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Bar Arbolada

The Film Row Pub Crawl Tour

With the female music and art festival, AMP Fest, happening in Film Row, Justin and Tobi Coleman of Revolve Productions, as well as Jason Qualls and Emily Madden, lead a tour of the district’s bar scene. We visit The Paramount Room, Bar Arbolada, FlashBack Retro Pub, Sanctuary Barsilica, The Jones Assembly, and Mary Eddy’s Kitchen x Lounge, as well as give shout-outs to other places in Film Row. This is the complete and comprehensive tour of our night where we learn interesting facts and the some of the history behind the places.

– The Paramount Room at 00:45
– Bar Arbolada at 03:43
– FlashBack Retro Pub at 12:19
– Sanctuary Barsilica at 15:06
– The Jones Assembly at 19:30
– Mary Eddy’s Kitchen x Lounge at 34:34

Prefer a shorter version of the tour? Above is a 17-minute version with highlights from The Paramount Room, Bar Arbolada, FlashBack Retro Pub, The Jones Assembly, and Mary Eddy’s.

Over at Uncovering Oklahoma, I also published individual YouTube videos for those wanting to learn about one or two of the places.

Justin, Tobi, Jason, Emily, and I all had a great time. I took what I learned from the Deep Deuce Pub Crawl and set to raise the bar. For starters, I scheduled us to spend an hour at each place instead of 45 minutes. The extra time made the visits more relaxed and allowed me to get footage of everyone entering and leaving (in other words, transition shots). The transition shots was one thing Visit OKC had suggested to me for next time. I also made timelapse shots that I did in my previous Uncovering Oklahoma video, which was on Bartlesville. Other people and myself included, enjoyed the timelapses.

I didn’t plan or expect the overall video to be about an hour long. (For the record, the Deep Deuce one was 36-minutes.) We started the pub crawl at 4 pm and wrapped up around 10 pm. It took me part of Friday and all day Monday just to edit the main video. I spent Wednesday cutting it down as best as I could and got it to a 17-minute version. Then I made individual videos on the venues. (I also filmed a new Yes! Science! profile yesterday.)

While better than my last pub crawl video, I think there’s still room for improvement. I would love to have the hosts on wireless lav mics and the guest on the handheld mic, which I don’t have the equipment to do that yet. I may go down to two or three hosts to keep the pacing snappier. Maybe let one of the hosts hold a camera? I’m curious how that would look now. Anyway, as for where and when I’ll do the next pub crawl tour, I’m thinking maybe Midtown OKC or Downtown Norman in the fall. The Localities ladies have told me multiple times that they want to do another one.

I want to give a special thank you to all of the bars and restaurants for hosting us on the Film Row tour! My show is made possible by my Patrons on Patreon! If you want to get cool rewards while keeping this series independent, become a patron.

Price Tower - photo by Dennis Spielman

A Day in Bartlesville

I got a tour of Bartlesville with Josh Wright as he showed off Outpost Coffee, Visit Bartlesville, the Phillips Petroleum Company Museum, Painted Horse, Price Tower, Frank Phillips Home, and the Pathfinder Parkway trails.

For a behind the scenes vlog with Josh, check out his video of our day together below.

A Mocha from Outpost Coffee - photo by Dennis Spielman

A Snack at Price Tower - photo by Dennis Spielman

A Walk Along the Pathfinder Parkway - photo by Dennis Spielman

I’m super happy with how well this video turned out! I got basically do something different in terms of filming and editing a story. I still need to work on my transitions from one place to the next. This video style is what I’m thinking of doing for Colorful Escapes when I give that project another go.

With my car now fixed, I’m planning to do more videos away from the Oklahoma City metro, however, I could use your support to help with travel experiences. For about a cup of coffee a month, you can get some rewards for helping me out. Become a patron!

The So Help Me's Rooftop Concert at the Plaza District

The So Help Me’s Rooftop Concert

Live! On the Plaza celebrated 10 years on Friday, July 13, 2018! The So Help Me’s played a special, free rooftop performance on top of the Velvet Monkey Salon to mark the occasion.

Missed the show? I was asked by the band to record it so here you go! I just got the approval from the band to release the video after making some changes.

That July 13th was a busy day. I released the first episode of Tales Unveiled, went to film at CHAOS, and then rushed over to the Plaza District. It was an unusual camera setup for sure. I couldn’t get in front with the limited space. I positioned one camera on a tripod while I roamed from the side and back the best I could with my other GH5. The whole video has an indie recording feel, which fit perfectly with the event.

The So Help Me's - photo by Dennis Spielman The So Help Me's - photo by Dennis Spielman The So Help Me's - photo by Dennis Spielman The So Help Me's - photo by Dennis Spielman The So Help Me's - photo by Dennis Spielman The So Help Me's - photo by Dennis Spielman

Selfie at Factory Obscura Mural

Finding Factory Obscura

In this adventure vlog recorded on July 25, 2018, I went on a scavenger hunt to find the hidden location of Factory Obscura. Before I do that, I had pizza from Hideaway Pizza at their brand new location along Western Avenue in Oklahoma City. I met up with Jennifer from CHAOS, a free play place, to discuss the meaning of the Factory Obscura location clues and then I ventured out to find it.

Spoiler: I found it!!! I held off on releasing this video to allow others the fun of finding the location, which the Factory Obscura team thanked me for doing until their contest was over. With the game now over, I’ve uploaded this video explaining how I found it.

I promise to add more drama and flair to the next scavenger hunt video. 😎

Speak Memory Live at the Tower Theatre

Speak, Memory – Live at Tower Theatre

Speak, Memory performs a live concert at the Tower Theatre as part of the COOP Showcase on July 19, 2018. The band describes their music as, “unusual or obtuse at first, but easy to warm up to. Contemplative, a little dreamy. Occasionally frantic. Basically, like us.”

The audio source comes directly from the soundboard hence why you don’t hear the audience. This was my first time recording a concert at the Tower Theatre and it was a last minute project, but it turned out good. I had no control over the audio mix. In the future, I’d like to have more cameras to switch between other than the two. The band was happy with how great the video turned out and that’s what’s important.

If you’re interested, be sure to check out the next COOP Showcase, which will feature Vonna Pearl, Swim Fan, and Jose Hernandez & The Black Magic Waters at the Tower Theatre on August 30th. For more information and tickets, click here.

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