If I had to describe my 2023 as a theme, I would say, “Building a Foundation for The Show Starts Now.” I’ve had brand consultations to get The Show Starts Now in order. While I launched the online video library in 2022, I took the service down shortly after release when I realized no one was subscribing, so I revamped the platform. I spent the year’s first half just getting the platform to a more prestable state, adding tons of content from my archives. Today, I’m proud of the state of The Show Starts Now, and my plans for 2024 are to build up the streaming service. I have some lofty ambitions, but for today, I will recap 2023.

Uncovering Oklahoma in 2023

Here are the Top 10 most-watched videos on the Uncovering Oklahoma YouTube during 2023.

  1. A Day in Bartlesville
  2. Great Salt Plains State Park
  3. Guthrie Ghosts
  4. Wicked Forest of Terror
  5. Oklahoma State Fair Food 2023
  6. Magnetic Hill in Springer
  7. Black Owned BBQ Restaurants Vol. 1
  8. Winchester Drive-In Theatre
  9. Gathering Place
  10. The Kobold Lounge

Top Songs of 2023

According to Spotify, which is how I mostly listen to music, this was my soundtrack for the year. Remember, I often repeat a song (or playlist) when writing or for inspiration sessions. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite song!

Plans for 2024

I’m keeping my plans for the new year close to my chest. I will reveal that Uncovering Oklahoma will get a soft reboot with a new logo, branding, and direction. I’ll discuss the changes in another update, but April 2024 will mark my 15th anniversary!

I am looking at starting a new show in the spring, and new seasons of past shows.