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2×14 Creepy Conversations

In the season finale of Tales Unveiled, Sam and Geoff interview Dani and Whitney from the podcast Creepy Caffeine. Whitney and Dani share their paranormal experiences about Shawnee and the USS Batfish. Later, Sam and Geoff meet an individual calming to be George Grayson who requires an item in the professor’s possession.

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I’m proud to have brought your season two of Tales Unveiled, along with my co-host, Jeff Provine as the voice of Professor Geoff DeRoot. Thanks to Whitney and Dani from Creepy Caffeine for sharing stories with us in this episode. The voice of George Grayson was David Moxley.

Behind the Scenes Commentary

We started the second season on Friday the 13th and we’ve ended it on Friday the 13th with 14 total episodes. That alone was fun to pull off. This whole season has been exciting traveling all over Oklahoma for ghost stories. We’ve been featured in publications and podcast collections this year, averaging over 1,000 downloads per episode. 

Mirroring reality, Jeff has been busy grading papers and dealing with finals. I was hoping to schedule an interview with owners of Gabriella’s Italian Grill and Pizzeria in Oklahoma City and tie the George Grayson meeting there, but they never responded to my request for an interview. With time running short and Jeff’s limited time, I reached out to Creepy Caffeine to hear their personal stories. I’ve been waiting to collaborate with them for some time and I figured now would be perfect. We did record at Jeff’s office for that interview. 

For the George Grayson scene, we used the recording studio space at the new Norman public library. As described in the narrative, I attached Rode Go mics to Jeff and myself to give us that spy recording sound. Jeff and I filled David in on the backstory we’ve been creating for Grayson. We outlined the plot points we wanted to hit and improvised the whole scene. I thought it would be funny that Grayson actually says the professor’s name correctly, so we worked that in.

Since there are many more places with ghost stories in Oklahoma and Jeff is still researching for his book about Oklahoma’s ghosts, we do have plans for a third season. The plan is to start recording in January with a fall release on a weekly schedule. If you become a patron supporter, you’ll get super early access to new episodes.

2×11 Touring The Ghosts of OU

With Sam recovering from the flu, Geoff took the University of Oklahoma Ghost Tour and recalled the ghost stories to Sam. The tour included tales about Holmberg Hall, where a music professor is said to play in the night, footsteps on the glass-plated floors of the library decks, a little boy roller-skating through the third floor of Ellison Hall, and Mex the Dog still cheering for the football team.

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Behind the Scenes Commentary (Spoilers)

Doing an episode about OU’s ghost stories has been a back-up plan for us. Since Jeff himself would be the person Sam and Geoff would interview, we’ve put the episode off. With some interviews falling through and with me getting hit with the flu last week, I decided to do this episode to keep our weekly schedule. I came up with the story plot device of having the professor go on the OU ghost tour and recall the stories to Sam, who missed the tour because he was sick. I also came up with an idea where we could “call Jeff” for additional questions, but we ended up not doing that.

One of the things I’ve noticed in this episode when reflecting back on our first season was how much more back and forth Sam and Geoff have with each other. This episode isn’t all Geoff talking but has Sam asking questions and making comments. I really like that element.

This episode only covers a few of the stories Jeff himself shares on the tour as well as a bonus story about Mex the Dog. Fun Fact: I did an episode about Jeff’s OU ghost tours on Uncovering Oklahoma years ago. The photo used to represent the episode was a still frame captured from that tour. 

A Discussion on Filmmaking

Art & Victory is a free monthly panel discussion series designed for creative entrepreneurs. Ran by The Show Starts Now Studios in collaboration with the Norman Arts CouncilThe DepotNorman Film Fest, and OkSessions, the topic for September’s panel was Making Short Films, in honor of the Norman Film Festival. Christian Pearson from OkSessions hosted for this panel discussion. 


