I’m sad to report that we’ve failed our Kickstarter campaign for Colorful Escapes. With funding being all or nothing, we got nothing and so we won’t be filming any more episodes this summer. I’m turning this failure into a positive. We’re going to back to the drawing board as we may try again in the fall or next year. Heide and I talked a few days ago about how unlikely it was looking that we would get funding for this first season. We discussed some ideas why we weren’t doing so well and what could we do to improve things.

For staters, Heide and I are going to work together more on Uncovering Oklahoma as practice and to build our brands and identities.

I also feel like perhaps the pilot wasn’t exciting and/or good enough. I think this is something that with practice working together, we’ll get better. On the subject of excitement, next time we’ll have more excitement behind the project because people will know us better. I recently learned some great crowdfunding tips in general.

I want to thank those that did back the project: Amy Young, Rick, Downtown OKC, Yenni Vance, and Kris Adair. Thank you for your support! It means a great deal to me.

As for my plans now, I’m going to focus more of my energy on the studio project. Also, do some freelance work to get a few more pieces of equipment to make better videos.

TL;DR; Failed Kickstarter, plan to try again later with a better everything.