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Artist Talk: Off The Wall

To celebrate the opening of Off the Wall at Oklahoma Contemporary, Pablo Barrera hosted a conversation with Sarah Ahmad, romy owens and Marium Rana. The Oklahoma-based artists discussed their process and the various themes prevalent in Off the Wall, ranging from the artists’ relationship to time, chaos and tradition to modernity and cultural interpretation.

Working in three distinct styles, Ahmad, owens and Rana created immersive and interactive installations to transform the Mary Leflore Clements Oklahoma Gallery. Rather than being confined to the walls, their artwork extended into the air and explore the physical, vertical volume of the gallery using paper, textile and mixed media.

Off The Wall will be on display until June 20, 2022.

Soft Matter

“Soft Matter”
by Dennis Spielman

American born artist, Dennis Spielman, searched for a scenic location to pour a glass of milk to show an example of soft matter for his science documentary series. A splash a milk lands on the table, creating a mess, which is a common theme in Spielman’s work. Despite the imperfections of the shot, Spielman still used the footage as life isn’t perfect.

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