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SoonerCon is a nonprofit pop culture, science fiction, fantasy and educational convention that’s been happening in Oklahoma since 1983. Put on by The Future Society of Central Oklahoma, SoonerCon is a collaborative, volunteer-organized effort that brings together fans, creative and academic professionals, artists, authors, musicians, small and large businesses and community members each June in the Oklahoma City metro. The convention draws more than 2,000 attendees and participants. Additionally, charitable giving is a central focus of the convention’s community outreach endeavors, with these contributions from members growing year after year.

SoonerCon - photo by Dennis Spielman

SoonerCon is Oklahoma’s premier pop culture, fantasy, sci-fi, gaming, cosplay, and anime convention. This year’s event runs June 22 – 24 at the Reed Conference Center in Midwest City.

I’m really happy with how well this promo spot turned out. I’ll technically be able to use it again next year, however, I’ve learned that they’re moving to a new location where they’ll double in size. I’m so excited for them! It has felt like they’ve outgrown the space at the Reed Conference Center.

This is the fifth video I’ve published this week! I’ve been editing footage the past three days, which has worked out fine since my car was in the shop. My father-in-law found a great deal on a used transmission for my car and so I had our mechanic put it in. In general, I’ve been having great luck at scrapyards lately. Found a new interior door handle and a display dashboard. The car’s been driving like new! How does this relate to my videos? I’ll feel more comfortable going on long drives, which means I’ll try to work on some stories in the Tulsa area.

Sojourning - photo by Dennis Spielman

Chiyoko Myose: Sojourning

On display at Oklahoma Contemporary is a solo exhibition of fiber installations by Chiyoko Myose, a Japanese artist who has been living in Wichita, Kanasa, for the past 20 years. With her works, Chiyoko Myose’s Sojourning expresses her experiences of living in a foreign country. Myose considers herself as a sojourner, a person who stays in one place temporarily, like a traveler. Her works explore cultural, social, philosophical and spiritual themes. Four installation pieces will have a common theme of “relationship,” from relationships between individuals to those between countries.

Sojourning - photo by Dennis Spielman

The exhibition at Oklahoma Contemporary also includes a piece that invites members of the community to contribute to the artwork by tying knots with threads. Each new knot is a reminder that we are all connected and we should treasure that connection. The exhibition will feature a new work, created especially for Oklahoma Contemporary.

Sojourning - photo by Dennis Spielman

Chiyoko Myose: Sojourning will be on display from June 2 through August 11, 2018. It’s worth seeing in person and admission is free so go check it out.

deadCenter 18 Movie Pitches

Here’s the recap video of all the movie pitches with various filmmakers showing movies at the 2018 deadCenter Film Festival that I have been posting on Uncovering Oklahoma’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. In the Movie Pitch series, I gave each person less than 60 seconds to talk about the film they were involved in. Think of each video like the filmmaker is making elevator pitch as to why you should see the movie. All the videos are done as a one-shot and were open to all filmmakers and not just the made in Oklahoma ones.

The fun thing about this project, besides the short nature, was as soon as a video session was done, it went straight online. If you missed any of these films at deadCenter, many of them are set to play at other festivals and some may even get distribution. Whatever the future holds, enjoy this recap and keep an eye out for them!

Capitals Ice Cream

Capitals Ice Cream

Serving up a fun “twist” on ice cream, Capitals Ice Cream in Oklahoma City’s Midtown District allows you to pick toppings such as fruits, cereal, candy, cookies, and more to ‘swirl’ into your ice cream. I interviewed Landon Ferguson for Uncovering Oklahoma about what you can expect when you visit their dreamy ice cream shop that also includes coffee and beer.

Cookies and Cream from Capitals Ice Cream - photo by Dennis Spielman

Red Earth Festival

Red Earth Festival

The Red Earth Festival is held each year at the Cox Convention Center in Downtown Oklahoma City next to the Myriad Botanical Gardens at the intersection of Broadway and Sheridan.

Start your Friday by experiencing what has been referred to as “America’s Most Unique Parade” as hundreds of participants including tribal leaders, princesses, floats, Veterans Groups, and drum groups circle the beautifully-landscaped Myriad Botanical Gardens to celebrate the opening of the festival.

Native artists travel from across the country to participate in the prestigious Red Earth Juried Art Market. Red Earth attracts America’s best Native artists who fill the climate-controlled Cox Convention Center Exhibition Hall in the heart of Oklahoma’s Capitol City.

Red Earth Festival 2017 - photo by Dennis Spielman

On Saturday and Sunday, The Red Earth Pow Wow features hundreds of dancers in full tribal regalia as the fill the Convention Center Arena during exciting competitions and exhibition dances.

The Red Earth Festival will take place on June 8-10, 2018.

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