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Crazy, Wild Improv Challenge – Juicy!

The Time Traveling Troupe, Raychel Winstead, Kyle Brower, and Jessi Kyle, star in this wild improv challenge where they’re in an alien invasion movie, however, the movie keeps changing genres.

Dennis’ Commentary: We filmed this challenge after we did the pitch video for the Time Traveling Troupe. As were were filming this challenge, a cop showed up to close the gates for the park where we were. Thankfully, I heard him and rapped up the video and the cop was super, super cool and didn’t interrupt us and let us finish. Yay for cool cops!

The Adjective Improv Challenge #8

Cory Phillips, Raychel Winstead, and Stephen Dillard-Carroll pick out characters for their roles as “contract killers” to kill a character that you hired them to kill.

Dennis’ Commentary: I really enjoyed the point-of-view perspective for this video. Basically, the camera is the person the improvisers are talking to about the character they’ve been hired to kill. I may have to do this theme again.

Extra-Ordinary, Extra-Extravagant, Extra-Awesome, Extra-Sensual Improv Challenge #7

What is love? Clint Vrazel, Cory Phillips, Tim Huckeby, and Kellen Hodgeson explain what their love is like to a pair of lovely ladies sitting outside by a fireplace.

Dennis’ Commentary: No one was burned during the making of this video. Fire pretty.

Insanely Awesome Improv Challenge #5

Finding the perfect gift to get for a friend can be creepy especially when one’s looking for something from strange characters in an alley way. The improv students of Casady High’s improv troupe, Heck Yeah!, take on the insanely awesome challenge where for two minutes they run through some crazy characters selling crazy items. Watch what they try to sell and how the night goes deathly wrong.

Dennis’ Commentary: This video was filmed in between shows at OKC Improv. It started to rain when shooting this challenge, so Buck and Clint, thinking the troupe was practicing, interrupted the video at the end right as the timer was going out. Despite that, it worked out and the troupe managed to wrap it up nicely.

Extreme Improv Challenge #4

Ann-Lisette Caveny takes the extreme improv challenge where she has to guess as many spooky characters as she can in five minutes. The challenge becomes an endurance for everyone to keep the monsters coming as the clock drains down. Watch the hilarious video to see just how many and what monsters Ann-Lisette guesses while waiting for her ride in a dark alley under a full moon.

Dennis’ Commentary: Ann-Lisette was supposed to say “wild” improv challenge like in the first three videos, but instead she said “extreme.” Instead of correcting it, I ran with it and from this video forward, I had improvisers make up the description describing the challenge. That’s how the show’s name changed from wild to [wild]. Adding the counter and timer to the video took hours, but was totally worth it. I also didn’t expect this challenge to become a fast blast of monster guessing game. Instead, I thought it would’ve been slower with the characters being fleshed out more. Overall, I love how this challenge turned out and I hope you enjoyed it too.

P.S. This challenge was honestly filmed during a full moon night.

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