Hello, everyone! Today I’m sharing my video on how we transformed my wife’s truck into a pirate ship for less than $100 as a fun socially distant way to hand out candy for Halloween. 

Now, keep in mind our goal was to keep it simple and under $100. So, here’s what we bought. 

For $20 each, we got these vinyl plastic scene setters that are intended to be hung against a wall to create an old western environment, but we used them to wrap around the truck to make a pirate ship instead.

The star of the show was our candy cannon, which we bought a gray PVC pipe at Lowe’s for about $15. I was inspired by the candy tubes people were making in response to COVID and we thought a pirate’s cannon would be a fun way to slide candy to trick-or-treaters.

Of course, you can’t have a pirate ship without a pirate flag. I got this one at Amazon for $8 and this pack of 12 mini-flags to decorate the yard for $7.

We got a hundred-foot plastic table runner for $10 that we laid out in front of the truck to be our water. 

The rest of the stuff we used, we already had like some projector lights that we shined on the truck, the water, and the sidewalk. 

Everyone loved the idea of the candy cannon. We had some trouble shoving too much candy through it at once and getting pieces struck. Maybe next year we’ll get a wider pipe or have it up higher so the candy can slide down faster.

One problem we had was the wind fighting us we wrapped the wood around the truck. I ended up getting help to put that on. 

Due to the pandemic and recent ice storm, we only had about two to three dozen visitors, but we had fun and everyone loved the pirate ship and especially the cannon.

We got some ideas to improve upon the theme for next year. I hope the video inspires you. Until next time, happy adventures!