The Plaza District, Film Row, and Western Avenue. Each of these Oklahoma City districts may have a unique history and aesthetic, but they also have something in common: over the past few years they all have experienced a revival with the creation of regular events that bring businesses, neighbors, and “outsiders” together. This feature-length documentary shares stories and advice on district revitalization throughout Oklahoma City from the people who helped create positive change in their communities and want to inspire others to do the same.

Quarter Minutes pierces through the multiverse to capture 15-second glimpses of strange and seemly normal oddities of multiple realities.

The Time Traveling Troupe was an improvised comedy series inspired by Doctor Who following the adventures of The Traveler, staring Raychel Winstead, and her two companions, Travis played by Kyle Brower, and Tiffany played by Jessi Kyle. However, the project has been shelved and being reborn as an original scripted drama. The plan is to make it like Netflix/Amazon original series good.

Uncovering Oklahoma features creative people and places in Oklahoma. The show covers everything from unique stores, great food to eat, places worth visiting, and activities to try. The goal is to show people places they’ve never even heard of before and ultimately make Oklahoma more fun.

There’s no summer like an Oklahoma Summer. The Uncovering Oklahoma Summer Fun Volume 1 features 20 amazing places worth visiting in Oklahoma, perfect for a summer escape. From thrilling outdoor adventures to food truck festivals to peaceful nature hikes, this collection highlights the joys of summer time in Oklahoma.

The [Wild] Improv Challenge gives improvisers a wild, random, and improvised challenge from Dennis Spielman.