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Pryor’s Pizza Kitchen

I visited Pryor’s Pizza Kitchen in Downtown Norman on Tuesday where they bring a unique pizza experience to the metro with their coal-fired oven and specialty pizzas with their own taste profile. Fred Auletta and Tina Adkins discuss in this Uncovering Oklahoma video how their coal-fired oven works, what makes their pizza different, their vegan options, how they’re great for a date night, and what else guests can expect.

Visit Pryor’s Pizza Kitchen at 123 West Main Street in Downtown Norman or their website at

Prelude Coffee Roasters

Prelude Coffee Roasters believes coffee is a starting point. Owners Pryce Fischer and Sam Wilson share how they desire for the coffee to be a tool used for creating experiences, evoking memories, and inspiring your new beginning.

I still have plans to release another video on Thursday. There has been an influx of new businesses and I want to try my best to keep up with what’s happening. This was also one of the reasons I renamed my Tuesday Treat series to Creator Conversations and moved that to Wednesday so my videos could be better spaced apart.

Visit Prelude Coffee Roasters for yourself at 3 NE 8th Street in Oklahoma City’s Automobile Alley District inside the 8th Street Market or online at

Dead People’s Stuff

Get lost through the reclaimed and restored finds at Dead People’s Stuff “Architectural Antiques + Design” in Oklahoma City. Curran and Marymar Fudge give a tour of their antique store.

For my patron supporters, I have an uncut version of the tour available here. I cut out several parts for pacing and to keep the video more timeless. They are finishing up their remodel.

Visit Dead People’s Stuff for yourself at 1900 Linwood Blvd in Oklahoma City’s Ironworks District or online at

Lee Fithian

Pallas the Librarian interviewed architect, Lee Fithian, on this episode of Yes! Science! Lee and Pallas also make soap powered boats and discuss the book, “The New Mathematics of Architecture” by Jane Burry and Mark Burry.

Lee Fithian is an Architect and Associate Professor at The University of Oklahoma. Lee’s research and teaching efforts focus on the application of biological and ecological models to architectural design. She is finishing her dissertation in Engineering which has led to a patented building facade system that removes air pollutants from urban streets. Lee builds connections through interdisciplinary research to enable buildings to conserve and regenerate air, water, and energy in urban and suburban environments. Each of the courses she teaches carries a strong focus on the technical development and integration of analytical visualizations in order to develop not only sustainable but beautiful buildings.

Lee has over 17 years of commercial and governmental architecture practice experience, including serving as former Director of Sustainable Design at the Benham Companies (now Leidos). Within the State of Oklahoma, she helped found the Oklahoma Sustainability Network and the State Chapter of the US Green Building Council. Lee currently serves on the Committee on the Environment for the American Institute of Architects.

I want to thank our donut sponsor, #SaturdayMorningHustle, and our venue sponsor, Project 3810.

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I Ate Oklahoma Promo Spot

I’m thrilled to share this video ad I made for I Ate Oklahoma. This promo spot turned out amazing. We spent a morning recording the video and I used some photos he sent me along with my b-roll archives from Uncovering Oklahoma to tell his story.

“Video wiz @UncoveringOklahoma created this amazing commercial for and I couldn’t be more thrilled. If you’re looking for someone who can make a commercial, video press release, short movie, pretty much anything involving a camera, HIRE DENNIS SPIELMAN. He’s also literally one of the best people you’ll ever meet.”

Greg Elwell

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