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Bringing luxury and comfort, Chalk in Oklahoma City’s Chisholm Creek elevates the typical sports bar experience by welcoming all sports with scratch made food. Chalk also features a state of the art video system with 100 screens, totaling 1,600 square feet of screen surface. You can’t throw a ball inside there without hitting a TV.

I was first invited to Chalk for a media preview event last month. Also invited were several of my media friends, so we got a booth together and hung out. I’m not a sports person, but Chalk is a fun place to hang out and the food is really good. My favorite was their lasagna rolls, which should give you an indication of how different they are. Chalk is more appetizer focused so guests can order a la carte.

Chalk is located at 1324 West Memorial Road in Oklahoma City. Learn more about Chalk at

I’ve already filmed next week’s featured video for Uncovering Oklahoma, which will highlight three different restaurants for their chili. I’m planning to do more themed videos this year, which will give me a chance to showcase more established places.

Season 3 of Yes! Science!

Significant changes are happening for the third season of Yes! Science! The format of the series is shifting from documentary to a live-studio audience talk show that will be hosted by Pallas the Librarian. (Pallas is a regular on Quarter Minutes.) The series will still focus on interviewing women in STEM fields, but will also include fun experiments and book recommendations.

Episodes will be produced monthly, with the new season kicking off on March 16th. The first episode will be at Walker Terrace in Oklahoma City’s Midtown District. Doors will open at 10 am for coffee and networking, with the show starting at 11 am and ending around noon. We’re doing it this way with the idea is that you’ll be able to see a show, have lunch afterward, and have your evening free for other events. Save the date as tickets will be available soon!

To accompany the new format, Yes! Science! has a new logo designed by Christie Owen. Thank you, Christie, for the fantastic logo!

If you want to help this show and others, join us on Patreon. An overview documentary is currently being edited for film festivals, but patron supporters can watch it early.

We’re also seeking sponsorships to help fund and grow the series. Connect here if you’re interested in sponsorship opertunites. 

Pallas and I both excited for the future of Yes! Science! We look forward to you joining us!

Ganache Patisserie

Ganache Patisserie

Started by husband and wife Laura Szyld and Matt Ruggi, Ganache Patisserie is a European style café and bakery where you can take apart the balance of flavors in your mouth. When you come to Ganache in Oklahoma City’s Chisholm Creek district, Matt encourages guests to enjoy every flavor and relax.

In this Uncovering Oklahoma story, I interviewed with Laura Szyld and Matt Ruggi about what visitors can expect from Ganache Patisserie, including what makes their place great for a date night. This video wraps up my mini-series that focuses on date ideas leading up to Valentine’s Day. Although, some may consider next week’s story date-worthy.

Ganache Patisserie is located at 13230 Pawnee Drive in Oklahoma City. For more information, visit them at

Lake Hefner on a Foggy Afternoon

Yesterday, I visited Lake Hefner and recorded this static 4K screensaver of the lake on a foggy afternoon. This video is over 30 minutes long with relaxing nature sounds of the lake and traffic from the highway behind the camera. I’ve also created an Oklahoma Screensaver playlist, so if you enjoy playing these types of videos in the background, you can find the ones I’ve made there.

Erika Lucas at Startup Grind OKC

Erika Lucas at Startup Grind OKC

Erika Lucas joins Alex Lobodiak for a Startup Grind OKC fireside chat about Erika’s experiences as Co-Founder of StitchCrew, Partner with OKC’s Thunder Launchpad, and shares her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Startup Grind Local features incredible talks with entrepreneurs from Startup Grind’s world wide network. Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs.

For details on the next Startup Grind meeting, click here.

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