The journey for the third season of ghost stories, urban legends, and local history began on a dark, January night. Sam Saxton and Professor Geoff DeRoot traveled to Purcell to visit the McClain County Historical & Genealogical Society & Museum for stories about the country and a chance to see the ghost of Mr. McClain. 

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Tales Unveiled is a production of The Show Starts Now Studios and is produced by me, Dennis Spielman. The voice of Sam Saxton is Dennis Spielman. The voice of Professor Geoff DeRoot is Jeff Provine.

We would like to thank Pam Hobbs for sharing stories with us.

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Behind the Scenes Commentary

As discussed in the episode, we recorded the interview with Pam Hobbs in January. We originally planned to interview her as part of season two, but our schedules didn’t align due to the busy holiday season. The opening, outro, and narrations were recorded later in the year once Jeff and I figured out our direction for the season.

The narration about the professor staring at the painting was something Jeff suggested during our edits. As you’ll hear on other episodes, I took that concept and applied it to others. I think overall, there’s more commentary from Sam this season.

At the time this episode premiered, Jeff and I managed to record six episodes. Our goal is to end the season with 10. Originally, we thought we would do more, but COVID has shortened our plans.

I hope you enjoy this first episode and stick around for more. Next Up: Bartlesville! We got a bunch of great stories from that trip.