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District Up! accepted at deadCENTER Film Festival

I am ecstatic to announce my feature length documentary, District Up!, will make its World Premiere at the deadCENTER Film Festival! It will be showing in the festival’s new satellite venue at the Plaza District, which is only fitting for the film as it does feature the district. 🙂

Showtime is Friday, June 10 at 8:00pm at The District House 1755 NW 16th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73106.

Come see it!

Serendipitous of a Feather

Serendipitous of a Feather - photo by Dennis Spielman
This whole photo shoot session was completely serendipitous. I was at the Norman Music Festival when this woman was wanting to take a picture of this lady and her bird. My wife suggested they take the photo in the alleyway behind MAINSITE where there’s this mural featuring birds by Skip Hill. I had my Panasonic camera with me as I was taking pictures and video of the music festival for Uncovering Oklahoma, and so I tagged along, to show them where the mural was located and to take a few pictures myself.

Serendipitous of a Feather - photo by Dennis Spielman

Serendipitous of a Feather - photo by Dennis Spielman

These photographs are not for sale. This was only a fun, serendipitous moment I wanted to share.

Sugar Free Allstars and Woody Guthrie Center

The kiddie-rock duo, the Sugar Free Allstars, answer questions for Uncovering Oklahoma. Found out what happens when you give them too much sugar, their thoughts on the Norman Music Festival, how mad Fowler VW is at them for using the confetti cannon in their repair bay for their latest music video, and more.

On the subject of music, I travel to Tulsa to interview Deana McCloud, Executive Director of the Woody Guthrie Center. Perhaps this video will kill some fascists.

Be sure to watch the whole video. 😉

I’m a bit worried about topping this great video. I made a guest appearance in the video, which was a last minute change as the PR person for the Sugar Free Allstars was supposed to be the one to get interrogated. For next week’s video, I’m working on arranging an interview with Julia Kirt about Oklahomans for the Arts and have a travel segment about a cool store and museum in Tulsa.

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Dogs Looking Out Window

Some cuteness for your Monday.

Here are our two dogs, Tia and Sasha, looking out the window on a Monday morning.

Buy the pictures here.

Norman Music Festival 9 and Downtown Norman Food

What a better way to celebrate Uncovering Oklahoma’s seventh year anniversary today than with a video about the ninth annual Norman Music Festival, which will take place in Downtown Norman on April 21, 22, and 23 in 2016. To simply put it, the Norman Music Festival is a massive three-day festival with nearly every genre of music represented. To get to best the feel and advice for the event, along with the restaurants in the Downtown Norman area, watch my film above.

As you can see with this video, I have done away the “weekly talk and travel show” format that I had experimented with back last winter. To be honest, I had shot a version of this video in the talk show format, however, I simply didn’t like how it turned out, how it looked visually, and mostly me as a host. But as you can see, I came up with a Plan B! I loved as to how well this turned out.

Going forward, there will be weekly videos similar to this style featuring creative people, places, and events throughout Oklahoma.

To learn more about some of the bands performing at the festival, click here for my Q&A interview series of performers, past and present, over on Uncovering Oklahoma. I’ve been rather busy with band interviews!

Stay turned! There are so many wonderful things to see.

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