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Tacos from La Cocina de Doña Nena in Oklahoma City

Mexican Food with Cristela Carrizales

Cristela Carrizales guest hosts this episode of Uncovering Oklahoma as she takes us to three of her favorite Mexican restaurants in Oklahoma City’s south side. Join us as we visit La Cocina de Doña Nena, Churros Meoqui, and Super Tortas El Chavo.

La Cocina de Doña Nena

The family matriarch who kickstarted the legacy by setting up a table outside her house and selling her homemade dishes, is honored through the name of La Cocina de Doña Nena. Her culinary skills were so magical that everything she touched turned into a crowd-pleaser. All her tacos would be sold out within an hour, and her food was cherished by all. The family migrated from Chalchihuites, Zacatecas, Mexico, 25 years ago. Today, the street stand continues in Zacatecas, managed by her daughter, selling the same food as their Oklahoma restaurant.

Churros Meoqui

Churros Meoqui is renowned for their namesake treat, churros, which are long, deep-fried dough morsels coated in sugar and cinnamon. Churros Meoqui takes pride in its innovative churro offerings, with five unique fillings, including caramel, strawberry, chocolate, cheesecake, and vanilla. The caramel-filled churro is their most popular, captivating customers’ hearts. They continually innovate their offerings, recently adding “healthier” options like fruit-filled churros. Not limited to churros, they serve delectable treats such as a churro with ice cream, churros with fruits, and the elote en vaso, a popular street food made of heated corn with chili, mayonnaise, butter, and cheese served in a cup. In addition, they have a unique potato-on-a-stick dish made using a custom gadget developed by the family, offering a delightful snack. Churros Meoqui’s commitment to innovation and variety is evident in their unique churro offerings and delightful snacks, making it a must-visit destination for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Super Tortas El Chavo

Known far and wide for its specialty tortas, large Mexican sandwiches filled with every kind of meat imaginable. You see families at Super Tortas El Chavo sharing tortas big as their faces, filled with beans, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayonnaise, and choice meats including weenie, salchicha, steak, chorizo, and pastor. Their exclusive bread, nowhere else to be found, gives these hefty sandwiches their unique size and character. But it’s not just tortas here; they also serve dishes such as gorditas and huaraches. The huarache, a dish whose base resembles a sandal made of corn masa, is loaded with refried beans, your choice of meat, lettuce, tomato, onion, sour cream, and cheese. Whether you’re in the mood for something hearty and filling or something a little lighter, Super Tortas El Chavo has got you covered.

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Spiked. A Coffee Concept

While Brittani Hunter may claim to be a coffee enthusiast, the truth is that she stumbled into the world of coffee while taking an entrepreneurship course in college. Brittani found a niche in the saturated market of coffee shops, coupling her passion for the community and coffee into a single brand – Spiked, a Coffee Concept.

Spiked is more than just a coffee shop; it’s a safe space for the community. You never know who you might run into while sipping your drink – the mayor, city officials, or just regular people doing positive things for the city. And speaking of drinks, Brittani has created unique concoctions you won’t find anywhere else. Her go-to drink is the Brown Sugar Cinnamon Americano, a beverage initially intended as a seasonal drink but kept year-round due to its popularity among customers.

The 7-UP Cake from Spiked

The beverages and food served at Spiked also carry a familial legacy. Most pastries, including the always-available 7-UP Cake, are lovingly prepared by Brittani’s grandmother, affectionately known as Mother Pearl. Thus, each visit to Spiked offers customers a taste of her family’s kitchen.

So why should you choose Spike? Well, for one, they’ll spike your coffee with your choice of liquor. But more importantly, your purchase will directly impact the community. So come on in and grab a drink. You never know who you might run into or what delicious treats you will find.

Arcade games at Remi's Arcade and Bistro

Remi’s Arcade & Bistro

Born from the dreams and collections of a group of arcade enthusiasts, Remi’s Arcade & Bistro is a unique fusion of retro gaming and a modern culinary experience that makes it an entertainment gem in Bartlesville.

