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The Ritz of Shawnee

As part of the professor’s continued effort to check in with all of his contacts, Sam and Geoff travel to Shawnee where they meet with Dee and Loren from IOKP, Investigating Oklahoma’s Paranormal. Dee and Loren share tales of Shawnee’s ghosts, including the Ritz Theatre, the radio station, and the lively downtown.

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Tales Unveiled is a production of The Show Starts Now Studios and is produced by me, Dennis Spielman. The voice of Sam Saxton is Dennis Spielman. The voice of Professor Geoff DeRoot is Jeff Provine.

We would like to thank guests, Dee and Loren, for sharing stories with us and The Ritz of Shawnee for hosting the interview session.

This episode also featured the improvised voice talents of Kristy K Boone as Detective Valerie James.

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Behind the Scenes Commentary (Spoilers)

When I was invited to visit Shawnee for Uncovering Oklahoma from the city’s tourism group, I knew I wanted to come back for Tales Unveiled. They told me about The Ritz, which lead me to learn about IOKP. As I said in the podcast, Downtown Shawnee is worth walking around, especially Main Street.

We did try to go meet the person who had the photo of the ghost cat, but their shop was closed that day. Since the episode was a little short, I got with Kristy to record the reveal of the eye clue we had planned out. Kristy and I improvised the scene three times and I edited together two of the good takes to make that scene happen.

Our last episode, Dark Concerns in El Reno, broke over 1,000 downloads in the first week! I want to say thank you for listening to Tales Unveiled!


Bayly is a plant house and floral studio in downtown Shawnee that specializes in houseplants and plant accessories as well as botanically inspired gifts. Owner Callie Ingram shares the story of how she and husband use plants to bring light into people’s lives.

This is the third and last of my Uncovering Oklahoma stories on Shawnee for now. I plan to go back in October/November for some of the retail shops.

Visit Bayly Botanicals for yourself at 415 East Main Street in Shawnee or their website at

Theopolis Social Club

From a desire to create something new, Theopolis Social Club doesn’t require a membership to gather with friends. Cami Engles, Leanne Wright, and Rich Sauve talk about this brasserie-style destination in Shawnee where wine, cocktails, food, and culture collide in a modern, eclectic space.

This is the second of three stories I made about Shawnee that I shot a few weeks ago. This video features a brand new lower-third, title card, and end credits. I originally made the lower-third for a sponsored video, but I liked it so much I decided to make it my new graphic going forward.

Visit Theopolis at 419 East Main Street in Shawnee or their website at Interested in a deep dive of Theopolis’ origin story and want to help support Uncovering Oklahoma? Become a patron and watch the full 30-minute interview session.

The Gathering Place Coffee Co.

The Gathering Place Coffee Co. is a specialty coffee shop in Downtown Shawnee that seeks to be a home away from home for the community by providing a space to meet comfortably and build relationships. 

Jamie Hembree and Josh Cotts share what visitors can expect my Uncovering Oklahoma story. This is the first of three stories that I have about Shawnee from my visit back on Thursday, September 28th.

You can visit this coffee shop for yourself at 415 East Main Street in Shawnee and visit their website for more information at

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Lobby Cafe and Shawnee

My wife and I visited the Lobby Cafe and Bar in Oklahoma City for the Influencers Lunch hosted by Edible Excellence. Then we traveled to Shawnee to explore their downtown scene and to check out the hot air balloon festival.

My wife and I visited the Lobby Cafe and Bar in Oklahoma City for the Influencers Lunch hosted by Edible Excellence. Then we traveled to Shawnee where we spent most of our day exploring their downtown scene and then paid a visit to the hot air balloon festival. This video is a quick recap of how we spent our Saturday. I plan to follow up with more detailed stories in the future.

We had a great time at the balloon festival and I would recommend it to people. This was our first visit there, so we mainly walked around to get a feel for the event. There was a ton to see and do there, including live music, games, food trucks, wildlife expo, and more. Next year I plan to go back to do a more an in-depth story for Uncovering Oklahoma. We spent most of our time Saturday exploring Downtown Shawnee, which is why the part about the balloon festival is more of a brief mention than a review. We were also wanting to avoid getting heat exhaustion at this point as it was over 100 that day.

Overall, there are places worth visiting in Shawnee.

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