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Released: Death of a P.I.

Death of a P.I. is a noir inspired privite investigator story told through the hidden cameras throughout Detective Loman’s office as he takes on a simple blackmail case that leads to something much deadlier.

For the cast photos and more information, check out the Death of a P.I. web page.

Death of a P.I. is an experimental movie that we improvised. We would do a scene, talk about it, and follow up on it until the whole story was told. We left the 25 minute long movie open for a second part. If responses are good, we may flesh it out to be a full length movie.

Coming Soon: Death of a P.I.

Yesterday I filmed a brand new project, Death of a P.I. The video stars Ryan Croft, Adam Harper, Sue Ellen Reiman, and myself in a noir story of a private investigator who gets tangled deep in case that leads to trouble.

The whole thing was completely improvised. It was cool to do an improvised project with a plot. The video was recorded with three cameras too so this will be my first project editing with multiple cameras. What I’m trying to say is, I’m not sure when it will be released so check back. I’m aiming for next week. We did leave it open for a part two. In the meantime, enjoy the cool black and white photo of the cast. It’s a self-timer-shot by the way.

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