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First Americans Museum, The Flower Shop Winery, Sizzle N Spice – September 2021 Episode of Uncovering Oklahoma

In the September episode of Uncovering Oklahoma, we start with a preview tour of the First Americans Museum in Oklahoma City, which we got to see before the museum opened to the public. Then I traveled to Yukon to visit The Flower Ship Winery, a winery that’s also a pizzeria along Route 66. Finally, I visited the Halal Pakistani Restaurant, Sizzle N Spice Kebab Grill in Oklahoma City.

I edited this episode differently, mixing tours with the interview. Early feedback has been positive, saying the editing style made the video more dynamic. I’ll be sure to do this style again in the future when possible.

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Happy Adventures!

Creative Burgers Vol 3 Route 66 Edition

Justin Coleman and Undrell Maholmes are back for burgers, melts, and other delicious food. This time, we traveled along Route 66. For our first stop, we visited Robert’s Grill in El Reno where Edward Graham made us a double-meat onion burger and a hotdog with slaw. We took a break for some coffee and drinks at The Red Bird Coffee House in Yukon before our second restaurant. Executive Chef, Randy Williams, at The Lokal in Yukon brought out his fried deviled eggs and the lokal club. For our final stop in Luther, we tried Farmstead Cafe’s signature burger made with their own local beef and a beanless take on a veggie burger they named the inconceivable burger.

In other news, I’ve launched an online merchandise store sporting designs from my fictional works as well as some fun Oklahoma-themed shirts.

Thank you for watching this episode of Uncovered in Oklahoma. We had originally planned to a Route 66 burger episode back in April of 2020, so we’re glad we finally got to do it. Thanks to my superstar supporters, Revolve Productions, and the Keller Kenton family, as well as all of my supporters on Patreon. If you love what I’m doing, please join me on Patreon for bonus content, early access to new episodes.

Happy Adventures!

The Burger from The Museum Cafe

Creative Burgers Vol 2

In this second installment of creative burgers in Oklahoma, Justin Coleman and Undrell Maholmes go on a taste adventure to S&B’s Burger Joint at their original location in Oklahoma City, then travel to Yukon for the Eggcellent Burger at The Miller Grill, make a quick stop for ice cream at Vacca Territory along Route 66, and end back to OKC for The Burger at The Museum Cafe at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

Watch the first volume of creative burgers for more restaurants with great burgers. We do have plans for more volumes next year. We did discuss the idea of doing a Route 66 burger special. If you love what we’re doing, join me on Patreon for early access to my episodes as well as bonus content.

Happy Adventures!

Vacca Territory - photo by Dennis Spielman

Vacca Territory

In Yukon, Vacca Territory crafts handmade small batch Italian semifreddo (ice cream), specialty coffees, cinnamon rolls, breakfast sandwiches, scones, muffins, cookies, and more. In this interview, Mike Gray talks about the creamery and coffeehouse located on Route 66.

Cinnamon Rolls at Vacca Territory - photo by Dennis Spielman

I personally had both a mocha and the peanut butter ice cream, which you can see pictured in the video thumbnail. They were delicious! If you find yourself in Yukon or doing a Route 66 road trip, give the whole building they’re in a visit. There’s another restaurant, Yocal, that I’ve heard good things about, but they are in the process of moving to a bigger spot in the same building, so there may be another story soon.

Chicken-Fried Steak at The Miller Grill - photo by Dennis Spielman

The Miller Grill and a Yes! Science! Update

For comfort food on a gigantic scale, Jason McCormack at The Miller Grill serves up massive chicken-fried steaks, Indian tacos as big as your head, pancakes a foot wide, and a burger named The Heart-Attack Burger. Located near Route 66 in Yukon, there’s no shame in bringing a friend to share a meal.

Season two of Yes! Science! is in filming. I’m officially referring to this next batch of videos as season two instead of season one, part two as I’ve gotten some new equipment and the quality is improved. You can get super early access to the first profile on a Hydrometeorologist in Norman, Oklahoma over at Patreon. If all goes well, new videos will be released in May. It depends if I’m able to get enough interviews in April done before I leave in May to film Colorful Escapes. On the subject of Colorful Escapes, except news on that very soon.

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