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Cleantech is more than clean energy—an interview with Barry Day.

Barry Day’s journey reflects his adaptability, entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for knowledge. Starting as a fracking engineer in the oil fields during the late nineties, he eventually moved into plastics manufacturing, then transitioned to research in the printed circuit board industry. He earned his MBA with a double major in marketing and entrepreneurship. Subsequently, Barry worked for a biotech startup, a Korean oil and chemical company, and gained extensive experience in technology scouting, investment, and mergers and acquisitions in the clean technology sector. He also contributed to the Cleantech Open and launched the Oklahoma Clean Technology Association, demonstrating his dedication to promoting innovation and sustainability in various industries.

Day founded The Oklahoma Clean Technology Association to promote awareness and knowledge of what clean technology is and promote entrepreneurship in clean technology. Day thought he would get pushback against clean technology when he moved to Oklahoma because of the politics involved. However, he’s learned Oklahomans, whether they’re liberal or conservative, they’re not against helping the environment – they just don’t want to be forced to by the government. 

“I believe that in entrepreneurship, the free market will push the right goals,” said Barry Day, Founder and Managing Director of Oklahoma Clean Technology Association. “And with the new technologies, that’s what will save us, not government intervention. We’ve seen this in the economy, where most of our clean energy and technology advancements have come from the private sector, not government mandates. It was really important to me to make sure that people knew this was apolitical and that it’s also something we focus on in the entrepreneurial sector, the free market.”

Day is working on inspiring people to create new technologies, including big ideas and game changers, instead of incremental improvements. To accomplish this mission, the Oklahoma Clean Technology Association has a twofold, two-pronged approach. The first is to spread awareness of clean technology and the eight pillars of Cleantech. 

“Oklahomans always associate clean tech with clean energy, but there’s so much more than just energy,” said Day. “It’s actually all kinds of different fields, subjects, and topics, including batteries, energy efficiency, energy storage, air quality, water tech, and agricultural technologies.”

For the second approach, Day is helping companies in their entrepreneurial journey. As an investor, Day found that clean technology tends to be the least profitable of all the verticals, but he believes it’s also the most important and that we must find ways to make profitable technologies that are good for businesses. The Oklahoma Clean Technology Association hosts quarterly events to help the community network, with speakers sharing information about clean technology and their journey, either as a startup, an expert in the field, or an investor.

“I found that there are several clean technology experts scattered throughout the state, but there’s no one single community where everyone can get together and discuss clean technology,” said Day.

One Oklahoma-based game-changing company Day is excited about is Utopia Plastix and its plant-based biodegradable polymer that doesn’t use oil. Another company to watch out for is Sci-Lume Labs, which develops biodegradable nylon for fishing lines and clothing. As Day encourages entrepreneurs to think big and aim for game-changing ideas that can revolutionize the world, he believes the Oklahoma Venture Forum is a great platform for connecting with knowledgeable individuals in the entrepreneurial community and fostering collaboration.

“There’s a lot of ways to come up with new technologies that are game changers if they think big and if they connect to the right people,” said Day. 

Barry Day will speak at the Oklahoma Venture Forum Power Lunch on Wednesday, November 8, 2023. The event will be open to members and guests in person at Metro Tech Spring Lake Campus (1900 Springlake Drive in Oklahoma City) and via ZOOM. For his presentation, Day wants to help people develop big, game-changing ideas that will revolutionize the world.

“We’ve seen a lot of smaller technologies, incremental technologies,” said Day. “I’ve seen a lot of coffee shops and lifestyle companies, small businesses. I want to get people to start thinking huge picture the unicorns, how they can become the next Microsoft or Apple, and particularly how they can change the world with environmentally safe technologies.”

Visiting Haunts: The Overholser Mansion and The Paramount Building

“Oklahoma Author turned TV show host explores haunted destinations.”

