My speculative fiction works take place in different periods of time and on various planets throughout my fictional universe I’ve named The 16th Phoenix Universe. To help those wanting to better understand my universe, I’ve created this guide with information about major characters and key facts.

As the universe develops, so will this guide.

Common Terminology

Networker: Basically, networkers are alien-smartphones. They come in a variety of styles and forms. Networkers are common in the Five Following Planets, but a few people have them on Earth.

Five Following Planets: Home to an advanced civilization of people, this solar system consists of five different planets, each named after a color, that follow each other around a single star. This is where most of my non-Earth stories take place.

Major Characters: People

Major Characters: Deities

Major Characters: End-Timers

Born on the Last Planet toward the End of Time, there are only 12 end-timers. These powerful beings can shape their appearance to blend in with locals as they use their doors to travel throughout time.