Not Just an Arcade

Remi’s is more than an arcade. One of the owners highlights how they wanted to ensure that the food was far from an afterthought. The bistro part of Remi’s Arcade & Bistro serves an array of delicious food options. Their most popular item, the Cheddar Bacon Jam burger, boasts a six-ounce locally-raised beef patty topped with house-made bacon jam and cheddar cheese. They also have a Smash Burger named Mario Smash Brother Burger, featuring double smash patties, cheddar cheese, grilled onions, and house-made burger sauce. Their menu remains playful while ensuring quality. The bistro takes pride in making its queso in-house with a tequila twist, which, despite being cooked down to be safe for kids, gives it an adult flair.

Craft Cocktails for All

Remi’s Arcade & Bistro also boasts an extensive drink menu. There is no cocktail shaming here, and patrons are encouraged to drink what they like. They offer classics, as well as cocktails named after Oklahoma legends. One of these is the Mabel Fling, named after Mabel, the former property owner of the land on which Remi’s stands. Another must-try is the Ruby Darby, named after a famous Oklahoma vaudeville actress, which is a mix of scotch, house-made honey syrup, lemon juice, allspice syrup, and cherry brandy.

A Place for Everyone

Remi’s ensures inclusivity with something for everyone. All arcade machines are set to free play for patrons who purchase a wristband. Visitors can choose to solely enjoy the gaming, dine, or partake in both. The bistro is family-friendly, but transitions to 21 and up after 8 pm, which the community has embraced, offering an adult play space. Remi’s is also a place for sports enthusiasts, with TVs for those who want to catch the latest game. Additionally, Remi’s holds competitions and offers patrons the chance to see how they stack up against other pinball players. 

Inviting Community

Located in Bartlesville, Remi’s Arcade & Bistro invites everyone to “get back in the game” with them. Whether you’re looking to relive the arcade glory days, indulge in delicious and innovative food, or simply have a great time, Remi’s is a must-visit destination. As the owners say, “Come in and be treated well,” Remi’s Arcade & Bistro takes pride in taking care of its patrons and making sure everyone has a place to belong.

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The Ice Creamatory in Norman

Dive into the thrilling world of horror-themed ice cream with James Mikowski, the owner of The Ice Crematory in Norman, Oklahoma. In this interview, James shares how he and his wife, both avid horror movie enthusiasts, came up with the chilling idea of blending their love for horror and ice cream. The shop’s decor features spooky elements from their former home in Long Island, New York. The Ice Crematory is known for its creatively named and delectable ice cream flavors, such as the crowd-favorite “Boogeyman,” which features Cookie Crisp cereal, Nilla wafers, OREOs, cookie dough, and marshmallow drizzle. Another popular flavor is the “Wednesday Addams,” with its dark cherries, dark chocolate, chocolate sprinkles, and raspberry drizzle.

A photo of the inside of The The Ice Creamatory in Norman.

At The Ice Crematory, customers can choose from chocolate and vanilla ice cream bases, and mix in a plethora of treats, including homemade cheesecake and candy bars. They also offer non-dairy and lactose-free options, accommodating various dietary needs. For those looking for something special, they can reach out to The Ice Crematory on Facebook to place custom orders.

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Cosmic Callback at Factory Obscura

Open now through July 31, COSMIC CALLBACK: AN ILLUMINATED INTERLUDE takes you on a sound and light odyssey through the heart of a star and back again. Created by a team of 10 local artists, this new experience features an original soundscape accompanied by light and projections. Participants are invited to get comfortable on soft-sculpture seating, and gaze upward toward the cosmos.

COSMIC CALLBACK is a Factory Obscura collaboration, with contributions from: Amber Rae Black, Lindsey Cox, Emma Difani, Jaiye Farrell, Tammy Greenman, Barney Karper, Kelsey Karper, Hugh Meade, Dan Moyer, and Nikolas Thompson.

Photo by Dennis Spielman of a person standing looking inside the star at the Cosmic Callback experience.

COSMIC CALLBACK is open for general admission during regular Mix-Tape hours through July 31, 2023, at 25 NW 9th St in Downtown Oklahoma City. Tickets are $8 for General Admission, $6 for Kids 12 & under, and free for Children 3 & under. Save $2 when you bundle your tickets with the Mix-Tape experience. Admission is free for Mix-Tape Members!

For more information and to book tickets, visit

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