Sam and Geoff visit with Tanya McCoy, author of the new Haunted Shawnee book, for stories about the town. They discuss tales about the Aldridge Hotel, the ghosts roaming Shawnee’s train tracks, Oklahoma’s mining towns, and how to keep dark spirits from following.

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Thank you to Tanya McCoy for sharing stories with us so be sure to check out the book, Haunted Shawnee, for more stories.

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Behind the Scenes Commentary

In reality, I was the one who reached out to Tanya. Jeff, who is a co-author, told me they got some different stories compared to our Shawnee episode, specifically the Aldridge Hotel, that would be worth doing another episode. I agreed and set it up.

After we recorded, I picked Tanya’s brain about Mustang since we were there. I was surprised to learn that she has found a few around town. Most of them involve one building, but there were numerous stories there. We also talked about some other places, so I’m sure we’ll be visiting her again next season.