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Tales Unveiled at Tower Theatre

Off Track at the Tower Theatre

“After receiving a distraught voicemail from a patron of the Tower Theatre, Sam and Geoff arrange a tour there. Geoff is particularly interested because of the stories from other local theatres such as the Pollard, Lyric, and Sooner Theatre. When the two arrive, they get a story they weren’t expecting.”

Tales Unveiled at Tower Theatre - photo by Dennis Spielman

I’m personally enjoying the many shout-outs we’ve been including in the show. In this episode, not only do we discuss the hauntings of other theatres in the beginning, but we also mention The Bunker Club, which is where Aaron really did call me from to leave that voicemail, and we recorded the final scene at Scottie’s Deli, which leads directly into episode four.

Speaking of episode four, how about a title reveal? “Stirring Up the Ghosts at Kendall’s Restaurant” will be out on Friday, August 24th. The first part of the episode features Greg Elwell from I Ate Oklahoma talking about some haunted restaurants. Our chat with Greg has been recorded. We have the interview with Kendall’s scheduled for next week.

Tales Unveiled is a production of The Show Starts Now Studios and is produced by Dennis Spielman. The voice of Sam Saxton is Dennis Spielman. The voice of Professor Geoff DeRoot is Jeff Provine. Voice Mail from Aaron Sounders. Featuring Stephen Tyler as himself. For upcoming events at the Tower Theatre, visit This episode is dedicated to Sarah Atlee, who died heroically saving the planet from a 150-foot monster made out of quilts.

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Price Tower - photo by Dennis Spielman

A Day in Bartlesville

I got a tour of Bartlesville with Josh Wright as he showed off Outpost Coffee, Visit Bartlesville, the Phillips Petroleum Company Museum, Painted Horse, Price Tower, Frank Phillips Home, and the Pathfinder Parkway trails.

For a behind the scenes vlog with Josh, check out his video of our day together below.

A Mocha from Outpost Coffee - photo by Dennis Spielman

A Snack at Price Tower - photo by Dennis Spielman

A Walk Along the Pathfinder Parkway - photo by Dennis Spielman

I’m super happy with how well this video turned out! I got basically do something different in terms of filming and editing a story. I still need to work on my transitions from one place to the next. This video style is what I’m thinking of doing for Colorful Escapes when I give that project another go.

With my car now fixed, I’m planning to do more videos away from the Oklahoma City metro, however, I could use your support to help with travel experiences. For about a cup of coffee a month, you can get some rewards for helping me out. Become a patron!

Chris Shilling at Startup Grind OKC

Chris Shilling at Startup Grind OKC

Chris Shilling sat down for a Startup Grind OKC fireside chat with Alex Lobodiak about his experiences learning about entrepreneurship at OU, starting a pharma company, attending HBS, and returning to Oklahoma time and time again for his ventures over the years.

Startup Grind Local features incredible talks with entrepreneurs from Startup Grind’s worldwide network. Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs.

Soft Matter

“Soft Matter”
by Dennis Spielman

American born artist, Dennis Spielman, searched for a scenic location to pour a glass of milk to show an example of soft matter for his science documentary series. A splash a milk lands on the table, creating a mess, which is a common theme in Spielman’s work. Despite the imperfections of the shot, Spielman still used the footage as life isn’t perfect.

The So Help Me's Rooftop Concert at the Plaza District

The So Help Me’s Rooftop Concert

Live! On the Plaza celebrated 10 years on Friday, July 13, 2018! The So Help Me’s played a special, free rooftop performance on top of the Velvet Monkey Salon to mark the occasion.

Missed the show? I was asked by the band to record it so here you go! I just got the approval from the band to release the video after making some changes.

That July 13th was a busy day. I released the first episode of Tales Unveiled, went to film at CHAOS, and then rushed over to the Plaza District. It was an unusual camera setup for sure. I couldn’t get in front with the limited space. I positioned one camera on a tripod while I roamed from the side and back the best I could with my other GH5. The whole video has an indie recording feel, which fit perfectly with the event.

The So Help Me's - photo by Dennis Spielman The So Help Me's - photo by Dennis Spielman The So Help Me's - photo by Dennis Spielman The So Help Me's - photo by Dennis Spielman The So Help Me's - photo by Dennis Spielman The So Help Me's - photo by Dennis Spielman

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