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Eat enthusiastically is the motto behind the Moore restaurant, Nosh. Offering a wide array of menu items, including daily specials like their entry mac-and-cheese, Nosh has something for everyone, including men, with their steaks and burgers.

In this Uncovering Oklahoma story, I interviewed the owner of Nosh, Kim Torres, and executive chef, Ben Gardner. This is the second video in my mini-series of date night places. Later today, I’m traveling to Oklahoma City to profile a European style café with all sorts of tasty treats.

Nosh is located at 200 SE 19th Street in Moore, Oklahoma. For more information, including menu and hours, visit

EightyThree - photo by Dennis Spielman


Reviving the golden era of arcade games, EightyThree in Moore is a museum-style nostalgic-trip arcade. With games like Tron, Frogger, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Sinistar, and more, EightyThree operates on a flat admission fee for unlimited play of the arcade games, with only the pinball machines being coin-operated. In this Uncovering Oklahoma interview, Dean Wenzel shares the story of why he started the business and what visitors can expect.

EightyThree is a fun place. While I didn’t highlight in the video, along the walls are some of Dean’s arcade history memorabilia that’s he’s collected throughout his years. One of his dreams he told me off camera is to eventually expand with a video game themed restaurant.

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