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Spare Tire

How To Put On A Spare Tire

Today I’m sharing an instructional video on how to put on a spare tire if you ever get into such a situation while having an adventure. Knowing how to install a spare tire yourself can save you time and money. I made this for a video contest hosted by CARDONE. Be sure to vote for my video over on their site!

To vote, go here and click on that Vote button. That’s it. There’s no need to sign up or give your email. Just press that Vote button. You can do it once per day until the contest ends. If I win, it will help me get the equipment to achieve my goals. Thank you!

Factory Obscura Beyond - photo by Dennis Spielman

Factory Obscura’s Beyond

My brief thoughts on Factory Obscura’s Beyond exhibition during their pass holder preview party on September 21, 2018. Factory Obscura is an Oklahoma City-based art collective creating immersive experiences, challenging the participant to physically explore full-sensory environments.

I’m working on scheduling an interview with some of the creative team behind Factory Obscura for Uncovering Oklahoma.

Coco Flow Chocolate Shoppe's German Chocolate Brownie - photo by Dennis Spielman

Oklahoma State Fair Food 2018

Yesterday, I visited the Oklahoma State Fair to sample some of the new and award-winning fair foods as well as hear from food vendors talk about their specials this year. The 2018 Oklahoma State Fair started on September 13th and goes through the 23rd. For a complete list of the new foods, read my story on Uncovering Oklahoma.

Ride OKC - photo from Dennis Spielman

Ride OKC and AMP Fest

On August 25, 2018, I did the Cookie Tour with Ride OKC and then went to AMP Festival. In this brief adventure vlog, I share my experience with the bike tour and the female-focused music festival in Oklahoma City.

I’ll have a full story on Ride OKC for Uncovering Oklahoma in a few weeks. I’m wanting to get footage of one more tour, the brewery tour, that they do regularly. On the subject of what’s next at Uncovering Oklahoma, tomorrow’s featured video will be on the nonprofit art-house movie theatre, Rodeo Cinema. Then next week, I’ve been invited to attend a media preview of Gathering Place in Tulsa, which I’m super excited to see. Gathering Place will be next week’s featured video, showing it off before it opens to the public on September 8.

Selfie at Factory Obscura Mural

Finding Factory Obscura

In this adventure vlog recorded on July 25, 2018, I went on a scavenger hunt to find the hidden location of Factory Obscura. Before I do that, I had pizza from Hideaway Pizza at their brand new location along Western Avenue in Oklahoma City. I met up with Jennifer from CHAOS, a free play place, to discuss the meaning of the Factory Obscura location clues and then I ventured out to find it.

Spoiler: I found it!!! I held off on releasing this video to allow others the fun of finding the location, which the Factory Obscura team thanked me for doing until their contest was over. With the game now over, I’ve uploaded this video explaining how I found it.

I promise to add more drama and flair to the next scavenger hunt video. 😎

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