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Gelateria – STG - photo by Dennis Spielman

Summer Treats

Looking for a cool Summer Treat in Oklahoma? In this remastered episode of Uncovering Oklahoma, I traveled to Edmond, Oklahoma City, Norman, and Tulsa for delicious treats to help keep you cool during the triple digit temperatures. This remastered video includes Roxy’s, Eskimo Sno, Epic Pops, Katiebug’s, and Gelateria – STG.

This version is an update from July of last year when I released the summer treats video minus Epic Pops. I wanted to include Epic Pops in the original video, but they were in the process of a remodel. I included them in this remastered version, which I didn’t change much other than color correction and some minor changes. Nothing really new, but I have new people watching it and I wanted to give it an update for them.

The episode starts with an interview with Raena Mutz on Roxy’s Ice Cream Social in Oklahoma City’s Plaza District. They specialize in making small batches of fresh ice cream in unique flavors and fresh baked cookie sandwiches. They now have multiple locations throughout Oklahoma City.

Then it’s to Norman for a classic snow cone treat from Eskimo Sno. Husband and wife team, Adrian and Jennii Buendia have been making snow cones since 1999.

While in Norman, stop for an epic treat at Epic Pops in Campus Corner. Owner, Jordan Holt brings the joy of youthful memories of eating popsicles that you won’t find anywhere else.

In Downtown Edmond is the shave ice and hot chocolate trailer, Katiebug’s. The Mom part of the Mother/Daughter team, Melissa Morgan, shares their fun summer treats, like the Frozen Hot Chocolate.

Finally, in Tulsa Mike Bausch talks about Gelateria – STG. Mike fights the stigma of gelato not being the same as it is in Italy by sourcing the same machines and ingredients as them.

For more videos, check out the Uncovering Oklahoma YouTube Channel. If you want to help support the site, become a patron.

Adventure - Photo of Dennis Spielman at Ignite OKC

IgniteOKC X

Ignite OKC X Group Photo

I realized I never did talk about my experience speaking at the tenth annual IgniteOKC back in May. I was holding off for the talk to be uploaded to YouTube, but it looks like they’ll do that next year to promote the next talk. There was a Facebook live stream, which you can see me at around the 18-minute mark.

If you don’t know, IgniteOKC is a community-driven networking event that connects people of diverse backgrounds and knowledge through a series of entertaining, rapid-fire presentations. The basic premise is presenters get 5 minutes and 20 slides that advance every 15 seconds. In my topic, Local Roadtripping 101, I shared my advice on planning, packing, and suggestions for road trips in Oklahoma.

Adventure - Photo of Dennis Spielman at Ignite OKC

This was my biggest speaking event to date and I had a great time. The hardest part for me was memorizing my speech word-for-word. I just kept drawing blanks when I rehearsed it without my script. I ended up using a talking point method which worked great for me. Although, I did repeat a few descriptive words, but I didn’t trip or fall of the stage or anything major. I was the third person to speak, so I wasn’t first, but I was able to knock mine out early.

I decided to go big on the energy, perhaps a bit over the top. One comment I got was that I may have sounded like I was angry at people for not having adventures. 😄 I can see that point. I was greeted with high-fives from everyone down below in the green room when I returned. It felt amazing!

I published a more detailed version of my presentation here on Uncovering Oklahoma.

Silly Group Photo of Ignite OKC X

Overall, I had a positive experience speaking at IgniteOKC. It was great to get my face and name out there because I’m such a behind-the-scenes guy. Plus, most of all, I hope I inspired people to have an adventure.

Turner Falls - photo by Dennis Spielman

Exploring Davis

While the town of Davis is famous for Turner Falls, Heide Brandes, Crystal McDermott, and I spent a day exploring what else Davis had to offer, including scenic turnouts, Magnetic Hill, Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies, 777 Zip, Beyond Blessed Coffee Roasters, City Drug, and Arbuckle Wilderness Park.

If you’ve been following me lately, I’ve been focusing on doing collaborative stories. This was the first one I filmed, which Heide and I took this trip on July 11th. I have more collaborations coming up soon.

For convenience, some of the more popular segments from this packed episode have their own video.

Want to experience something weird? Drive to the natural phenomena known as Magnetic Hill, put your car in neutral at the bottom of the hill, let off the brake, and “something” will pull your car backward at 5 miles an hour.

