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Corpse Flower (Titan Arum) Time-Lapse

I worked with the Myriad Botanical Gardens in Oklahoma City to capture a live stream and time-lapse of the blooming of their Titan Arum, also known as the corpse flower on account of its smell. The flower’s blooming is a rare event as it takes seven to ten years to gather enough energy to begin its bloom cycle, and the bloom only lasts for about 24 to 36 hours.

The above video is a time-lapse featuring several days of the blooming phase.


Beginning Jazz Dance with Samantha Haynes

I worked with the Oklahoma City Arts Council to produce this series of Beginning Jazz Dance lessons with instructor Samantha Haynes. These lessons are designed for all ages and are meant to be watched in order as dancers build upon the moves in previous videos.

In this first lesson in Beginning Jazz Dance, instructor Samantha Haynes leads dancers through Step Touch and Ball Change movements.

Lesson 2 in Beginning Jazz Dance! Dance instructor Samantha Haynes leads a lesson on the Triple Step and Jazz Square movements.

In the third Beginning Jazz Dance lesson series, dance instructor Samantha Haynes teaches the Battement and Three Step Turn movements. Be sure to watch the first two lessons in this series as Samantha puts all of the movements together for the final dance at the end.

Sugar High

Sugar High is an immersive art experience, similar to Factory Obscura, Meow Wolf, or City Museum, about a dystopian world ruled by sugar. I interviewed artists romy ownes and Ben Ezzell about what visitors can expect at this limited exhibition. Admission to Sugar High is free, but they will only be open until May 8, 2022.

Visit Sugar for yourself at 220 North Washington in Enid and their website at

Thanks to my superstar supporters, Revolve Productions, and the Keller-Kenton Family, as well as all of my supporters on Patreon. If you love what I’m doing, please join me on Patreon for bonus content, including early access to new episodes. Supporters will also get special access to an extended version of the Sugar High story for another series I’m producing. Be sure to visit my online store with various Oklahoma-themed merchandise. 

Gentle Flow under the Persian Ceiling

Relax and recharge with This Land Yoga’s Shannon Stephens through soft movement in Gentle Flow under the Persian Ceiling in Oklahoma City’s Museum of Art Magic and Light exhibition. Stretch along as Shannon walks through yoga fundamentals that aid in sleep, posture, and everyday mindfulness.

This is the first of two yoga videos I filmed for the museum. Hope you enjoy it!

ONE Rave 2022 Preview & Artist Interviews

In this video I produced for the Norman Arts Council, NAC board members and artists discuss why it’s important to support Norman Arts Council through its ONE: RAVE! fundraiser and arts party while artists who have donated works discuss their creations available in the online art auction.

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