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Michelangelo’s Coffee & Wine Bar

Nestled in the heart of Norman, Michelangelo’s Coffee and Wine Bar is a local hangout spot known for its laid-back, cozy atmosphere. The coffee bar takes pride in offering an extensive range of specialty lattes with over 30 syrups. The relaxed ambiance makes it an ideal spot for studying, socializing, or enjoying weekend live music. Michelangelo’s frequently showcases a featured artist on their front wall and hosts musicians during the 2nd Friday Norman Art Walk.

With its emphasis on community, Michelangelo’s Coffee and Wine Bar is always looking for new musicians and artists to feature, encouraging locals to be part of their growing community. Offering a selection of local wines alongside their specialty coffee, Michelangelo’s invites you to come and experience the warmth and charm that has made them a beloved destination for many.

P.S. While you’re in Norman, visit MAINSITE Contemporary Art before May 12, 2023, to experience the interactive film, The Walker Arts District Branching Narrative Extravaganza! Michelangelo’s is one of the scenes in my short film.

The Brothers Size

In the Louisiana bayou, big brother Ogun Size is hardworking and steady. Younger brother Oshoosi is just out of prison and aimless. Elegba, Oshoosi’s old prison-mate, is a mysterious complication. Flights of poetry, music, dance and West African mythology combine in a contemporary tale that explores the tenuousness of freedom and the need to belong somewhere, to something, to someone.

I worked with the Oklahoma City Repertory Theater to create this series of promotional videos for their production of The Brothers Size.

Watch The Brothers Size at Oklahoma Contemporary April 27 – May 7, 2023.

The Walker Arts District Branching Narrative Extravaganza Trailer

Trailer drop for The Walker Arts District Branching Narrative Extravaganza!

Jordan has a date, and it’s not going so well. Help him explore downtown Norman, learn about the arts scene, and maybe make it out alive. The Walker Arts District Branching Narrative Extravaganza is an interactive short film where audience members scan QR codes to watch the consequences of their decision.

I’m excited to partner with the Norman Arts Council to create this unique experience. In addition to the movie, people can find bonus content featuring exciting facts and stories about Norman, Oklahoma.

The Walker Arts District Branching Narrative Extravaganza premieres on Friday, April 14, 2023, for the 2nd Friday Norman Art Walk. Stay tuned for more details!

This experience is connected to the 16th Phoenix Universe as the time-traveling tricksters, Loki and Raven, are responsible for Jordan and Avery’s troubles. Be sure to read some of their stories for more about these characters.

In related news, the official launch of The Show Starts Now TV is drawing near! I’m wrapping up editing the first seasons of Take A Bite with Phi, Leadership Board, and Archiving Contemporary Art.

Meet Up!

Meet Up by Namron Players Theatre is a play about dating sites and the future of intimacy. How has digital communication redrawn the boundaries of love, and what human interaction can achieve?

If you missed the show at Yellow Dog Coffee or want to relive the story, I recorded the final night performance.


I worked with Oklahoma City Repertory Theater to create these two promo videos for their original play, SUPERSTITIONS.

A foreigner finds a “lucky” penny on the ground. When he offers it to the pleasantly anxious stranger sitting next to him, it sparks an absurd and startling conversation about superstitions and American bad luck. What follows is an off-kilter day in the life of eight strangers as their lives intersect in comical and bizarre ways. Superstitions is a revolving-door of missed connections, funny misunderstandings, and ridiculous monsters that spring to life before our eyes.

SUPERSTITIONS will perform at the Te Ata Theater in the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center from February 23 through March 5, 2023.

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