Happy New Year, everyone! I find setting goals to be great. I have some big works to debut this year as part of my resolutions. I don’t want to spoil the surprises of each reveal as they come, so I’m going to be vague in that there will be two books and two shows. Possibility more! I’m glad 2011 is over. I’m so charged up and I will make 2012 the most amazing year of my life yet! I have so many great ideas and friends that will make this year awesome.

The first of new projects that will debut is Dennis Spielman’s [Wild] Improv Challenge, which I’ll release the first video this month. The Wild Improv Challenge gives improvisers a wild, random, and improvised challenge from me. I’ve gotten some great feedback on the series and I look forward to releasing it later, so please keep visiting my site for this so much more.