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Rooftop View - photo by Dennis Spielman

The Deep Deuce Pub Crawl

I teamed up Kayla Coffey and Anna Farha from Localites OKC; Taylor Lawrence and Tabbi Burwell from Visit OKC on a pub crawl of the Deep Deuce District to show that the area is more than just apartments by visiting its unique bars and restaurants. In this crawl, we visited Urban Johnnies, Anchor Down, Aloft Hotel’s WXYZ Bar, Stag Lounge, and the Deep Deuce Grill. Not only did we learn about each place, but we got history lessons about cocktails and the district.

If you don’t have time to watch the entire pub crawl, the video has been broken down into individual segments as well.

121 NE 2nd Street, Oklahoma City

30 NE 2nd Street, Oklahoma City

228 NE 2nd Street, Oklahoma City

209 North Walnut Avenue, Oklahoma City

When we were at WXYZ, we did an impromptu photo session. Here are four photos, one of each person, from that session.

Anna Farha - photo by Dennis Spielman

Tabbi Burwell - photo by Dennis Spielman

Taylor Lawrence - photo by Dennis Spielman

Kayla Coffey - photo by Dennis Spielman

323 NE 2nd Street, Oklahoma City

This was a fun project! I wanted to do something different from my Uptown 23rd Pub Crawl and this time around, my video was more interview focused. The wireless mic setup worked well! It was the first video where I got to do this sound setup.

The next time I do a crawl video, I’m going to schedule more time at places as we were cutting it close and I didn’t get as much b-roll footage that I wanted. I’m thinking the next district might be either Midtown or Downtown later in the summer.

EOTE Coffee

EÔTÉ Coffee

Located in the heart of Oklahoma City, EÔTÉ Coffee is a small-batch, craft coffee roaster with a passion for connecting people and building relationships. In this interview, founder and chief coffee officer, Todd Vinson, and the Director of Business Operations, Patrick Will, discuss what the wholesale roster offers, including their free Thursday coffee tasting program.

Every Thursday from 2 pm to 4 pm, EÔTÉ Coffee invites the public to their industrial building for free coffee tastings, a tour of their facility, and friendly conversations. Technically, EÔTÉ Coffee is a retailer so they can’t sell cups of coffee, but do allow patrons to donate to a nonprofit in exchange. While I was there filming, they had invited Leaf + Bean to brew coffee.

Codak Smith - Balance & Composure - photo by Dennis Spielman

Codak Smith – Balance & Composure

An Artist Statement Minute with Codak Smith on his mural, Balance & Composure, part of the Plaza Walls project in Oklahoma City’s Plaza District. The mural can be found on the wall of Saint’s Pub for a limited time.

Codak Smith - Balance & Composure - photo by Dennis Spielman

Codak Smith - Balance & Composure - photo by Dennis Spielman

While I recorded this artist statement, I also interviewed Codak Smith about the Plaza Walls for my up upcoming documentary about the mural project. Codak lives in Tulsa so I’m glad I caught him when I did. His interview was the first for this new film.

Into the Fold - photo by Dennis Spielman

Into the Fold: The Art and Science of Origami

The Science Museum Oklahoma exhibition, “Into the Fold: The Art and Science of Origami,” explores the diverse styles, backgrounds and techniques of nearly 30 origami artists from around Oklahoma, the nation and the world as well as the unique applications for the art form — from solving problems in the fields of robotics, medicine and space exploration to uses in fashion and architecture.

Into the Fold - photo by Dennis Spielman

HunnyBunny Biscuit - photo by Dennis Spielman

HunnyBunny Biscuit Co

Love biscuits? HunnyBunny Biscuit Co serves up fresh sweet and savory biscuits as well as coffee and mimosas. Visit them near the Tower Theatre in Oklahoma City’s Uptown 23rd District.

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