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Open World at Oklahoma Contemporary

Open World: Video Games & Contemporary Art at Oklahoma Contemporary presents the work of artists who use video games as a catalyst for making art that addresses timely issues, including gun violence, migration and gender equality. The artworks in Open World reference a broad cross section of games, ranging from early text adventure and arcade games to more recent releases such as World of Warcraft and Grand Theft Auto.

In this episode, Artistic Director Jeremiah Matthew Davis shares an overview of the exhibition. Then he highlights works by Tabor Robak, Joan Pamboukes, and Feng Mengbo. The video ends with a tour of the learning gallery for Open World.

Open World’s immersive installation features three interactive artworks. The quiet, introspective game The Night Journey (2007-18), created by Bill Viola in conjunction with the USC Game Innovation Lab, mimics the process of achieving spiritual enlightenment, while Feng Mengbo’s energetic side-scrolling platformer Long March: Restart (2008) loosely recounts a significant event in Chinese history through 8-bit graphics. Retro gamers will enjoy Cory Arcangel’s I Shot Andy Warhol (2002), a modification of the 1984 Nintendo Entertainment System game Hogan’s Alley, which includes appearances by the Pop artist along with Colonel Sanders, Flavor Flav and the pope.

Artists included in the exhibition are: Ueli Alder (Hemberg, Switzerland), Cory Arcangel (New York), Alan Butler (Dublin), JooYoung Choi (Houston), Joseph DeLappe (Dundee, Scotland), Krista Hoefle (South Bend, IN), Invader (Paris), Butt Johnson (New York), Angelo Ray Martínez (South Bend, IN), Michael Menchaca (San Antonio), Feng Mengbo (Beijing), Joan Pamboukes (New York), Oliver Payne (Los Angeles), Tim Portlock (St. Louis), Tabor Robak (New York), Jacolby Satterwhite (New York), Skawennati (Montreal), Suzanne Treister (London), Nathan Vincent (Los Angeles), Bill Viola (Long Beach, CA), Angela Washko (Pittsburgh) and Mathew Zefeldt (Minneapolis).

Open World is organized by the Akron Art Museum and supported by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Ohio Arts Council, The Tom and Marilyn Merryweather Fund, and National Endowment for the Arts. Oklahoma Contemporary’s exhibition is presented by Velocigo. It is made possible through the generous support of the Carl & Marilynn Thoma Foundation, Delaware Resource Group, Anonymous, CNS Productions, Annie Bohanon, Christian Kanady, George Records, and Glenna and Richard Tanenbaum.

Hide and Go Bike

Danny Vo, an Admin the weekly bike meet-up, Hide and Go Bike, takes me on a bike ride through Oklahoma City visiting his favorite people and places.

We start in the Paseo Arts District with a visit with Andrea Koester of Holey Rollers, a vegan donut/breakfast shop. Next, we visit John Otjen about 30th Street Market, which will be opening soon in the district. We ride over to the Plaza District where Danny chats with Kyle Hix of Hix Design and gets a behind-the-scenes tour of the studio. Danny’s final interview ends Downtown at his favorite liquor store, George’s Liquor, with Cody Wilson showing us what they offer.

Wrapping up the episode, I partake in one of the weekly Thursday night bike rides hosted by Hide and Go Bike. Danny talks about the chill bike ride session and what a ride is like for those interested. All bikes are welcomed!

I had planned to get this episode published way sooner, but when Danny and I were filming the interviews, I realized I had a flat tire and that I left my GoPro at home. Schedules didn’t line up until a few weeks later when I was able to film the last part of the video on Hide and Go Bike. I’m thinking I might have Danny guest host again in the Spring/Summer.

Thank you to my superstar supporters, Revolve Productions, and the Keller Kenton family, as well as all of my supporters on Patreon. If you love what I’m doing, please join me on Patreon for bonus content, early access to new episodes. There’s also an online store with various Oklahoma-themed merchandise. 

Happy Adventures!

Confrontation with Grayson - art by Mikey Marchan at Design Pickle

Tales Unveiled: 4×05 Conversations and Confrontations

In the season finale, as Sam and Geoff arrived in Sulphur to interview Tanya McCoy, they receive a FaceTime call from Detective Valerie James about a fifth murder. The two talk with Tanya about ghost stories in Sulphur, Ada, Blackwell, and other small towns, as well as the Skirvin Hilton Hotel in Oklahoma City. A few days after the interview, Geoff requests Sam to join him outside the Norman Public Library, where Geoff plans to confront George Grayson.

The Show Starts Now Studios was proud to bring you season four of Tales Unveiled with producer Dennis Spielman. Dennis was the voice of Sam Saxon along with his co-host, Jeff Provine as the voice of Professor Geoff DeRoot, Kristy Boone as Detective Valerie James, David Moxley as George Grayson, and Leslie Spielman as Anastasia Wheeler and the voice of the end credits.

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Stay tuned as the studio has exciting projects coming in 2021!

Tales Unveiled: 4×04 I’m Here at Flower Bluff Manor

Sam and Geoff travel to Sulphur, Oklahoma where they meet Linda and Emily to talk about Flower Bluff Manor as well as other tales of the town. During a tour of the bed and breakfast, Sam captured an EVP from one of the residents. 

After touring the manor, Sam and Geoff meet with Detective Valerie James in regards to a fourth murder victim. 

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Tales Unveiled is a production of The Show Starts Now Studios and is produced by Dennis Spielman. The voice of Sam Saxton is Dennis Spielman, with Jeff Provine as Professor Geoff DeRoot, and Kristy Boone as Detective Valerie James. If you love what we’re doing, want us to keep being artist-owned and patron supported, join us on Patreon. In return, you can get bonus content, including early access to other shows from The Show Starts Now Studios!

Frozen Pirate Cove 2021 Porch Design

With little time and money, I re-used some Halloween decorations and combined them with icicle lights to create this Frozen Pirate Cove for this year’s porch design!

The hardest part about this porch design was keeping the icicle lights from falling on me as I hung them up. I put my iPad on the roof playing a Pirate’s Life from Pirates of the Caribbean on loop for an extra effect. Overall, I only spent a few hours setting and cleaning everything. The trick-or-treaters thought my simple porch design was fun.

I hope this video inspires some decorating designs for you!

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