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Wastedland 2 still

Wastedland 2 and Lady Parts

I did a tour with Andrew H. Shirley as talked about his movie, “Wastedland 2,” and the corresponding art exhibit at Individual Artists of Oklahoma Gallery in Oklahoma City’s Film Row District. I loved the immersive film installation.

During the same night, I did an Artist Statement Minute with Nicole Emmons-Willis on “Lady Parts.” Lady Parts is an immersive site-specific installation that brings to light the overutilization of hysterectomy in the treatment of fibroids and explores the unknowns of female reproductive medicine. In this video, Nicoles shares her story behind creating the exhibit and its interactive message wall.

Both exhibits run from February 17 through March 4, 2017.

Un-Synced Recap Image

Season 1 Recap of Quarter Minutes

This video is a collection of all of the Quarter Minutes filmed in 2016. This Season 1 recap contains Hairy Situation, Death Jacket, Float Like A Bee, Friendly Vines, Dead Inside, Un-Synced, Internal Gossip, Fall Ritual, Last Days, and Afternoon Snack.

Curator Tour of Jeffrey Gibson’s Speak to Me

Curator Tour of Jeffrey Gibson’s Speak to Me

Jennifer Scanlan, the Curatorial and Exhibitions Director for Oklahoma Contemporary, takes Uncovering Oklahoma on an exclusive one-on-one tour of Jeffrey Gibson’s Speak to Me.

Speak to Me, Gibson’s first solo show in Oklahoma, features recent artworks that draw upon his Native American heritage (Choctaw and Cherokee) and intertribal aesthetics and traditions. He incorporates other wide-ranging influences including house music, modernist art, gospel, and ’80’s fashion to create objects with many stories to tell.

Gibson’s practice includes painting, sculpture, fiber, ceramics, video and performance, and Speak to Me features recent works that draw upon, among other things, his Native American heritage (Choctaw and Cherokee). Many of the pieces also incorporate texts with personal resonance for Gibson: Lyrics from pop, house music and rap and some of Gibson’s own words are beaded into the art.

In addition to the two dozen pieces in the exhibition, Jennifer shows off the Learning Gallery where visitors can interact with Speak to Me. It includes touch tiles, so that guests can explore how the materials Gibson uses in his works feel and sound, and a threading station for families to create their own art, as well as a pop-up library in collaboration with the Metropolitan Library System.

For this curator tour, I’ve upped my production values compared to my last tour video by having Jennifer on a wireless mic and the camera on my new handheld gimbal stabilizer.

Jeffrey Gibson’s Speak to Me is on display at the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center from February 9 to June 11, 2017.

Dennis on the Okie Show Show with Kelly and Brian

How To Doc Your Mentary (feat. Distict Up!)

Back in November, I was interviewed by Brian and Kelly of the Okie Show Show podcast. The series dives into the finer details of Oklahoma’s film and music industries and now the episode with me has been released! Their description of it:

“Weeeeeeee’re back! With a whole new year and a whole new episode. Kelly and Brian sit down with Dennis Spielman to talk his new documentary “District Up!”, the many glories of Oklahoma, and a blind person gets some interesting descriptions.”

Brain and Kelly are awesome hosts. As with their show’s format, we went in-depth about story structure, camera equipment, and making documentaries. We also played some improv games in which I secretly try to kill Brian. Go check it out!

To wrap this up, here’s one of Prairie Dog Pictures award-winning short films.

OKC Improv - photo by Dennis Spielman

OKC Improv

“There’s another thing to love about Oklahoma and that’s that we have a really vibrant, really creative, nationally traveling, impactful, and unforgettable improv scene.”

This week for my Uncovering Oklahoma video, I visited OKC Improv to learn about them, what is improv, how improv classes can help you, and how OKC Improv has built a new scene. Interviewed for this video was Cristela Carrizales, Buchanan Vrazel, Clint Vrazel‎, Kendon Lacy, Kyle Gossett, Cory J. Phillips, Jaclyn Cosgrove, and Tiffany Gutierrez.

Want to watch the full show of Bit Sing at OKC Improv? Click here, but fair warning, there is some mature content and language. Learn more, enroll in classes, and buy tickets at

Cristela commented on Facebook saying, “Top notch job Dennis Spielman. I think I teared up a bit….” It really is an impactful video, which is something I’m aiming to do more of for Uncovering Oklahoma this year.

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