Last month I went to Atlanta, Georgia to visit family again for my Mom’s Celebrate Life ceremony. I didn’t get to be a tourist too much this trip, but I have a few places I visited I want to share with everyone.

One of the most interesting places I got to visit was Five Little Points. The district has become famous for the alternative culture it brings to Atlanta. It’s a bohemian community known for independent theatre, tattoo shops, and alternative clothing stores. It’s simply artistic and worth visiting if you’re into that scene.

I love how over the past few years, Food Trucks have become “cool.” In Oklahoma City, we have a few monthly events that feature groups of Food Trucks such as H&8th Night Market and Live on the Plaza, but there isn’t a everyday place food trucks gather together. The Atlanta Food Truck Park such a place with an ever changing collection of Food Trucks in the area. There was something for everyone even those eating heathy or vegan. It’s best to check their Facebook page to see if they will be open or not that day and what food trucks will be there.

Lastly, in Duluth, there was an adventurous mini-golf course, Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf. I loved how the whole course had such depth and life to it. My sister and I had fun here.

That’s all I have to share from my Atlanta trip.