Edition 1.1 of Uncovering Oklahoma’s Date Guide book has been released. What started out as a simple update to replace the quote for Nonna’s to be timeless (the original the quote talked about Valentine’s Day), ended up spiraling into something a little bigger. First, I figured I could update the upcoming theatre show performances. Then why now add another location? I already had a picture for Lyric Theatre, so I got in touch with them for a quote. (I want to update my picture for them though next time I’m there.) I also made some minor fixes and changes. The book is now in a higher resolution (great for the new iPad 3) and the PDF file is cleaner.

The PDF version is now available and the iBookstore should update with the new version soon.

On the subject of Uncovering Oklahoma, the site has been buzzing lately thanks in park to my St. Patrick’s Day 2012 Events article.