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Pie Junkie and Not Cho Cheesecake on Take A Bite with Phi

Take a bite of some sweets with Phi as she travels to Pie Junkie in Oklahoma City, where she learns how to make an oatmeal chocolate chip pie. Then Phi travels along Route 66 to Bethany, where Glen Whitaker of Not Cho Cheesecake decorates their chocolate wasted cheesecake.

Not Cho Cheesecake

After visiting a cheesecake bakery out of state, Shoshianna Moore was inspired to start one in Bethany. Not Cho Cheesecake is a place along Route 66 where you come in with a sweet tooth and leave as family.

You may visit Not Cho Cheesecake at 3933 N. College Avenue in Bethany, Oklahoma or online at

I’ve been working on this story for some time and I’m happy to be able to release it! This was shot with Lumix S1H. I’m still getting used the camera, but this video turned out great.

Thank you to my supporters on Patreon for their continued support of making Uncovering Oklahoma possible! Supporters get awesome rewards, like early access to my episodes. Big thanks to my superstar supporters: Revolve Productions and the Lynn and Steve Keller-Kenton Family. Join today!

Burger Punk

Creative Burgers Volume 1

I visited four different burger joints with guest host Justin Coleman. In this Uncovering Oklahoma episode, we visit the food truck, Burger Punk, then Patty Wagon in Oklahoma City, MOB Grill in Bethany, and end at The Fixx in Edmond.

Justin and I filmed this episode on Monday. We made several pivots on this video from the original plan. A few days before filming, one of the locations we had planned to visit told me that they were going to be out of town that day, but I was able to replace them with MOB Grill. Justin was going to be joined by Undrell Maholmes as co-host, however, Undrell got surprised with a camping trip and ended up not making it back in time on Monday to film. There were some other minor pivots we made along the way, but we got it done!

If this video does well, I do have plans for a volume two. I had received a dozen suggestions of burger places to feature when I asked people on social media for creative burgers in the area. We’ll get Undrell to join us next time. Maybe for volume three, we’ll visit Tulsa?

This was a rather large episode, but I was able to trim out some of the time Justin spent eating the food to keep it on pace. I’m planning to do more collaborative themed videos and I’ve already reached out to some people to get the ball rolling.

That’s all for today! I’ve been hired to film deadCenter this year, so that will keep me busy this weekend. Jeff Provine and I are in pre-production for season two of Tales Unveiled, which we’re looking at recording the first episode next week if all goes well.

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