A Holiday vacation is ruined is the Season 4 of Quarter Minutes!

This short film featured the talents of Lessa Keller-Kenton, Leslie Spielman, and Dennis Spielman.

I went all out this production with multiple cutaways, foley work, and for the first time 4K HDR 5.1 surround sound. (There’s also English captions available.) I had the basic idea of using red lights to lure a person and my wife came up with how to end. Lessa was awesome too. They both contributed elements to make this great. Collaboration makes the dream work!

I created a new title card and end credits design that I’ll be using for the rest of the season. I’m happy that I figured out how I could rotate the minute hand for the logo because that’s something I’ve been waiting to do. Not sure when I’ll get together a group and make another one, but I have some ideas for stories.

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Lessa reads a mysterious note that says, "I'm Coming."