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Norman Music Festival with Tune-Yards - photo by Dennis Spielman

Norman Music Festival 11 Interviews

While Norman Music Festival is over, the music doesn’t have to stop. In this week’s video, I’ve edited together a montage video of eight musicians interviewing other musicians at the festival on Saturday. Featuring Jarvix, Elecktra, Don Data, Sephra, Local Man Ruins Everything, Special Thumbs, GWIZ, and Limp Wizurdz.

I came up with the video idea on Saturday morning, so this was all done on the spot. This video was edited down from 30 minutes of raw interviews to a 10-minute highlight version. The completed collection is available here on Patreon. Since this concept worked out rather well, next year I’ll schedule interviews in advance and work to represent more genres.

Norman Music Festival 9 - photo by Dennis Spielman

10 Years of the Norman Music Festival [Part 1]

Leading up to the Tenth Annual Norman Music Festival, this documentary special contains dozens of interviews with local business owners, musicians, and festival organizers. In this video, learn about the festival, advice for a great time, musician’s experiences, and why you should come!

Stay tuned as this documentary isn’t done! There will be a second part with interviews from bands at NMFX, what goes into planning the festival, and the future. I plan to release a complete version, which will more interviews and footage worked into part one.

Want to learn about some of the musicians at the festival? Browser my question and answer sessions with the performers. For recommendations, visit my friends at Cellar Door Music Group to read about their festival picks.

If you loved this documentary, become a patron. This was a passion project with no sponsor, so consider becoming a supporter.

If you’re going to the Norman Music Festival, I hope you have a great time at the festival!

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