Celebrity Sing
Friday was United Way of Norman’s big Celebrity Sign fundraiser event, which my wife had been working hard on. Celebrity Sign is United Way’s can’t miss event at Riverwind Casino, and features a show produced by Sooner Theatre and stars incredibly talented professional and amateur performers. In addition to some the entertainment, attendees enjoy a delicious dinner and bid on unique auction items. I recommend going to it.

Throughout the week, I’ve been doing whatever I could to help make her life less stressful, including helping out a bit on the night of the event.

Autombile Alley
With Celebrity Sing over, Leslie and I went visited Automobile Alley, and we had breakfast at Hatch. It’s fun breakfast joint. We both loved their take on hashbrowns.

After breakfast, we walked around the area visiting shops, getting ideas for gifts.

Talimena Scenic Drive
Leslie and I took our yearly road trip to the Talimena National Scenic Byway on Sunday to see the fall foliage. This year, we took a nice hike on one of the trails. We crossed into Arkansas and saw the Queen Wilhelmina Inn. We would love to stay in the area and make a weekend exploring and hiking the byway area.

The above are some of my favorite photos from the trip, which you can buy over at 500px.