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All of my blog posts tagged that feature my photography. Basically, my photo galleries.

Independence Day Fireworks in Norman

For the Fourth of July, I went with some friends to watch the fireworks in Norman. I took my camera and tripod with me and this year I did some long exposure photographs. I had seen a photo of this technique online and thought it was a cool idea to try out myself. Normally, I don’t care to take pictures of fireworks because I prefer to enjoy the moment and they never look that great anyway, however, these turned out amazing!

Fireworks at OU - photo by Dennis Spielman

Fireworks at OU - photo by Dennis Spielman

Fireworks at OU - photo by Dennis Spielman

Fireworks at OU - photo by Dennis Spielman

For this session, my f-stop was at 20 with an exposure time of one minute for most of the pictures. Because of the time it took to capture the image and then process it, I only took several photos, which also allowed me to enjoy the show not from a viewfinder.

We had a special viewing spot on top of a parking garage we enjoyed. We didn’t have to deal the mud, bugs, crowds, and the traffic from Reaves Park. 😎

I hope you had a great weekend!

Serendipitous of a Feather

Serendipitous of a Feather - photo by Dennis Spielman
This whole photo shoot session was completely serendipitous. I was at the Norman Music Festival when this woman was wanting to take a picture of this lady and her bird. My wife suggested they take the photo in the alleyway behind MAINSITE where there’s this mural featuring birds by Skip Hill. I had my Panasonic camera with me as I was taking pictures and video of the music festival for Uncovering Oklahoma, and so I tagged along, to show them where the mural was located and to take a few pictures myself.

Serendipitous of a Feather - photo by Dennis Spielman

Serendipitous of a Feather - photo by Dennis Spielman

These photographs are not for sale. This was only a fun, serendipitous moment I wanted to share.

Dogs Looking Out Window

Some cuteness for your Monday.

Here are our two dogs, Tia and Sasha, looking out the window on a Monday morning.

Buy the pictures here.

St. Patrick’s Day 2016 in Photos

I walked about five miles today checking out all of the St. Patrick’s Day activities happening in Oklahoma City for Uncovering Oklahoma. I had shared my adventures live on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook so if you missed anything, here’s my recap.

First stop: Myriad Gardens.

The most family friendly St. Patrick’s Day event award for the day I have to say goes to the Myriad Gardens. There were games, food, and performances. The white dog in the photos is a therapy dog named Apollo. Yes, I petted the doggie. The small dog with hat was named Snickers. Food trucks at the Myriad Gardens included: The Healthy Hippo, Twist Pretzels, and Junction Coffee, which is a coffee bar inside a double-decker bus (I have them slated to be on the Uncovering Oklahoma Weekly show). There was a ton of children’s activities, including art and guy building a bird’s nest for kids to play in.

Food From St Paddy Cakes on 2016-03-17
Second Stop: Bleu Garten.

For the holiday, I got lunch from St. Paddy Cakes and some cookies from Pitchfork Kitchen. Yum!

Katiebug's Trailer Park in OKC
Along the way to Stop Three: Katiebug’s

I took this picture of Katiebug’s spring break trailer park they had set up next to Bleu Garten. They’re an OKC food truck serving natural shaved ice, hot chocolate, and organic artisan marshmallows. They are worth checking out!

Third Stop: McNellie’s Block Party.

McNellie’s in the Midtown District had a block party for the adults. Opolis Clothing was there selling St. Patrick’s Day and OKC themed shirts, which was the only t-shirt vendor I saw today selling St. Patrick’s Day themed clothes.

In addition to the block party all of the Midtown Plaza Court shops, like TRADE Men’s Wares and The Black Scintilla, were open.

Fourth Stop: Bricktown.

The main attraction at the Bricktown St. Patrick’s Block Party was the live music. There were also food trucks along with all of the usual Bricktown activities, like mini-golf, movies, restaurants, bowling, canal rides, and more.

Photo of the Bricktown Canal on March 17, 2016 by Dennis Spielman
I wandered around Bricktown and took this photo of the canal. Love this pic.

Fifth Stop: Home.

My wife got off work so I came home and meet up with her. We took the dogs for walked first before we headed to Oklahoma City.

Last Stop: Automobile Alley for ShopShop.

Started the ShopHop event, which happens Every Third Thursday in the Automobile Alley District, with dinner at Peloton Wine Bar. My wife and I browsed around the few shops that were open. I bought myself a new t-shirt from SHOP GOOD. It’s part of their new spring line of clothes.

After ShopHop, we called it night and rightful so!

I hope you had a great St. Patrick’s Day!

Chainsaw Art at 2nd Friday of Norman

2015-12-11 Chainsaw Art at 2nd Friday Norman - photo by Dennis Spielman
Photograph I took of Chainsaw Art at the Norman 2nd Friday Art Walk

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