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Tree and Leaf still

Tree and Leaf Clothing

Dusty Gilpin leads a tour of Tree and Leaf, a youthful lifestyle brand in Oklahoma City’s Plaza District. Dusty walks through his store sharing how Tree and Leaf started, what they do to support the community, the artists they host during Live on the Plaza, and what they care about.

The day before I filmed this video, I interviewed Dusty for my art documentary, which I’m going to admit I had to borrow a memory card from him in order to film it. Such an amateur mistake, I know. On the serendipitous side, I hadn’t featured Tree and Leaf on Uncovering Oklahoma yet and since I had to return his SD card to him, why not do a video about his business while I was there? It all worked out. I now have a spare memory card that stays in my bag.

Instead of the normal interview I do with businesses owners, Dusty and I decided to do a tour like MTV’s Cribs. I’m getting better at working with people on these tour videos. While I enjoy the authenticity people reveal from themselves in a first take, next time, two takes to see what happens.

I also made a shorter, square 1:1 version for social media.

This was the first time I made a square video. Or maybe this is the second time? Whatever. There’s a square version that’s less than a minute for people.

Iguana Mexican Grill - photo by Dennis Spielman

Iguana Mexican Grill

Oklahoma City’s urban core original and authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurant, Iguana Mexican Grill, features fresh, made from scratch foods every day. Marc Dunham, Laura Rene, and Ross Davis talk about the food of this Automobile Alley restaurant, along with their specialty cocktails, the new remodel, and more.

This video is awesome. Go watch it. Then get some food.

Plains Pioneers Tracing Timelapse still

Plains Pioneers Tracing Timelapse

Last night I filmed Amanda Zoey Weathers and Tessa Raven Bayne trace out their mural, Plains Pioneers, on the McKinley Park Community Center in this two-minute time-lapse from two-hours of work. Running the projector was Stephen Tyler. This was my first time-lapse video, which will be part of a larger documentary on Oklahoma City’s art scene.

The Spicy Mayan at Waving Wheat - photo by Dennis Spielman

The Coffee of Norman

Follow Uncovering Oklahoma on this caffeine crawl highlighting eight of Norman’s independent coffee shops. People from Second Wind, Cool Beans, The Screen Door, Michelangelo’s, Syrup, Gray Owl Coffee, Waving Wheat, and Crimson & Whipped Cream share their stories, their passion for coffee, and discuss the coffee scene in Norman, Oklahoma.

With eight places featured in a 20-minute video, I separated each place onto their own video for those wanting to know about a particular place. You can watch those videos here.

This project took me a little over a month to complete. I filmed the first interview back on January 26th. During the process, I had to reshoot one interview, visit places on different days, and schedule delays with owners. Plus, toward the end, I decided to add two more places that I was thinking of saving for another story instead.

Despite the setbacks from the size of this project, I’m thrilled with how well it turned out. I worked to make sure each coffee shop’s video felt unique because the places are different from one another. The OU Norman bells can be heard in one interview. Overall, the reception for this video was been positive.

Am I going to do a Coffee of Oklahoma City? Not any time soon. There’s like two to three times the amount of coffee shops. That might be too big.

I hope you enjoy it! Right now, I’m working on my new art documentary and the Food of Lindsey Street so stay tuned for those.

NoiseBleedsSound still


The alternative rock band out of Oklahoma City, NøiseBleedsSøund, strives to provides its audience an experience rather than just play some music. In my video for Uncovering Oklahoma, Parker, Michelle, Jack, Jeff, and Gabe interview each other in a fast-blast game of questions and then perform their song, Hollow Kisses.

This style of fast questions was a new thing I tried out and I’m happy with the results. I don’t do band videos often–I only did four last year–but this format worked out well and I have some notes for improvement. Also, the whole music session was an extra wide 4K shot where I edited the entire camera movement in post, with the final video as 1080p.

If you want to watch/listen to just their music session, play the above video. If you like them, check out their Offical Website, Buy NøiseBleedsSøund’s album on Amazon, Stream on Spotify, Like on Facebook, Follow on Twitter, and Follow on Instagram.

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