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Chicken Sandwich at The Winston - photo by Dennis Spielman

The Winston

A spinoff of Pub W, The Winston is a new addition on Main Street in Norman, Oklahoma as a more modern, contemporary version that’s bar forward as well as being more adventurous on food. Brandon Kistler, the Concept Head for The Winston of Hal Smith Restaurants, talks about this new restaurant and what guests can expect.

The Duck Wings at The Winston - photo by Dennis Spielman

Personally, Leslie and I both loved the spicy duck wings. So good. It’s nice to see new things spreading out in Downtown Norman. There’s a breakfast-focused restaurant coming soon next door to The Winston called Neighborhood Jam. I haven’t been to the Edmond location yet. Getting up to drive to Edmond (about an hour drive) for breakfast is not an easy task.

Wagyu Japanese BBQ - photo by Dennis Spielman

Wagyu Japanese BBQ

Guest Host Heide Brandes returns for a chats and snacks segment with Jade Yushan Han of Wagyu Japanese BBQ in Oklahoma City. Heide and Jade discuss many of the food options as well as how to use the imported Japanese grill at the center of each table to cook your own food. Heide also tries several dishes including Mochi Ice Cream, Ahi Tuna Steak, and beef tongue.

Wagyu Japanese BBQ with Jade and Heide - photo by Dennis Spielman

For this video, I wanted to showcase the actual dining experience because this concept of cooking is new to people in Oklahoma. After the failed Kickstarter campaign for Colorful Escapes, one of the things Heide and I discussed in our new strategy was to make other videos together to build our team brand.

This video is about 20-minutes long as it does demonstrate the restaurant. You can also get the gist of things within the first half of it. Hope you enjoy!

Startup Grind Speakers - photo by Dennis Spielman

Startup Grind OKC with Daniel Maloney

Startup Grind Oklahoma City presents a fireside chat with Daniel Maloney, CEO and Founder of Tailwind.

Danny discusses the lessons learned from working at Google and YouTube, the origins of building Tailwind in a coffee shop, and how he and his cofounder balance having an office in Oklahoma City and an office in New York. He also shares his experience as coming into Oklahoma City as an initial outsider, as well as how he sees the startup community in OKC.

Startup Grind OKC - photo by Dennis Spielman

Startup Grind Local features incredible talks with entrepreneurs from Startup Grind’s worldwide network. Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs.

I was commissioned to film the premiere chat of the Oklahoma City chapter of Startup Grind.

Brewers Union

Brewers Union

Providing a workspace for aspiring commercial brewers, Brewers Union helps to turn Oklahoma brewers into breweries by helping them scale up. While for the consumer, it’s one taproom to come and taste multiple breweries under one roof. In this interview, Brad Stumph, John Elkins of Elk Valley Brewing, and Ross Harper of Angry Scotsman discuss how the union has helped them grow and what visitors can expect.

Heide at Urban Art Alley

The Next Step for Colorful Escapes

I’m sad to report that we’ve failed our Kickstarter campaign for Colorful Escapes. With funding being all or nothing, we got nothing and so we won’t be filming any more episodes this summer. I’m turning this failure into a positive. We’re going to back to the drawing board as we may try again in the fall or next year. Heide and I talked a few days ago about how unlikely it was looking that we would get funding for this first season. We discussed some ideas why we weren’t doing so well and what could we do to improve things.

For staters, Heide and I are going to work together more on Uncovering Oklahoma as practice and to build our brands and identities.

I also feel like perhaps the pilot wasn’t exciting and/or good enough. I think this is something that with practice working together, we’ll get better. On the subject of excitement, next time we’ll have more excitement behind the project because people will know us better. I recently learned some great crowdfunding tips in general.

I want to thank those that did back the project: Amy Young, Rick, Downtown OKC, Yenni Vance, and Kris Adair. Thank you for your support! It means a great deal to me.

As for my plans now, I’m going to focus more of my energy on the studio project. Also, do some freelance work to get a few more pieces of equipment to make better videos.

TL;DR; Failed Kickstarter, plan to try again later with a better everything.

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