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Vultures in Guthrie

Guthrie Ghosts

Author Jeff Provine shares a collection of ghost stories and urban legends about Guthrie, Oklahoma. Jeff talks about the Lintz Department Store, the Blue Belle Saloon, Miss Lizzie’s, the underground tunnels, the train station, and where to go for ghost tours.

I’ve been sitting on this video for awhile. We filmed this back on July 25th, during a time period where I was filming a segment every day to have a pile of weekly content while I worked on Inviting Art and Yes Science. My backlog for Uncovering Oklahoma is now empty.

While I’m here, Inviting Art has been submitted to OETA’s Greenlight Committee for consideration of air time. It’s also in the process of being uploaded to Amazon for people to watch there. The standard edition on YouTube has professional subtitles now.

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Inside the WOMB Gallery - photo by Dennis Spielman

Adventures at AMP Fest and the WOMB Gallery

I visited AMP (Art, Music, Power) Fest in Oklahoma City’s Automobile Alley where I spoke with Sarah Zubair and Odessa I Reign about the festival. Plus, I got a rare inside look of the WOMB Gallery. The last time I was inside there was at the previous AMP Fest.

Happy Adventures!

Inviting Art - Title

Inviting Art – Extended Cut Release

Presented by Downtown OKC Inc, Inviting Art is my feature-length documentary that discusses Oklahoma City’s art scene. The film explores the impact of the arts, showcases examples of art in the city, and shares insight from artists in a story to inspire and invite more art.

I am proud to release Inviting Art today! At this time, it’s available to watch for free on YouTube and will be released on other platforms over time. What I am releasing today is the extended cut of the film, which runs at 73 minutes. Last night after showing it at Oklahoma Contemporary, I decided I will make a standard cut of the film to run at 57 minutes for classrooms and submission to OETA.

The Inviting Art Screening
It was great to see the movie premiere on a big screen in a theatre of Oklahoma Contemporary, one of the places featured in the film. It was super cool that Jeremiah Matthew Davis, the Executive Director of Oklahoma Contemporary, introduced the film. Huge props to them for sponsoring the venue space last night!

I tried to pick a date with nothing much going on, but I found out there were several committee meetings, a preview show for 12×12 at OVAC, stuff at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, a concert at the Tower Theatre, and some other events. I had over a dozen people that were able to make it to the free screening last night. Just goes to show that one can’t find any schedule conflicts. Plus, I know most of my friends would rather see it at home, which I totally respect.

Cookies and Drinks

However, homebodies don’t get delicious cookies. 😎

Inviting Art contains over 30 interviews and so I want to thank everyone here involved in the documentary: Addison Ball, Lori Brooks, Evan Crowley, Bryon Chambers, Mayor Mick Cornett, Riley Cole, Jeremiah Matthew Davis, Jill DeLozier, Marc Dunham, Jack Fowler, Jonathan Fowler, Dusty Gilpin, Steven Grounds, J. Nicole Hatfield, Alexa Healey, Maurice Johnson, Kelsey Karper, Robbie Kienzle, Julia Kirt, Erin Oldfield, Leigh Martin, romy owens, Jason Pawley, Lindsey Pendleton, Laurence Reese, Staci Sanger, Jennifer Scanlan, Lissa Barr Shaw, Rick Sinnett, Laura Warriner, Amanda Zoey Weathers, and Becky Weintz.

There will also be a Midnight Toast tonight (Friday, August 25th) at Ludivine (805 N Hudson Ave, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102). If you want to stay up late with me, here’s the Facebook event page for more details. There, you can ask me what I’m working on next. 😉

Let’s keep growing the art scene!

Oklahoma Aquarium - Photo by Dennis Spielman

My Art and Music Filled Weekend

Over the weekend, I went to an art opening at IAO Gallery, a Firefly Rooftop Concert, WestFest, Norman Porch Fest, 108 Contemporary, and the Oklahoma Aquarium. I spoke with Kyle Larson about his exhibit, “Better Off Lost,” at the art opening. At the Firefly Rooftop Concert, I interviewed with Shelly Phelps about her music and her thoughts on the concert series. Then at WestFest, Rob Crissinger and I chatted about the music festival and Hideaway Pizza. Finally, I talk about our trip to Tulsa where my wife and I visited 108 Contemporary and the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks.

Sutton Wilderness - photo by Dennis Spielman

Vlog at Sutton Wilderness

Sometimes it’s easier to show my adventures through video. My vlogs are more of a personal take on Uncovering Oklahoma. When I travel out of state, my journies will fit nicely here. These videos will focus more on my own experience and perspective of my travels. Depending on what I’m doing, I may include an interview and some friends. In this vlog, I talk about hiking at Sutton Wilderness, my behind the scenes tour of Remington Park, and the Oklahoma Craft Beer Summit.

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