Happy Ending

Written by Dennis Spielman
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They were the perfect gift. Hundreds, maybe even thousands, shopped in the three-story mall on the best (or the worst as some would consider) shopping day of the year – the day after Thanksgiving. Although it was late in the evening, people lurked around still hoping to find a good deal. One person had already found the perfect gift. This president she had been given by her boyfriend walked around with legs, waiting to be opened and sucked dry.

Tall and deadly sexy, Marie strolled around the mall wearing a dark red dress under an oversized black hoodie. Her long, curly brownish blond hair illuminated with the hot heaters breathing in the mall. Her black sneakers however did not exactly fit what she was wearing, but what she was going to do.

Marie didn’t give a damn about the lame holiday decorations and the flashy sales, but they lured people to the mall and that’s all that mattered. She was so happy she could kill someone with excitement. Outside it was dark and stormy making the Black Friday even darker. Inside there would soon be a feast of blood.

“This is the perfect gift, Sid,” Marie said over her headset. “Remind me to give you your naughty little gift when we’re through here, okay?”

“Sure thing, babe,” Sid said back to her from his headset down in the mall’s basement.

Sid waved his blond combed hair back with his hand. With a quick yank, he ripped off the lock on the mall’s fuse box. He then pulled the cover out of the way.

“Are you ready?” Sid asked Marie.

“Just a minute,” she said as she walked into a trendy clothes store with booming music. A person could scream in there and no one would hear them.

Standing by a rack of baggy pants, was a tall nineteen-year-old guy. Outfitted in red pants, a red shirt, and black shoes, he glanced at Marie, checking out her tender curves. She smiled as and walked up to him. The guy played it cool by brushing back his wild, dyed red hair back.

Marie walked closely and passionately behind him.

“Come with me if you want to have a little fun,” she whispered in his ear.

She turned her head back at him and smiled at him again as she walked off to the dressing rooms. The guy followed her like a lost puppy to the room. There was no way a person could see inside the room. It was perfect.

Marie locked the door behind them and gave him a smile before she shoved the guy against the wall and pressed her lips against his. Her hands wrapped around his body as she licked his neck. She pulled away, holding him tightly. She gave him a dark smile.

“Now, Sid.”

The power shut off throughout the mall. As soon as the lights were off, Marie covered the guy’s mouth and titled his head to the side. She unleashed her spiked fangs and drank his tender blood. When she was finished with her present, she pulled away to kiss the dead guy on the lips. Then she pulled out a pocketknife and slashed him up a bit to make it look like a mugging and took his wallet for good measure.

Surrounded in the darkness, Marie stepped out from the dressing room before she requested Sid to turn back on the power. They couldn’t leave the power off for too long. It would be dangerous. The moment the lights and music came back up, the confusion in the air disappeared. With the storm outside people had just assumed the storm caused the outage – all part of the plan.

A middle-aged man dressed like a businessman with a black suit and matching briefcase watched Marie as she casually walked out of the store. She turned her head and gave him a friendly smile.

“You in the clear?” Sid asked.

“Everything’s crystal, precious.”

Sid smiled. “Now, don’t have too much fun.”

“Why? Are you afraid you wouldn’t be able to handle me?”

“Of course.”

Marie loved it when her man acted weak. She twirled around and began walking backwards. She noticed the middle-aged man following her. She reverted to walking forward.

“Sid, honey, could you turn off the power for a bit,” she asked.”By your voice, you seem kind of worried.”

“It’s nothing big. I think someone is following me.”

“I see,” Sid said as he reached for the power switch. “Well, we don’t want that.”

Sid flicked the power out. Marie slipped into the nearest department store under the cloak of darkness. The moment she was covered, she told Sid to turn the lights back on. The moment he turned the lights on, he felt eyes burning in the back of his neck.

Sid turned his head around. Two middle-aged men dressed like businessmen armed with crossbows looked at him with disgust. Sid knew these were professional vampire hunters, so he only had one option other than become ashes.

Sid quickly threw the breakers to knock out the lights. He ducked done just as two crossbow bolts hit the fuse box. Running low, he ran right between the two men, pushing them both to the side and ran for the door.

“Come on, after him,” one of the hunters shouted.

“Sid, why is the power off?” Marie asked. “Is this a game you’re playing?”

“Hunters,” he replied through his headset. “We need to get the hell out of here, now. We’ll meet at the main entrance.”

Marie peered through the darkness. She saw the man heading in her direction. She cussed under her breath as she raced out of the store. She picked up full speed, shoving people out of her way; even pushing an old woman down a stairway. She ran demonically fast until she met up with Sid at the main entrance.

Sid opened the door for her and then they raced outside onto the drenched parking lot. The stormy weather blasted rain on every object around them. The two lustful lovers were soaked in a moment.

“What the hell are we going to do now, Sid?”

Sid looked around. The lights were still off inside the mall, but Sid could see the three hunters approaching the doors. He looked forward again toward the parking lot. A thirty-something man drove to the edge of the mall and let his wife out up front so he could go find a parking space. The husband got out of the car. He kissed his wife and gave her a cell phone. The car was left running.

Sid yanked his lover’s arm as he raced to the classy car. He pushed aside the couple into the wet paved road. Sid jumped into the driver’s seat while Marie went around to the passenger side. Before the people could get up and fight for their car, Sid drove off with it just as the hunters came out through the doors.

Sid and Marie weren’t in the clear yet. Traffic was hell and the only way to get out of hell is run like hell all over the place. Sid drove the car violently in wrong lanes, swiveling all over the place, cutting curves, and running red lights. A few cars got into wrecks, but he didn’t care for a bunch of humans. He just wanted to get the fuck away from the mall. And they did.

– – –

The next day, Sid and Marie stayed at their nest, an abandoned warehouse. They lived with several other vampires in order to keep the place safe and to mark their territory. The two lovers sat on a stolen black leather couch watching the five o’clock news in each other’s arms.

The news reported yesterday’s events as a mugging. They mentioned the death of the guy Marie killed and that some people got hurt when the lights went off in the mall. No mention of them. The couple smiled and went back to playing with each other’s hair.

“It looks like we had a happy ending after,” Marie said as came down and licked his neck.


From off in the distance, one of their friends yelled, “Shit!”

They pulled themselves apart from each other only to discover that five vampire hunters had surrounded them with crosses and crossbows. The lovers recognized the three hunters that had chased after them, but it took them awhile to recognize the other two.

The other two were the couple they stole the car from.

“Hook, line, and sinker,” the oldest of the hunters said. “You fell for our trap.”

“Trap?” Sid said.

“Did you think that car drove up to you by sheer luck?” the eldest hunter went on. “No, demon we made sure you found it. We had the car traced back to this place.” The hunters aimed their weapons. “It looks like it’s going to be a happy ending after all.”

Dennis’ Comments

Happy Ending was based on a twisted dream I had about these two naughty vampires having fun and feeding in a mall packed with people on Black Friday. I had first posted this on my site back in December of 2002. In 2007, I took another look at the story and re-read some notes about it. I had forgotten this is one of my stories based on a dream I had, and I don’t remember the dream at all. I’m pretty sure that the dream consised of a hot vampire girl killing people in a mall (maybe making out with me). For the 2007 edit, I didn’t change much to the story. I added some more details to the characters’ clothing and basically more details here and there. I tried to make what Marie and Sid were up to a little bit more mysterious. I hope you’ll think of this story when you’re shopping late on a busy night.