I’m excited to announce that my Uncovering Oklahoma’s Date Guide book is now available to download for free on the iBookstore for iPad.

Why so long? Well, I first created a paid books account, which took a week to get approved. When that was finally set up, I found out that even though the book was free, I still needed an ISBN code unless I had a free books account. I created a free account, published it and a few days later here it is. So, yeah, I have two iTunes Connect accounts, which will be useful because I will have both free and paid books.

For the next edition, I plan to include ideas in Edmond and Stillwater along with more outdoor activities. I’m looking at either an April or May release. I haven’t done anything for the second edition yet.

On a somewhat related note, we had Chinese for lunch at work today. My fortune cookie read: “Book lovers never go to bed alone.”