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Dystopia Rising Oklahoma

Do you think you got what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse? Dystopia Rising is an immersive role-playing game where from Friday to Sunday you will eat, sleep, and fight in character to survive. You will have to fend off hordes of the undead, stop raiders, and work together if you can hope to survive the wasteland.

In this Uncovering Oklahoma story, I speak with several players and staff members about the game, why you should place, and advice for first-time players. I’ve been holding out on releasing this video since back in May (which my Patreon supporters got to enjoy early) until the event announced their next dates, which are September 6-8 and October 4-6.

The Yard

The Yard is an outdoor beer garden in Oklahoma City’s Automobile Alley that offers a laid back patio experience with sunshine, green trees, and cold beer. General Manager, Ty Clair, shares the origin story and what guests can expect.

This is my first Uncovering Oklahoma story where I went all out with my drone to capture b-roll. My story on FRIDA Southwest had one outside shot, but The Yard story features several shots. The Yard was perfect for that kind of b-roll, which I took at an influencer lunch hosted by Edible Excellence.

Visit The Yard for yourself at 21 NW 7th Street in Oklahoma City or their website at

Exhibit 2 at Verbode

A new art show, Verbode Urban Core Artists, features the work of Christie Owen, Denise Duong, Jason Pawley, Kerri Shadid, Mat Hoffman, Matt Glazner, Nathan Lee, and Reian Williams. The collective of professional artists are from Oklahoma and work in a variety of media and styles.

Verbode Urban Core Artists is an artist-run curatorial and event collaborative founded in 2016 by Verbode real estate owner, Sarah Bytiqi and artist, Christie Owen in Oklahoma City. The real estate group provides Christie with a showroom for the year and hosts quarterly openings. Christie elected to invite her fellow artists to participate as an initiative to attract more attention and support for local artists. 

Christie Owen organizes, promotes and curates visually stimulating and dynamic art exhibits that reflect the flourishing creativity of the Oklahoma art community. The mission of these art exhibits is to develop new relationships and encourage networking through an understanding and appreciation of art’s vital role in our community.

Sarah Bytiqi offers the space at Verbode as a home for art and to engage a diverse cross-section of the public by hosting free and open to the public exhibits in an alternative space. 

Verbode Urban Core Artists will donate a portion of all art sales from the show to The Homeless Alliance. Verbode is a residential real estate brokerage located in the TAP Architecture Building in downtown Oklahoma City. Visitors can view the exhibit Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm between July 25, 2019, and September 18, 2019.

For more information about Verbode Urban Core Artists, visit For more information about Verbode, visit

The Daley

The Daley is a craft cocktail, arts and design, whiskey library in the Paseo Arts District. Located within FRIDA Southwest, Shaun Fiaccone shares the story and philosophy behind this hidden speakeasy.

I did my interviews with The Daley and FRIDA on the same day, but since they are different concepts, I gave them their own videos. As you’ll see in the video, The Daley is a cozy place.

Visit both The Daley and FRIDA Southwest at 500 Paseo in Oklahoma City or their website at

FRIDA Southwest

When a vacant lot became available in 2014, Humankind Hospitality bought the land to ensure it would continue with the same vision as the Paseo Art District. Frida Southwest emerged from that space as an amalgamation of Mexican, Native American, and Southwest cuisines. Shaun Fiaccone and Kindt Steven Myers discuss this southwestern restaurant with me for Uncovering Oklahoma.

Visit FRIDA Southwest at 500 Paseo in Oklahoma City or their website at

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