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Black Mesa Brewing Uncovering Oklahoma Weekly Episode 4

In Episode 4 of Uncovering Oklahoma Weekly, John and I interview Brad Stumph of Black Mesa Brewing Company. We talk about Black Mesa’s beers and do a taste test with holiday food pairing recommendations.

In this episode features the result of new audio equipment I bought for the show and it sounds great!

Willow Way Uncovering Oklahoma Weekly Episode 3

In the Blanket Fort Studio, Uncovering Oklahoma Weekly interviews the sister singer-songwriter band, Willow Way. You know who hasn’t interviewed a guest in a Blanket Fort? Stephen Colbert. Just saying. Willow Way also performs their latest single, “Weary,” in the Blanket Fort!

Blanket Forts are cool.

As for my production notes, I’m happy with the acoustics of this episode. The Blanket Fort setup helped tremendously. I had originally planned to do a parody of the VDub Sessions, but due to safety concerns with it being so dark and rainy, we did the blanket fort concert. The idea will be done in the future!

This episode is cool even though I didn’t wear a bow tie for it. I hope you enjoy it!

HubBub Improv – Uncovering Oklahoma Weekly Episode 2

In the second episode of Uncovering Oklahoma Weekly, I visited The HubBub Improv Group to talk about their weekly improv comedy every Thursday night at the District House in the Plaza District. Plus, Kyle Gossett and Kendon Lacy take on Uncovering Oklahoma’s Improvised Challenge! The improvised challenge is a throwback to my [Wild] Improv Challenge show.

This new episode is hilarious. Instead of asking them the normal questions, I made each question a challenge to answer. I’m happy with how this episode turned out. Check it out and please share!

Fat Nikki Food Tours – Uncovering Oklahoma Weekly Episode 1

I am happy to publish the first episode of the Uncovering Oklahoma Weekly Show with special guest Paulette Nicole of Fat Nikki Food Tours!

In this episode we talk about Paulette’s food tour company and the food of Oklahoma City’s Plaza District. Plus we bring out “Fat Nikki” and “Lazy James” to do a tour of microwave cooking and sample some treats from Cookies-N-Cards in Norman.

I had a blast filming this episode and Paulette was a fantabulous guest! While I had fun making it, I have taken notes to improve things in the future. Hey, you never know how things are going to turn out until you try! 😉

When I laid out all of the footage for editing, this episode was a 34 minute wide shot in 4K. I changed the project to 720p play with the image and made it more visually interesting, cut the length down to 24 minutes, and overall it worked out rather well.

Want the recipes we used? Here’s the Mason Jar Pancakes and the Microwave French Toast.

I’m excited about this project. Doing a regular show is what I want to do in life. I hope you enjoy this weekly show and that you stay tuned!

Coming Soon: Uncovering Oklahoma Weekly

John, Paulette, and Dennis getting ready to film
Tonight I just filmed the first episode for the new Uncovering Oklahoma Weekly show! I’m describing the show as a mix of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Comedy Bang Bang as a local YouTube show. It’s going to be a fun show.

Joining me was my musical sidekick, John McGuru, and the show’s guest, Paulette of Fat Nikki Food Tours. The Fat Nikki Food Tours is a food tour company in Oklahoma City where people get to tour a few restaurants’ food. Playing with the theme of tours and alter egos, we did a “tour” of microwave cooking. We had a fantabulous time.

Throughout the evening, Paulette did recorded behind the scenes live on Periscope. If you missed it, here’s the first video on set with us, hyping up the episode. In this video we’ve just finished the interview segment. Finally, after we finished, we did this final video.

Done filming with John, Paulette, and Dennis!

I can’t wait to show you the episode! Uncovering Oklahoma Weekly will premiere in November! Stay tuned!

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