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Important Meeting

Important Meeting - photo by Dennis Spielman
Important Meeting
An important meeting is being held to discuss the future, with the sharing of conflicting ideas, action plans, hopelessness, and the possibility of a brighter life.

Deeper Pretentious Artistic Meaning:
The Adventurer wants to go, go, go! There are places to explore! People to meet! Things to uncover! Adventure and a better life is out there! We just got to go! It will find us or we will find it! Let’s go!

The Writer wants to plan grand stories. There is a whole universe of characters, places, and stories that needs to be shared! The 16th Phoenix Universe is so beautiful!

The Professional wants to accomplish goals and achieve dreams. Synergy, networking, professionalism, and making things will (somehow) make us happy! There are question marks in his outline and seeks advice to be better. Kaizen – keep improving!

The Day-Jober wants the feeling of hopelessness and being trapped to vanish. However, he knows he is the only stable one making any income for the group. He’s exhausted. He feels defeated, but sits with the group in hopes of “Adventure” and “Telling Stories” and “Great Accomplishments.”

Behind the Photo:
This is my first Self-Shot Series I’ve done with my Panasonic GH4 camera and it’s been a couple years since I made one of these. One of the cool things I was able to do with my newer camera was I was able to use my iPhone to control it and get into place in a more natural pose without having to run from pressing the timer button. Out of the self-shot series thus far, this one is the more emotional photos for me as it does convey my internal struggles of creativity and success.

The Marriage of Dennis and Leslie Spielman

Wedding Photo by

On Saturday, October 3, 2015 Leslie and I were married!

Below is the wedding script, written in part by Jay Edwards and photography by Ashley Porton.

Entrance of the bride (guests sing “Wagner’s Bridal Chorus” as loudly and obnoxiously as possible)

Friends, family, acquaintances, public enemies, secret enemies, aspiring enemies and guests:
Love is patient. Love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not BS, it is not arrogant or a big jerk.
It does not smack up others, it is not snappy or hangry,
Love makes coffee, and goes out for gelato.
Love does not rejoice at flushing the toilet when Other Love is in the shower, but rejoices in the truth.
For if I have prophetic powers, and understand all the mysteries and knowledge of the universe, but I do not have love, I am nothing
If I give away all my possessions, but I do not have love, I gain nothing.
And if I watch The Never Ending Story, but I do not have love, I am The Nothing.
All you need is love
Da Da Dadada
All you need is love, love
Love is all you need

1 Corinthians 13: verses 1-8
New Revised Standard Version

Wedding photo by

Today, a tradition with a long and changing history, and an ever brighter and adventurous future before it, claims two more victims, Leslie and Dennis, who have decided to share together their home, their journey and mortgage.
If anyone here can show just cause why they may not be lawfully be wed, we have set up a microphone right behind me (gestures to pond). Just keep going, you’ll see it. If not, you may forever hold your piece.

Wedding Photo by

Leslie, do you take Dennis in marriage, to support him, to respect him, and encourage him in all manner of shenanigans? (If so, answer “Yeah, sure.”)

Dennis, do you take Leslie in marriage, to support her, to respect her, and encourage her in all manner of shenanigans? (If so, answer “Yeah, sure.”)

Photo by

Leslie and Dennis, having heard that it is your intention to be married to each other, I now know that you will not walk away and I can read long things:

From their beginning to their most recent page, the annals of human history reveal the transcendent importance of marriage. The lifelong union of a man and a woman always has promised nobility and dignity to all persons, without regard to their station in life. Marriage is sacred to those who live by their religions and offers unique fulfillment to those who find meaning in the secular realm. Its dynamic allows two people to find a life that could not be found alone, for a marriage becomes greater than just the two persons. Rising from the most basic human needs, marriage is essential to our most profound hopes and aspirations.
The centrality of marriage to the human condition makes it unsurprising that the institution has existed for millennia and across civilizations. Since the dawn of history, marriage has transformed strangers into relatives, binding families and societies together. Confucius taught that marriage lies at the foundation of government. This wisdom was echoed centuries later and half a world away by Cicero, who wrote, “The first bond of society is marriage; next, children; and then the family.” There are untold references to the beauty of marriage in religious and philosophical texts spanning time, cultures, and faiths, as well as in art and literature in all their forms.

Marriage responds to the universal fear that a lonely person might call out only to find no one there. It offers the hope of companionship and understanding and assurance that while both still live there will be someone to care for the other.

