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Behind the Scenes of Fieldworks: Beyond Measure with Pablo Barrera

Fieldworks: Beyond Measure with Pablo Barrera

Learn about Fieldworks: Beyond Measure, on view in Oklahoma Contemporary’s Mary LeFlore Clements Oklahoma Gallery, with Curatorial Fellow, Pablo Barrera (Wixáritari).

Organized by Barrera, this exhibition features works produced as part of a University of Oklahoma residency that invites artists, scholars, and students to artistically respond to the presence of humans in the American Southwest.  Watch this video I did for the gallery and explore the Fieldworks project’s diverse archive of objects, photographs.

Backyard Snow with Birds LoFi 4K HDR Slow-TV

Dedicated to my wife, enjoy this 4K HDR Slow-TV of a backyard snowfall with Oklahoma birds to the sounds of LoFi beats. I shot this video on my iPhone 12 Pro in HDR.

Fieldworks: Beyond Measure

In this video I did for Oklahoma Contemporary, Robert Bailey and Todd Stewart discuss the new exhibition, Fieldworks: Beyond Measure. Fieldworks, an interdisciplinary residency, invites artists, scholars and students to artistically respond to the presence of humans in the American Southwest. Beyond Measure presents a selection from the OU Fieldworks project’s diverse archive of objects, photographs, texts, videos and more.

Thank you to Oklahoma Contemporary for commissioning me on this project! This video first premiered on Oklahoma Contemporary’s New Light blog and I’m sharing it with you today as it’s worth a visit.

Fieldworks: Beyond Measure is on display in the third-floor Mary LeFlore Clements Oklahoma Gallery at Oklahoma Contemporary through April 19, 2021. Reserve your limited access, timed tickets here.

Visual Poetry and Water and Land at MAINSITE 2021

I was commissioned again by the Norman Arts Council to create a 20-minute video to promote their new exhibitions for January 2021. This video originally premiered during the Virtual 2nd Friday Art Work and the above YouTube is a slightly shorter but timeless version. I liked how well this video turned out and I was able to keep the pace interesting by switching between the artists on different topics. For the artist answers, I pulled quotes from different questions to summarize some of the topics too as each interview was 20 minutes, so I ended up cutting everything in half.

In this video, Executive Director, Erinn Gavaghan, shares an overview of Katherine Liontas-Warren’s “Water and Land” and “Visual Poetry on the Page: With, Within, and Without the Word,” which was curated by Crag Hill. Both Katherine and Crag also share their thoughts on the exhibitions.

Water and Land is a collection of recent works by Liontas-Warren centered on the passages, time and motion, and the symbolism water and land have come to represent in those concepts.

Visual Poetry on the Page: With, Within and Without the Word explores a movement that asks viewers to read the works as visual art. Unlike concrete, written poems, a visual poem “typically includes many other elements than alphabetic text,” including any number of mediums or artist manipulation, including painting, photos, digital manipulation or any other means to “obliterate the boundary between visual arts and literature.”

These exhibitions are open to in-person viewings from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday until Saturday, February 13, 2021.

Thank you to the Norman Arts Council for commissioning this video! 

Healthy Living: Better Balance

Physical balance is the ability to maintain your center of gravity within your base of support and it is different for everyone! Depending on your height, weight and how you walk or stand, your center of gravity might be different from the person next to you.

So…why is having better balance so important? It’s because the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injury in adults is due to accidental falling. Let’s join Maddi Stewart, Physical Therapist at Therapy in Motion, as she tells you all about your balance and how to improve it to avoid injury.

This video is from the Healthy Living Series I filmed in partnership with Therapy in Motion and the Norman YMCA. Catch more episodes on the Norman YMCA YouTube channel.

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