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Meteorologist Elizabeth Smith

In this episode of Yes! Science! Pallas the Librarian interviews meteorologist, Elizabeth Smith. Pallas and Elizabeth also make a hot air balloon and discuss the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. 

Elizabeth Smith is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oklahoma Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies and the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory. She earned her Ph.D. in Meteorology in 2018 from the University of Oklahoma’s School of Meteorology. Her work focuses on the use of ground-based meteorological observation platforms to collect data in the lowest few thousand feet of the atmosphere, or the boundary layer. This information is important to our day-to-day weather and for understanding the development and lifecycle of severe weather. Before coming to OU, Elizabeth earned her BS in Meteorology at the California University of Pennsylvania, and she was born and raised in the beautiful hills of West Virginia. 

If you are a start-up, entry-stage or existing business, Project 3810 is a unique space to help you accomplish your next business milestones. They offer very flexible lease terms, and their space is all-inclusive, so you just have one monthly bill for all your rent and utilities. Project 3810 is a certified business incubator, and if you’ve been in business two years or less you can apply to be accepted and pay ZERO Oklahoma State income taxes for 5 – 10 years.

Thank you to Project 3810 for hosting us again!

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The Daley

The Daley is a craft cocktail, arts and design, whiskey library in the Paseo Arts District. Located within FRIDA Southwest, Shaun Fiaccone shares the story and philosophy behind this hidden speakeasy.

I did my interviews with The Daley and FRIDA on the same day, but since they are different concepts, I gave them their own videos. As you’ll see in the video, The Daley is a cozy place.

Visit both The Daley and FRIDA Southwest at 500 Paseo in Oklahoma City or their website at

FRIDA Southwest

When a vacant lot became available in 2014, Humankind Hospitality bought the land to ensure it would continue with the same vision as the Paseo Art District. Frida Southwest emerged from that space as an amalgamation of Mexican, Native American, and Southwest cuisines. Shaun Fiaccone and Kindt Steven Myers discuss this southwestern restaurant with me for Uncovering Oklahoma.

Visit FRIDA Southwest at 500 Paseo in Oklahoma City or their website at

Making Money as a Visual Artist

The Show Starts Now Studios in collaboration with the Norman Arts CouncilResonator, and OkSessions presents Art & Victory, a free monthly panel discussion series designed for creative entrepreneurs. The theme for July’s panel was Making Money as a Visual Artist, which included topics on becoming successful, how to get your art displayed in galleries/businesses, working art festivals, pricing your work, pitfalls to avoid, and hustle tips.

Christian Pearson from OkSessions hosted this panel discussion with artists, Jessica Legako and Jason Wilson. 


Jessica Legako – Jessica Legako is a painter who primarily works in oils; her work often involves texture and gestural movement. Her current work involves a focus on distance and depth involved with landscapes. She has earned her BFA in Studio Art from the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, Oklahoma. Born and raised to a farmer and a teacher, she was enriched with an outdoor lifestyle. This allowed undisrupted observation, which fed her imagery. She currently lives and maintains her studio in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Jason Wilson – Forty years ago, a young boy watched his Native American grandmother design, assemble and sew his family’s quilts. Today, contemporary Perceptual artist, Jason Wilson, influenced by his grandmother’s quilts, gives new life to old concepts. Jason says his designs are about building the painting as much as painting the painting, involving hours of construction. To this end, Wilson developed his own unique acrylic paint formula to hand paint his canvas. The result is a technically perfect, remarkably flawless finished canvas. By bringing his designs to life, Jason Wilson hopes to delight and inspire others.

It was our biggest crowd yet! What was really fun was we some people sketching the panelists and making art during the show. I do have plans for the next three Art & Victory sessions. August is Intro to Acting, September we’re talking about making short films, and in October we’ll discuss starting your own podcast.

The 2019 Black Foodie Summit Recap

In this recap of the 2nd Annual Black Foodie Summit by OKC Black Eats, I visited with each of the vendors to uncover what they offer. Learn about some black-owned restaurants and food caters in the Oklahoma City area. 

Featuring: Vanessa House, Anthem Brewing, Vesa’s Soul Food, NyRea’s Place, Dani’s Desserts, Sylvia’s Homemade Better Cookies, Bentley & Bosh Executive Cleaning, The Poetically Vegan, Brown Cow Bakeshop, Mero, Polk House, Bistro 23, M’EyE Chef, and Chef Paul. Plus, opinions from Nikki Nice and Dave Cathey.

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