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8 Spots to Visit on Route 66

I traveled the stretch of Route 66 from Arcadia to Bristow with Caitlin from Oklahoma’s Credit Union. This Spielventure episode features POPS, the Arcadia Round Barn, John’s Place, Manvel Avenue Coffee, Destinations, Route 66 Interpretive Center, Route 66 Bowl, and Dude & Dot Mercantile. We spent an entire day visiting sights from the area between Oklahoma City and Tulsa, and there was still more to see, so make this trip a full-day experience.

I’m excited to release the first episode with the new branding style. I’m still figuring out what the next Spielventure episode will be as I’ve been busy with client work. Do expect an episode of “Yes! Science!” and a new Art & Victory to be coming out next.

Creative Burgers Vol 3 Route 66 Edition

Justin Coleman and Undrell Maholmes are back for burgers, melts, and other delicious food. This time, we traveled along Route 66. For our first stop, we visited Robert’s Grill in El Reno where Edward Graham made us a double-meat onion burger and a hotdog with slaw. We took a break for some coffee and drinks at The Red Bird Coffee House in Yukon before our second restaurant. Executive Chef, Randy Williams, at The Lokal in Yukon brought out his fried deviled eggs and the lokal club. For our final stop in Luther, we tried Farmstead Cafe’s signature burger made with their own local beef and a beanless take on a veggie burger they named the inconceivable burger.

In other news, I’ve launched an online merchandise store sporting designs from my fictional works as well as some fun Oklahoma-themed shirts.

Thank you for watching this episode of Uncovered in Oklahoma. We had originally planned to a Route 66 burger episode back in April of 2020, so we’re glad we finally got to do it. Thanks to my superstar supporters, Revolve Productions, and the Keller Kenton family, as well as all of my supporters on Patreon. If you love what I’m doing, please join me on Patreon for bonus content, early access to new episodes.

Happy Adventures!

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