I’m starting a weekly post of my favorite things I’ve found during the week. Let’s see how this goes.

Doctor Who Jokes

Saved by the Doctor
Are you a weeping angel?

50 Shades of Domestic Grey

I love SMBC Theater’s shorts.


Paramore’s new song, Now, has been stuck in my head. Their music video was released this week and it’s awesome. And the ending, chokes me up a bit.

Harlem Shake v.6669

I may be a bit late, but I actually learned about the Harlem Shake meme this week. I’ve heard of it, but I just never paid any attention to it and knew exactly what elements are in the Harlem Shake. They seem like a fun video to make. IGN’s was cleverly nerdy. The video above is a Not-Safe-For-Work harlem shake made by a guy I know locally for a business. There’s just so much going on.