Apollo Woods from the Bigger Than Food Foundation guest hosts this food filled episode! We visit Sweet Sips & Sticks in Norman, City Jerk Grill in Oklahoma City, and The Crimson Melt in Moore.

Located in the heart of Norman, Oklahoma, Sweet Sips & Sticks offers a one-of-a-kind ice cream experience. In our episode with Tabitha, the founder of this innovative ice cream parlor, we get an inside look at the inspiration and passion that drives the business. Tabitha, a self-proclaimed sweet tooth, opened her ice cream shop after countless dessert-filled adventures with her daughter during soccer trips. She wanted to create and offer something unique, and thus established Sweet Sips & Sticks – a place where customers can indulge in various creative and customizable ice cream treats. With a focus on creativity, uniqueness, and providing an unforgettable experience, Tabitha has created a haven for dessert enthusiasts in Norman, Oklahoma. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, Sweet Sips & Sticks welcomes you with open arms and sweet treats, ready to make your ice cream dreams come true.

Known affectionately as Mrs. Tee, the culinary genius behind City Jerk Grill hails from diverse cultural backgrounds, blending Jamaican, Alabamian, and Creole influences. Born and raised in Chicago, Mrs. Tee draws inspiration from her family’s roots. She creates a melting pot of flavors that sets City Jerk Grill apart from others. Apart from serving delectable dishes, Mrs. Tee emphasizes the importance of infusing love into her cooking. She is inspired by the nurturing spirit of her grandmothers and believes that every meal is a testament to the warmth and care that defines family and cultural connections.

Located in Moore, The Crimson Melt is a restaurant owned by Ashontay Owens, a retired Air Force fire chief. It is more than just a place for grilled cheese sandwiches. The Wall of Heroes inside the restaurant pays tribute to first responders, creating a unique culinary experience. The restaurant offers a limitless variety of grilled cheese sandwiches that patrons can customize to their liking. The menu also features signature sandwiches like the Shift Fridge and KJ Pyledriver, which showcase creative topping combinations. The culinary journey doesn’t end there, as the restaurant also offers signature shakes such as the Probie, which is a s’mores-inspired delight.

Apart from its menu, Mr. Owens emphasizes community support by raising awareness for mental health in first responders. The Crimson Melt encourages intentional spending, turning every meal into a charitable contribution. When you visit The Crimson Melt, you can enjoy a delicious blend of flavors while also supporting a good cause, fellowshipping, and promoting community care.

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