No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were.

Wedding Photo by
Wedding photo by

I understand there are rings available:
Dennis/Leslie, as you place this ring on Leslie’s/Dennis’ finger for the first time, repeat after me:
(Thank you for the beautiful ring.)
I Dennis/Leslie
Promise to you Leslie/Dennis
No matter what goes wrong
No matter what goes right
For better or for worse,
In sickness and in health
While awesome and while lame
I will love and cherish you
Just as I always have
Except legally now


By the power invested in me by the state of Oklahoma, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Wedding photo by

Library Bar and Grill – Norman, OK

The Burrito, Chips, Salad and a drink at The Library Bar and Grill in Norman
With the students back at OU, I’m going to write about the Library–not the one with the books, the one with the booze. The Library Bar and Grill (807 W Boyd St in Norman, OK) is a beloved destination for dinner and drinks on the patio.

Chicken Pizza at The Library Bar and Grill
I am a personal fan of their pizzas. Ranging around $10, the personal size pizzas are delicious and filling. The crust is hand-tossed, rubbed with olive oil, and sprinkled with a mixture of herbs and cornmeal. Pizza choices include Four Cheese, Pepperoni, Veggie Pie, BBQ Chicken, and more.

The Library Burrito Supreme
The Library’s signature dish on their menu is The Library Burrito Supreme ($9.95). It starts with chips and salsa and then comes this huge post roast burrito with beans, chili, cheese, and pico, all covered in even more melted cheese. It’s one of my good-to-favorites if our group is wanting a meal to go with our drinks.

A Salad at The Library Bar and Grill
If you are wanting something lighter for dinner, keep in mind that even their salad portions are generous. The Library Salad ($5.95), is a basic (but filling) large bowl of fresh greens, cheese, tomatoes, and mushrooms. For $3 more, chicken or turkey can be added.

Chips and Salsa at The Library Bar and Grill
The Library has a wide selection of house, bottled, and draft beers from around the world, including a $6 Made in Oklahoma Beer Flight of four local beers.

So while customers won’t find any books here (or even drinks named after authors), the Library Bar and Grill has an excellent selection of good food and drinks, and is a perfect place to catch up with your friends.

The Escape OKC

If being locked in a room with your friends for an hour while finding clues to solves puzzles and ultimately getting the code to escape sounds like fun, then I recommend visiting The Escape. In my latest Uncovering Oklahoma video, I interviewed Bridget Trowbridge, James Gibbons, and Shey Ramsey about the live action escape the room game in Oklahoma City. The Escape also has locations in Tulsa and Omaha, with the OKC location being the flag-ship store. This video has been approved to contain no spoilers!

For some history, real life escape rooms are based off computer games of the same theme, but brought into real life. It’s all hands on, but also there’s no cheat sheet as it’s all up to you and whoever you bring. Also just so I’m clear: you’re not going to get murdered in these rooms. There’s nothing that can injury or hurt anyone. No one other than your team will actually be in the room, unlike some other escape places.

This is was my first video shot in 4K with my Panasonic GH4! There was no difference in my workflow. Rendering on my MacBook Pro didn’t take long either. While filming, I did encounter an issue I’ve never faced before with the florescent lighting creating bars on my video. It drove me nuts because at the time I had no idea how to fix it, so I worked around it or with it. The best way to learn things is to do things.

Overall, I’m happy with this video. I especially loved the introduction for it. I don’t care to use my voice, but with that modulation it worked so well. This was actually a happy accident. I had recorded audio to act as a place holder and have Leslie do the lines, but I was playing about with the audio effects and ended up with what you hear. I did consider doing the whole project in the style of the intro, but decided against it for timing, annoyance, and how other Uncovering Oklahoma interviews flowed.

For the first time, Uncovering Oklahoma’s The Escape OKC video featured music by a local band, Larry Chin. (I usually used a royalty free track.) I had told Jennifer Maynord of Cellar Door Music Group I was planning to do a video on The Escape and asked for recommendation for a song to use with it. She sent me a pre-release version of a song Larry Chin were working on and got me in touch with the band. I look forward to our continued partnership and working with more local bands in the future!

2015-07-24 Crop Circles-01

“Crop Circles”

Leslie and I took a bike ride Friday morning and she noticed these “crop circles” near the OU campus.

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