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ArtNow 2018 - photo by Dennis Spielman

ArtNow 2018

Oklahoma Contemporary’s signature ArtNow celebrates Oklahoma’s vibrant contemporary art community. The exhibition, which opened today, provides a snapshot of Oklahoma’s diverse art scene. The exhibit wraps up with an art sale, the “party with a purpose” on January 19, 2018.

For this year’s exhibition, Curatorial and Exhibitions Director Jennifer Scanlan and guest curator Alyson Atchison have chosen 25 artists across many media, from jewelry and sculpture to printmaking and painting.

This time, I have created two videos. The first video above is a five-minute overview on the exhibition and down below is a full tour. Hear the stories behind ArtNow 2018 at Oklahoma Contemporary in this curator-led tour at a media preview event yesterday.

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A Solo Day in OKC

Want to have an adventure in Oklahoma City by yourself without feeling awkward? In this “A Solo Day in OKC” episode of Uncovering Oklahoma, I highlight a full day of activities from morning to night one can enjoy during the winter months. Special guests include Greg Elwell of I Ate Oklahoma, Brett Dickerson of Oklahoma City Free Press, and freelance writer, Heide Brandes, in this packed episode!

The video does clock in at 15-minutes, but there are about a dozen places featured.

Selfie at Elemental Coffee

I filmed the majority of this video last Wednesday where I went from one place to the next on the top of every hour from 9 am to 6 pm. The schedule worked rather well, and I was never late to anything. I had 30 minutes to film and 30 minutes to travel. The part with Danielle talking about the lights I did record at an earlier date, and I did a few pick-up shots the next day, which were the art gallery shout-outs and my introduction – shout to Cayla Lewis for filming me! Other than that, this was pretty much done all in one day.

Originally, for the art spaces shout-outs, I was going to do the various mentions. However, on the day of shooting, I decided to let them express themselves because I wanted to make it more about them and less about me, and they know their mission statements best. Everyone was pretty cool with me showing up asking them to say half a sentence without warning.

When I was discussing the idea with some friends, they took to it. If this video does well, which I think it will, I’ll do the same thing for other cities and another one in OKC, but in the Spring/Summer to include outdoor activities.

Greg Elwell wrote a companion article titled, How To Eat Alone, which includes more suggestions on places to eat.

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Donuts from Holey Rollers - photo by Dennis Spielman

Holey Rollers

What started as a food truck, Holey Rollers now has a permanent home in Oklahoma City’s Paseo Arts District. While still rolling around Oklahoma in their vintage trailer, Holey Rollers is known for their artisan vegan and gluten-free donuts.

Out of all of my coffee photos, this one from Holey Rollers stands out to me

Owner and founder Andrea Koester started Holey Rollers in 2015 as a food truck that sold baked, vegan donuts, eventually expanding to wholesale and catering. The emphasis on “sensible sweets” continues in the new location. Holey Rollers ingredients are natural, dairy free, and dye free with gluten-free options with ingredients sourced as locally as possible.

Inside Holey Rollers - photo by Dennis Spielman

As part of the expansion, Holey Rollers has introduced new food items to their menu. These include “grab ‘n’ go” breakfast items like English muffin sandwiches made with local, cage-free eggs, house-made yogurt and other health-conscious options.

Holey Rollers location in the Paseo offers a full line of coffee drinks, and vegan milk made from oats prepared in-house to accompany the coffee.

Donuts from Holey Rollers - photo by Dennis Spielman

On the subject of sweet, it would be sweet of you if you became a patron. There are some treats for you if you do!

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The Silo - photo by Dennis Spielman

The Silo

The Silo is the backdrop to several businesses in the Farmer’s Market District of OKC, which include The Okay See, Brandon Snider Photography, and Corbishley Violins. Blake Behrens and Arsenios Corbishley talk about their shops in this collaborative retail space.

Yes, this is a bonus video. I filmed these interviews the same day as I also filmed Blake to talk about the Deluxe Winter Market, which that event took place on Saturday. I still do have a video planned for Thursday’s regular release, which I plan to edit tomorrow and share early for my patrons.

Wednesday is going to be crazy busy. Basically, at the beginning of every hour from 9 to 6, I’ll be at a different place filming segments for a video about having a solo adventure in Oklahoma City. I’m looking forward to it! I’ve been getting everything all scheduled for it today.

Deluxe Winter Market

Deluxe Winter Market

Returning for its tenth year, the Deluxe Winter Market is an annual marketplace featuring handmade gifts and wares from mostly Oklahoma-based makers and artists. Deluxe Winter Market is a one-day only event, Saturday, November 25, 2017, from 11 am to 5 pm, held inside Leadership Square in downtown Oklahoma City. My wife and I go every year, usually getting several gifts for friends and family there.

The event will feature gifts for everyone on your list, all handmade by local and national artists and makers in what has become an Oklahoma City holiday shopping tradition. The Market stands out from the other holiday shopping experiences in OKC because of the opportunity to connect with makers, as well as find unique items, such as a photo studio offering authentic ambrotype and tintype photos. No resellers are allowed, and all items are handcrafted or artist-made.

In my video, I interviewed Co-Founder and Director, Sara Cowan; and vendor, Blake Behrens. I was supposed to have a third person, which I was going to interview today, however, they got sick and I didn’t have time to reschedule another interview. With tomorrow being Thanksgiving, I went ahead and finished the video for release today.

If you’re supporting Small Business Saturday, I wrote this local deals guide on the subject.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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