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Steamed Buns at Chigama - photo by Dennis Spielman


The Asian Mexican fusion food is as unique as their name at Chigama in Oklahoma City. Chef Jeffrey Khowong talks the new casual contemporary restaurant that’s affordable in this week’s featured Uncovering Oklahoma story.

I had planned to have this video finished and available for my patron supporters back on Monday, however, my laptop started going on the fritz. After taking it to Apple, I learned that the battery had expanded, causing damage to the trackpad. I’ve had the computer for over five years, so after taking it over with my wife, we decided it was time for a new one. Editing Chigama went several times faster in rendering the project.

I’m taking a video break from Uncovering Oklahoma until the new year, unless something comes up. I’ll do be doing site updates. I want to take some time to focus on writing my books, editing my feature documentaries, and spending time with family. 

Vanessa House Beer - photo by Dennis Spielman

Vanessa House Beer Co.

The Vanessa House Beer Company began when five friends were looking for a way to continue to hang out after college. What started as a simple homebrewing session has grown into a full-time business in Oklahoma City’s Automobile Alley district.

For this video, I was able to interview all five co-owners, Zac Smith, Andrew Carrales, Evan Smith, Justin Wright, and Nick White, as well as their first hire, Cody Anderson. With six interviews, it’s still not my record for most people interviewed about a single business. That title belongs to my OKC Improv story with eight interviews.

I filmed next week’s featured video yesterday, which I’ll get to editing on Friday. Then after that, I may take a break from the weekly show to focus on other projects.

Beautiful Minds

Beautiful Minds at Science Museum Oklahoma

New video for Uncovering Oklahoma about the art, brilliance, and power of people with dyslexia is on display in Science Museum Oklahoma’s smART Space galleries with the exhibition, “Beautiful Minds – Dyslexia and the Creative Advantage.”

Pho from Magasin Table - photo by Dennis Spielman

Magasin Table

Magasin Table is a casual, lofty stylish counter served Vietnamese food restaurant with a modern twist in Automobile Alley. In this Uncovering Oklahoma interview owner, Leon Hoang, shares how the restaurant got started and talks about their fusion of flavor dishes.

I got a little artsy with the video. For starters, I placed Leon back away from the camera to do a soft focus background. The opening shot is of a sign, which I normally don’t record. There’s also a break in the interview to show various shots of the place. Again, just mixing things up.

Leslie and I both enjoyed their pho. It was great to warm up to as we had it at night after walking around in the district for the Lights on Broadway event. I have to agree with other people saying that it’s nice to see a Vietnamese restaurant in the downtown.

Amante still by Dennis Spielman


My Thanksgiving Special is an interview with Theresa Zaizar, Mel Roberts, and Carl Victor Moore of the upbeat Jazz band, Amante. The band members share their musical history, what people can expect when attending or booking one of their shows, and then they perform their original song, ‘Til Your Tears Are Gone. Joining them on the song is Maurice Johnson on Guitar and James Keys on drums.

I shot this video back on November 8th with the intention of airing this on Thanksgiving. I had to wait on a new external hard drive for me to edit this video as I was running low on space and it would’ve been difficult to render it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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