Dennis Spielman

The real and imaginative adventures of Dennis Spielman

Stranger Roommates

Stranger Roommates

As two roommates are about to watch the new season of Stranger Things, things take a dark turn.

This week’s video features the talents of Daniel Austin, Pallas, Dennis Spielman, Robyn Wheelock, and “Strange Stuff” by Matt Harris.

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The Boarding House

The Boarding House Game Lounge

No longer an obsolete form of entertainment, the viral trend of table games is officially sweeping down the plains. However, The Boarding House Game Lounge in downtown Guthrie is taking the movement a step further. Along with the hundreds of popular game titles and the snack and beverage choices typical of table game cafes, The Boarding House has created an eclectic oasis of cozy lounge areas, interesting art, and other creative touches to form a truly unique atmosphere.

Housed at 124 West Oklahoma Avenue in the heart of historic downtown Guthrie, The Boarding House is one of the key new businesses helping Guthrie make an economic resurgence. Greeting guests at the door is a large stage to the left, which is used for live music events such as their Fusion Friday nights, as well as for events. Most of the east wall is covered with shelves of every game imaginable, and over at the bar is a wide range of snacks and drinks including real-ingredient frappes and pizzas. Upstairs in the mezzanine level amidst the low ceiling, exposed brick walls, and vinyl-and-book store, is more seating and eclectic fixtures—a favorite haunt of RPG gamers playing Dungeons & Dragons. Back downstairs, peppered between the mismatched tables and comfortable lounge furniture, are homey touches like potted plants, vintage lamps, and—of course—more games.

The Boarding House’s game library currently boasts over 375 titles. Board, card, and dice games as well as vintage, classic titles, and new releases are all available for a small daily fee.

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Guthrie Haunts

Adventures at Guthrie Haunts and Not For Sale

In this adventure video, I interrogate John Pagonis of Guthrie Haunts on the electric chair and I chat with two of the artists of Not For Sale on a comfortable couch.

While I’ve done videos on both of them recently, for my adventure video I went on a different route. For Guthrie Haunts, we talk about both of the haunts and on Not For Sale, I interviewed two other artists that I didn’t interview. I wouldn’t call this video a rehash.

Happy Adventures!

Rachael Robinson still

Rachael Robinson Profile

A Yes! Science! profile video on Rachael Robinson, Director of Education at the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden.

Rachael Robinson recently relocated to Oklahoma City from Atlanta, Georgia, where she worked for more than eight years with Zoo Atlanta as manager and then director of public education programs. Robinson credits the support of her parents and the careers of female scientists such as Dr. Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey as her inspiration to pursue a career in conservation education. During college, Robinson started conducting educational tours of the Zoology department’s museum and volunteering at a local nature center. Through those experiences, she learned that her passion was more directed to teaching and inspiring others to love animals and nature.

Robinson received a Bachelor of Arts in zoology and environmental studies from Ohio Wesleyan University and a Master of Science in environmental education from Lesley University, Audubon Expedition Institute, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Robinson is a regular Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) conference presenter; a Co-Chair of AZA’s Volunteer Management Committee; and a certified interpretive guide and certified interpretive trainer through the National Association for Interpretation.

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Something On Your Face still

Something On Your Face

Dedicated to all of those who can never clean their face, it’s not you.

This video features the talents of Robyn Wheelock, Pallas, Dennis Spielman, Daniel Austin, Empire Slice House, and Silent Partner.

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Keep your face clean!

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