How The Game Works

The Walker Arts District Branching Narrative Extravaganza (or Norman Branching Narrative for short) is an interactive short film you experience by visiting places in Downtown Norman, taking different routes depending on the choices you make for the main character as you learn about the city’s art scene. The Branching Narrative Extravaganza starts at MAINSITE Contemporary Art, where we watch a couple on a first date at the gallery. On the window is a poster for the game for players with two QR codes. Every poster will have two QR codes, one linking the movie’s story and the other being game instructions.

Players would scan the QR code to watch a short movie scene, ending with choices to go to another part downtown to continue the story based on their chosen path. All movies would have closed captions to help people in noisy environments or for those with hearing impairments. All posters would be outside, allowing people to play at any time.

In addition to the Story posters, there will be Bonus content posters. Bonus content videos would include interviews with artists, business profiles, and ghost stories from Jeff Provine.

The third element of the extravaganza is a selfie scavenger hunt. The rules video includes a link to a list of artwork for players to find and take a picture of together. They must find objects in public art, such as water drains, dumpsters, bike racks, and murals. For example, one object to find would be a fish.

Below is the preview script of the branching narrative story, The Painter. I’ve included links to read this like you’re playing the game. Some parts will be changed based on feedback, logistics, and cast, so let me know what you think. In total, there are six different endings to be uncovered.

The plan is to film this on Saturday, March 18 (with March 25 as a backup in case of snow) and premiere the game on Friday, April 14, for the 2nd Friday Art Walk. The game would run until May 12 (May’s art walk).



Two individuals, JORDAN and AVERY, are strolling through MAINSITE Contemporary Art for their first date together. MAINSITE is featuring artwork for their ONE event. For the purpose of this script and casting, genders are undefined.

Avery suggested visiting Downtown Norman’s art galleries as they are an artist.

New to Norman, Jordan, who we’ll follow throughout the story, doesn’t care much about art.

(looking at a work of art)
Such emotion. I love what the artist is trying to say about modern society.

Jordan looks at a piece of art that looks like a monster.

Yeah, I agree this says a lot. (Jordan looks at the price.) From this price, they’re expecting way too much.

Artists got to eat, too. Creating art is hard work.

Doesn’t seem that hard.

Things might appear to be simple, but each stroke can take hours of thought from years of experience.

Avery rushes over to the next piece of art while Jordan slouches along.

Look here. I love their work. I saw them in the Paseo last month. You should’ve seen the exhibition. It was fantastic, which reminds me. I have to show you the art in the alleyway behind here.

I think we’ve seen everything here.

We have? I guess so. Wow. I could go for a snack. Apple Tree isn’t far.

Apple Tree?

It’s not an actual apple tree, but it’s a place where they make candy. They’re known for their candy apples.

Oh, I get it. That’s funny.

Or if you’re not hungry, we can get coffee at Michelangelo’s. They’re the closest, but I like all of the coffee shops we have here. Oh! Afterward, I could show you some more art we have in Norman.

On the screen, two options display, along with a walking-POV video on how to get there:

HIDDEN SCENE: Go to Byrdie’s