Laron M. Chapman is an actor, screenwriter, director and co-producer from Oklahoma with a BA in Film and Media Studies and a background in journalism and film production. A passionate screenwriter/filmmaker, his work spans from reality TV featured on the Food Network, FOX, Discovery Channel, and the Oklahoma-filmed, Academy Award nominated film August: Osage County (starring Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts). Laron made his directorial debut in 2017 with his now multi-award winning feature film, “You People.” He has since co-directed the five-part anthology film “Mono” and is currently working on his second sure fire-hit feature, Freaky AF.

Alyx Picard Davis is the Director of Festival and Operations for deadCenter Film Festival. Originally a long-time volunteer in host, events, transportation, and programming, she came on board full-time in 2013. She worked with budding rock stars at ACM@UCO and served on UCO’s Alumni Board. Alyx worked in the production office on The Killer Inside Me, the star-filled serial killer film made all over Oklahoma. She co-produced Lance McDaniel’s award-winning film Swirl, 2017 OKC48 film Previously on Alley Cats…, directed the 2018 OKC48 film Escape, and tries to produce a couple of short films every year, including the award-winning The Stand-In. She currently serves on the board of directors for the Film Festival Alliance, creating a collaborative global community for mission-driven film festivals.

Kyle Roberts is an Emmy Award-winning director with over 10 years of experience. Roberts specializes in film projects including stop motion animation and music videos. He serves as the Founder/ Creative Director of Reckless Abandonment Pictures LLC, an independent motion picture company based in Oklahoma City, OK. Roberts worked at for 7 years where he produced a local music show ‘Static’. After obtaining millions of views on Roberts personal youtube channel, he was selected to compete on Syfy’s first season of ‘Viral Video Showdown’.

In 2017 Roberts directed two stop motion animated series for Mattel’s Thomas & Friends. In 2018 Roberts directed a stop motion animated series for DreamWorks Trolls and a national commercial for LEGO.

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Acting with Kristy K. Boone

In this intimate Art & Victory fireside chat with actress Kristy K. Boone, Kirsty shares her story about her acting career along with advice for severing the vision of the project, perusing SAG status, differences between acting on stage vs film, and more. 

Art & Victory is produced by me at The Show Starts Now Studios in collaboration with the Norman Arts Council, MAINSITE, and hosted by Christian Pearson from OkSessions.

Making Money as a Visual Artist

The Show Starts Now Studios in collaboration with the Norman Arts CouncilResonator, and OkSessions presents Art & Victory, a free monthly panel discussion series designed for creative entrepreneurs. The theme for July’s panel was Making Money as a Visual Artist, which included topics on becoming successful, how to get your art displayed in galleries/businesses, working art festivals, pricing your work, pitfalls to avoid, and hustle tips.

Christian Pearson from OkSessions hosted this panel discussion with artists, Jessica Legako and Jason Wilson. 


Jessica Legako – Jessica Legako is a painter who primarily works in oils; her work often involves texture and gestural movement. Her current work involves a focus on distance and depth involved with landscapes. She has earned her BFA in Studio Art from the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, Oklahoma. Born and raised to a farmer and a teacher, she was enriched with an outdoor lifestyle. This allowed undisrupted observation, which fed her imagery. She currently lives and maintains her studio in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Jason Wilson – Forty years ago, a young boy watched his Native American grandmother design, assemble and sew his family’s quilts. Today, contemporary Perceptual artist, Jason Wilson, influenced by his grandmother’s quilts, gives new life to old concepts. Jason says his designs are about building the painting as much as painting the painting, involving hours of construction. To this end, Wilson developed his own unique acrylic paint formula to hand paint his canvas. The result is a technically perfect, remarkably flawless finished canvas. By bringing his designs to life, Jason Wilson hopes to delight and inspire others.

It was our biggest crowd yet! What was really fun was we some people sketching the panelists and making art during the show. I do have plans for the next three Art & Victory sessions. August is Intro to Acting, September we’re talking about making short films, and in October we’ll discuss starting your own podcast.

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