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Chisholm Creek Rooftop Hop

Watch happy hour turn to the golden hour while OkSessions fills the air with live music. For 5 consecutive Tuesday evenings, come out after work to enjoy a variety of food, views, drinks, and music in Chisholm Creek. The Rooftop Hop features jazz, hip-hop, R&B, pop, acoustic, and gospel musicians working together to put on a mini music festival right in one of OKC’s most exciting new entertainment district.

I recorded this video yesterday, which was the second rooftop hop event. I wasn’t able to make it to the first one as I was at Startup Grind OKC. Another filmmaker made a fantastic video of the first night and for a moment a voice inside my head told me that I couldn’t do better than that, but then another voice said, “be different then.” I came up with the idea of doing this five facts video and happy with it.

Due to the weather, my filming schedule got moved around this week. I decided to publish this video today and I have an interview tomorrow that I’ll release on Friday, so you’ll be getting two Uncovering Oklahoma videos this week.

Go check out the Rooftop Hop while you can! The live music for the event can be found at Birra Birra, Chalk, Sidecar, and Topgolf.

3Sixty Restaurant & Bar

Located on the 20th Floor of Founders Tower, 3Sixty Restaurant & Bar provides beautiful views of Oklahoma City in a dinning environment where you can decide on the experience you want.

Monday was my first time visiting this place as I was invited for their two year anniversary party. I had a great time visiting with my other media friends and sampling some of their new menu. I’ll have to go back and try some other items.

3Sixty Restaurant & Bar is located at 5900 Mosteller Drive in Oklahoma City. For more information, including hours and menu, visit their website at

Steak Sandwich with Fries at Ludivine - photo by Dennis Spielman

Ludivine’s New Location

Capitalizing on Oklahoma’s rich agriculture, Chef and Owner, Russ Johnson, opened Ludivine in Oklahoma City’s Midtown District after working in another state at a farm-to-table restaurant. In this Uncovering Oklahoma interview, Russ Johnson and Zack Carol talk about how Ludivine is for everyone and how their new location has helped them expand their offerings.

Last week, I was invited to a media lunch to preview their new lunch menu, which was something they weren’t able to do in their previous location. We sampled pretty much their entire menu, cutting up bites from each dish. Their wagyu burger was my personal favorite, but I liked everything I tried.

Back in 2013, I did a story on Ludivine for Uncovering Oklahoma, which I’ve included above. I’ve been doing quite a few updated stories lately, but there are a bunch of new places I’m trying to get stories with and I’m just waiting for them to respond.

Michael Murphy’s Dueling Piano Bar

Continuing my Bricktown coverage, this week’s Uncovering Oklahoma video featured Michael Murphy’s Dueling Piano Bar, where they bring in some of the most talented piano players from across the country for a request-driven music show. I interviewed owners, John Bartholomew and Bobby Spann, about their nightlife establishment at their new location.

Fun Fact: Michael Murphy isn’t a real person. It’s a fictional character created by the owners.

I did a video about the piano bar nearly ten years ago, which I’ve included above. You can see my progress as a filmmaker if you’re interested. When I learned that they were moving to a new, bigger location, I knew I wanted to do an update video.

Michael Murphy’s Dueling Piano Bar is located at 119 East California Avenue in Oklahoma City. For more information, including hours and reservations, visit them at

Luminarium Albesila - photo by Dennis Spielman

Inside the Luminarium Albesila

I was invited to preview the Luminarium Albesila, an Inflatable Sculptures Art Exhibit, for Rex Fest in Oklahoma City. Created by Architects of Air, the large sculptures reflect light to create an immersive experience filled with color.

Luminarium Albesila - photo by Phi Nguyen

In this video, I wondered around experiencing the Luminarium Albesila for myself and then I had a guided tour where I learned about the fundraiser event for the John Rex PTA and the inflatable sculpture. The guided tour was recorded using my iPhone and published on Uncovering Oklahoma.

Inside the Luminarium Albesila - photo by Dennis Spielman
Inside the Luminarium Albesila - photo by Dennis Spielman

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