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The International Beer Day Episode

The International Beer Day Episode

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Bri from Oklahoma’s Credit Union takes us to visit local breweries for International Beer Day as we feature Skydance Brewing Co., Frenzy Brewing Company, Vanessa House Beer Company, and Legally Brewed.

Skydance Brewing Company

Photo of Bri holding a can of beer while standing with the owner of Skydance Brewing.

Skydance Brewing Company in Oklahoma City is unique and culturally significant as the only Native American-owned craft brewery in the city. The taproom features artwork from Native American artists, while the brewery is well known for IPAs, which they claim are the best in Oklahoma. In addition to the core lineup, Skydance Brewing Company releases a new beer and can design every Friday, drawing in crowds eager to try their latest creations.

Frenzy Brewing Company

Photo of Phi holding up a can of beer with Matt Conner from Frenzy Brewing Company.

As the first brewery in Edmond city limits, Frenzy Brewing Company sets itself apart by creating a diverse mix of beer that stays up with the trends while also remaining approachable for their customers. Their flagship beer, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah ‘Cause I’m A Blonde, is a homebrew recipe that won numerous gold medals in competitions. Bri also tasted their German-style pilsner, a refreshing lime light lager called #Lakelife, a peach wheat American wheat called Quitcherpeachin, and a unique milkshake IPA with peach, vanilla, and lactose. Frenzy’s beer is perfect for any occasion, from casual drinking to poolside sipping.

Vanessa House Beer Company

Photo of Bri holding up cans of beer from Vanessa House Beer Company with co-owner, Andrew Carrales.

With a focus on nostalgic, pop culture-inspired beers, Vanessa House offers something for everyone. Unlike other breweries, they don’t specialize in one thing – they brew whatever sounds exciting to them at the time. And with beers like the classic 401K cream ale, the year-round favorite Awkward Encounters dark lager, the popular Tracer Hazy IPA, and the exclusive, unfermented fruit sour Passion Pits, you’ll surely find something you love. Plus, Vanessa House has a tap room where you can come and experience their beer for yourself.

Legally Brewed

Photo of Bri helping hold of a flight of beers with Tracy Mowdy from Legally Brewed.

Known for their candy sours and unique infused creations, Legally Brewed in Norman also boasts an event venue. But it’s the beers that steal the show, from the Disco Lemonade to the American Pie sour that tastes just like its namesake. And for those who like a little kick, the Nolo chili lime ale won’t disappoint. Take advantage of the Instagram-worthy Starry Night seltzer infused with butterfly pea flowers and edible glitter. Head to Legally Brewed for a unique and flavorful experience.

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The Ice Creamatory in Norman

Dive into the thrilling world of horror-themed ice cream with James Mikowski, the owner of The Ice Crematory in Norman, Oklahoma. In this interview, James shares how he and his wife, both avid horror movie enthusiasts, came up with the chilling idea of blending their love for horror and ice cream. The shop’s decor features spooky elements from their former home in Long Island, New York. The Ice Crematory is known for its creatively named and delectable ice cream flavors, such as the crowd-favorite “Boogeyman,” which features Cookie Crisp cereal, Nilla wafers, OREOs, cookie dough, and marshmallow drizzle. Another popular flavor is the “Wednesday Addams,” with its dark cherries, dark chocolate, chocolate sprinkles, and raspberry drizzle.

A photo of the inside of The The Ice Creamatory in Norman.

At The Ice Crematory, customers can choose from chocolate and vanilla ice cream bases, and mix in a plethora of treats, including homemade cheesecake and candy bars. They also offer non-dairy and lactose-free options, accommodating various dietary needs. For those looking for something special, they can reach out to The Ice Crematory on Facebook to place custom orders.

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Yes! I Can Roger!

Inspired by Dire Straits’s Skateaway music video and Roger Miller’s You Can’t Roller Skate With a Buffalo Herd, Gregg Standridge’s art exhibition at MAINSITE Contemporary Art says you can skate with a buffalo herd.

I’ll release a more comprehensive interview on Archiving Contemporary Art in the future. Enjoy this summary profile before seeing this in person before Friday, June 9, 2023

Watch The Walker Arts District Branching Narrative Extravaganza!

Now available to all! You can watch my interactive short film, The Walker Arts District Branching Narrative Extravaganza, over at The Show Starts Now YouTube channel. Follow Jordan and Avery on their date throughout Downtown Norman as two time-travelers spark mayhem in their choices in this whimsical comedy film. You can pick what happens next at the end of each scene from the comfort of your home (or work, I won’t tell). When you’re done watching the movie, come to Norman to see the locations for yourself.

Lessons Learned

I want to start this post by saying I had fun making this interactive short film where people could experience the story by visiting the actual places of the scenes. I would also be lying if I didn’t share my moments of depression and frustration. In the three weeks of being available for people to play, less than a dozen did. With all of the work put into this project, I hope you can understand my sadness.

There is a classic entrepreneurial piece of advice to “fail fast.” With the low participation and during my status check of the posters, seeing more than half of them taken down, I pivoted to bring the experience online. Granted, this was a phase I planned on doing–just not so soon.

Despite getting knocked down, I’m getting back up to try again. The Norman Narrative was an experiment, and data was collected. I’m taking what I learned to create something new and better. Instead of pitching the project as an interactive short film, this one will be a game. The game will be limited, creating a sense of urgency to play. I’ll time the release so the game gets special attention. Business owners of featured locations will be involved on a deeper level instead of just having their place featured in a scene. There will be more interactive elements, like puzzles to solve, elements to find, and people to question.

Tomorrow, I’m going to Guthrie to meet with people interested in creating a unique experience for the downtown. The concept for this game will put players in the role of a detective as they solve a heist and series of murders.

I’m also spreading the word the Norman Narrative is now online, and I hope that with the film being online, the experience of the story will be better for people. The feature film version, which ties all of the branching points into a single narrative structure, will be available with the launch of The Show Starts Now. I’ve set Tuesday, May 16th, as the official launch for the streaming platform!

Stay tuned and happy adventures!

Apple Tree Chocolate

Uncover the sweet world of Apple Tree Chocolate in this interview with owner Scotty Jackson. Born from a desire to fill a gap in the market for quality desserts and chocolates, Apple Tree Chocolate has grown into a beloved local business on Main Street. Crafting their products in-house, they offer various treats guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. Indulge in their popular turtle caramel apples, made with a perfected recipe that represents 15% of Granny Smith apples sold in Oklahoma, or savor their mouthwatering fudge made in small batches. Apple Tree Chocolate is more than just a candy store – it’s a unique experience that invites you to taste test and interact with their knowledgeable staff. Join them all year long for a fun, sweet experience you won’t forget.

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