Embark on a spine-chilling adventure alongside author Jeff Provine as he unravels the mysteries of haunted locations in the new travel show Visiting Haunts. Prepare to step into the realm of the supernatural as Provine guides viewers through a collection of eerie destinations that are not only steeped in history but are also open for intrepid travelers. Uncover the architectural wonders, hidden secrets, and tragic events that have shaped the spirits that linger within as Provine shares historical research with chilling firsthand accounts of paranormal encounters.

“I’m so thrilled to have the chance to help share some of the amazing spooky stories and hidden histories that people otherwise may never hear,” said series host Jeff Provine.

From his love of spooky stories, Provine has published several collections of haunted Oklahoma folklore books and leads ghost tours in Norman and Oklahoma City. His haunted folklore books include Haunted OklahomaHaunted Oklahoma CityCampus Ghosts of Norman, OklahomaHaunted Norman, Oklahoma; and more. 

Photo of Jeff Provine standing outside The Belvedere Mansion.

The six-episode season of Visiting Haunts focuses on haunted destinations in Oklahoma. Stories include The Overholser Mansion in Oklahoma City where the lady of the house still appears as a phantom, The Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie where a little girl ghost locks doors and moves glasses, the Sapulpa Historical Museum in Sapulpa with a phantom from its days as a hotel, Flower Bluff Manor in Sulphur where ghosts knock and play, Belvidere Mansion in Claremore where a ghostly gentleman meets guests on the porch, and the Moore-Lindsay Historical House Museum in Norman where even caretakers are advised not to go upstairs after dark. People can watch the series on the new streaming service, The Show Starts Now, whose mission is to get people to experience new adventures.

Whether you’re a skeptic seeking to unravel the truth or a believer looking for an otherworldly experience, Visiting Haunts offers a captivating blend of history, folklore, and the supernatural. Visiting Haunts invites you to tread carefully, for each step unveils a ghostly tale. Are you ready to confront the haunted?

In celebration of Friday the 13th, the first episode about Oklahoma City has been released on YouTube for free.

Designing Exhibitions: From Concept to Installation

“Designing Exhibitions: From Concept to Installation” was hosted on September 23, 2023 at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art for Fellow, Friend, and Sustainer members. I was hired to film Randall Barnes, Installation Design Manager, as he gave a behind-the-scenes glimpse at his thoughtful design process and installation considerations for exhibitions at OKCMOA, such as “True Nature: Rodin and the Age of Impressionism.”

For more information about OKCMOA member events and public programming, please visit

Multiple Voices by Eva Schlegel

European artist Eva Schlegel’s newest public sculpture — her first in the United States — is a love letter to Oklahoma Contemporary’s new building and to Oklahoma City. Schlegel was intrigued by our building and the quality of light in Oklahoma City when she attended the opening of our inaugural exhibition, Bright Golden Haze, which included her large-scale photograph that captured the poetics of space. 

Multiple Voices stands 16 feet high and 34 feet wide, featuring polished and translucent surfaces to catch and reflect the sharp light of Oklahoma’s open sky and the surrounding environment. The sculpture incorporates text from Oklahoma-connected writers: Steve Bellin-Oka, Kimberly Blaeser and Joy Harjo. These poems appear blurred on glass panels, cryptic to the viewers but essential to the sculpture’s intent.

You can help support Uncovering Oklahoma by subscribing to The Show Starts Now, an Oklahoma-based streaming service. Your subscription there will help me continue this series and create more content. Special thanks to my superstar supporters on Patreon: Revovle Productions, The Keller-Kenton Family, and Christopher Lloyd.

Oklahoma State Fair Food 2023

Phi and Heather take us on a food journey, taking a bite from several food vendors at the 2023 Oklahoma State Fair. While our stomachs can only handle so much food, we did visit Cutie Pies Concession, Mountain View Meat Company, Cotton Candyland, B-Ray’s BBQ, Cookie Dough Monsters, Smokin’ Coals Barbecue Sauce, The Express Food Trucks, and A Latte Love Coffeehouse.

Catch more food adventures with Phi on Take A Bite with Phi streaming on Oklahoma’s first streaming service, The Show Starts Now.

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