Ann-Lisette Caveny takes the extreme improv challenge where she has to guess as many spooky characters as she can in five minutes. The challenge becomes an endurance for everyone to keep the monsters coming as the clock drains down. Watch the hilarious video to see just how many and what monsters Ann-Lisette guesses while waiting for her ride in a dark alley under a full moon.

Dennis’ Commentary: Ann-Lisette was supposed to say “wild” improv challenge like in the first three videos, but instead she said “extreme.” Instead of correcting it, I ran with it and from this video forward, I had improvisers make up the description describing the challenge. That’s how the show’s name changed from wild to [wild]. Adding the counter and timer to the video took hours, but was totally worth it. I also didn’t expect this challenge to become a fast blast of monster guessing game. Instead, I thought it would’ve been slower with the characters being fleshed out more. Overall, I love how this challenge turned out and I hope you enjoyed it too.

P.S. This challenge was honestly filmed during a full moon night.