which she doesn’t own.

Guilt Trip (Short Film)

A getaway for two sisters soon comes crashing into reality, as one is forced to deal with her mistakes.

Happy Ending

The perfect gift: a feast of humans for two vampire lovers with a truly happy ending.

Hashtag Cult Problems

A cult’s ritual goes wrong when their sacrifice doesn’t die.

The Herculaneum Coin

During an archaeological dig, Hyria found an unusual coin that she shared of photo of on social media. By doing so, she attracted some unwanted attention, forcing her dog to reveal he can talk.

The Impossible Exit

All Emma wanted was a relaxing bath after a long week, but her apartment elevator wanted to lead her down an impossible hallway.

Interview Spoilers

A time traveler’s interview goes sideways when the interviewee accuses him of having met in the past.

Little Shop of Personalities

During her morning jog, Janelle comes across a mysterious new boutique selling personalities. 

Lost Angel

While preparing for game night, an angel crashes in Hades’ library, bringing a mystery.

The Red Cube Decision

Three close friends decide to ask their science teacher about a mysterious red cube that nearly leads to interplanetary conflict.

Moral Compass

After returning home from a business trip, Chuck is greeted by a foul smell that leads him to a dead body that looks like him and killed by a compass he had written about in his book.

The New Windows at The Last House

Gia is brought back to the end of time by a friend to investigate the new windows at The Last House.

The Oak Tree Box

After months of dreaming about a mysterious figure burying a box in front gnarled oak tree, Sydney stumbles upon the same oak tree during a jog

One Hour Future Photo

A couple buys an antique camera from another planet that they realize takes photos one hour into the future.

The Pacific Northwest Podcaster

A serial killer mistakenly targets a true-crime podcaster.


Alexia should’ve been dead as one cannot survive while being chained to a sculpture of the deity the farmers wanted to please.

Saturday Morning Interrupted

A programmer’s Saturday morning ritual is interrupted by loud knocking from a soldier in Legionnaire armor with the ancient city of Rome behind him.

The Spiral Staircase in the Woods

During a morning jog, two friends take a detour to explore a mysterious spiral staircase that leads to a trap.

The Stranger in the Dark Suit

The man that has been haunting Tyler’s nightmares for the past several days takes the same bus as him. Inspired by current events from COVID-19.

Temple Guardian

After escaping to an underwater ancient temple, Nerine jokingly asks the temple’s god to save her from the mechanical mercenaries. Someone responded.

An Unbound Library Halloween Party

A group of librarians in possession of a book that can make characters come to life decide to have a big Halloween party and in true literary fashion, everything goes wrong.

Upgrade Cave

Prompted by a mysterious advert, a pair of mermaids travel to a cave that promises to make people better in every way.


The nearest beach was thousands of miles away from Jake, but somehow he woke up on one with no knowledge of how he got there and a text from an unknown number that simply said, “Welcome.”

The Wooden Staff and the Black Envelope

Upon returning to his home office after getting a snack, Roland finds a magical staff and a black envelope with a dire warning.

“You have 1 unread prophecy”

On the train home, Skylar gets a mysterious notification on their iPhone that says, “You have 1 unread prophecy.”

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