For comfort food on a gigantic scale, Jason McCormack at The Miller Grill serves up massive chicken-fried steaks, Indian tacos as big as your head, pancakes a foot wide, and a burger named The Heart-Attack Burger. Located near Route 66 in Yukon, there’s no shame in bringing a friend to share a meal.

Season two of Yes! Science! is in filming. I’m officially referring to this next batch of videos as season two instead of season one, part two as I’ve gotten some new equipment and the quality is improved. You can get super early access to the first profile on a Hydrometeorologist in Norman, Oklahoma over at Patreon. If all goes well, new videos will be released in May. It depends if I’m able to get enough interviews in April done before I leave in May to film Colorful Escapes. On the subject of Colorful Escapes, except news on that very soon.