Magnetic Hill is located 1 1/2 miles west of I-35 and Highway 53 in Springer. Take Exit 42, heading west on Highway 53 to Pioneer Road and then turn right heading north and go about 1/2 mile to the bottom of the hill.

When you get down to the bottom of the hill, you’ll see a lot of gravel that has washed up on the blacktop road from the rains. This is the cue for the bottom of the hill. Stop your car here, put it in neutral, let off the brake, and experience the car going up the hill.

For a high flying adventure with a view of Turner Falls, the 777 Zip allows almost everyone a chance to soar through the skies. Heide Brandes interviews the owner of 777 Zip, Gary Fielding, about what the ride is like.

Heide Brandes interviews Donna and Kris Travis of Beyond Blessed Coffee Roasters in Davis.

For another perspective about the Davis visit, Heidi wrote this article for Red Dirt Report. While we visited many places in this episode of Uncovering Oklahoma, we went back for a second visit to include more. Stay tuned for Part 2! If you want a sneak peek at upcoming videos, become one of our supporters on Patreon.

What We Ate at Aurora - photo by Dennis Spielman

Aurora Chats and Snacks

Get to know the Plaza District’s new breakfast joint, Aurora, in my brand new Chats and Snacks segment. The Chats and Snacks series features members of the restaurant team and a special guest in a discussion of community and food over a potluck of snacks. With myself as the host along with guests, Henry Boudreaux, Executive Chef at Aurora; Aimee Struble, owner of Aurora; and Cayla Lewis, Executive Director of the Plaza District.

Pancakes at Aurora - photo by Dennis Spielman

As I said before, this is the first time making Chats and Snacks. This morning at 9 am, I filmed this and I’ve been editing it since. We had a great time doing this video and I hope it does well. While the video is over 25-minutes long, people can watch the first few minutes to get a general idea for the place or watch the whole thing for more details. I did cut out a few moments of pauses, a chat about trees, and my coaching. In the past, my travel videos have never gone into such depth so I’m curious as to how well it’s going to be received. I’m in the process of scheduling another one.

Inside Aurora - photo by Dennis Spielman

Thank you to my supporters on Patreon for helping make this video possible! Watch the previous video for the Poe Bouyz House Sneak Peek Tour and the teaser trailer for my upcoming documentary, Inviting Art.

Poe Bouyz House - photo by Dennis Spielman

Poe Bouyz House Sneak Peek Tour

Many drivers along I-35 in Oklahoma City have seen a strange, crooked building and wondered what it was. People have guessed everything from a daycare to an art gallery, a contractor’s revenge, an insurance agency, to just someone’s house.

The answer: a seafood restaurant called Poe Bouyz House.

I first shared the new back in February. My wife and I were on our way to an art opening at Science Museum Oklahoma when we spotted someone working on it. Curious to know about the building, I turned around and asked. The news went viral and blew up my Facebook feed. I had to turn off notifications. I then tried to get in touch with the owner to do a story for Uncovering Oklahoma, which at the time he declined as he wasn’t ready to talk about it. Yesterday, I got a call inviting me to tour Poe Bouyz House.

Poe Bouyz House - photo by Dennis Spielman

The owner and builder, Tony Howard, started construction back in April 2015. Poe Bouyz House has been a passion project for him, working on it bit by bit whenever he had extra time and money to invest. He’s taken his time with the restaurant so when it opens, he won’t have a huge debt to some bank and be worrying about his bottom line.

Poe Bouyz House - photo by Dennis Spielman

My original guess of the building being an art gallery wasn’t far off. During my one-on-one tour with Tony, he shared details of a Vegas style decor complete with a 3D underwater painting on the floor, a VIP area upstairs, and a bar surrounded by a waterfall. Poe Bouyz House also features a rooftop waterfall, which to both of our knowledge, is the only waterfall on a roof in the state and perhaps the country. He said people have thought the building sprung a leak when he turns on his waterfall.

Tony is hoping to open Poe Bouyz House in October. He wishes to allow people to enjoy the patio seating before the weather gets cold.

For more details about Poe Bouyz House, including the story behind the theme and the food offerings, watch the sneak peek video tour.

A special thanks to my supporters on Patreon for helping make this video possible! Watch my previous video on an actual art gallery, Oklahoma Contemporary, and the teaser trailer for my upcoming documentary, Inviting Art.

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